Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don't You Just Hate That?

My friend Madelyn loaned me a little book, Don't You Just Hate That? by Scott Cohen, which comprises 738 annoying things collected for your bathroom break reading enjoyment. Here are a few samples ... see if you can add any to this list:

Walking by the same person you've already walked by in the dairy, produce, and frozen food sections.

When you try on a garment in a store and think, "I wish I could wear this," and then think, "I can. I can wear this." So you buy it and never wear it.

That it would be socially unacceptable, at your age, to wrap a Fruit Roll-Up around your pinkie and suck on it for two hours.

That nailing a Triple Lutz in the Olympic figure skating finals is one of the many joys you will never know.

Politicians who believe that any economic problem can be cured by opening a casino.

An opening parenthesis that is never closed. (Like this

When you're paying for something at a store and they ask you what zip code you live in.

When the driver pushes the unlock button but you pull the handle at the same moment and remain locked out.

When a friend says, "I have good news for you!" and it concerns her.

Not being able to throw out an old magazine because it has an article you want to read that you know you're never going to read.

Receiving a birthday card in the mail 8 days before your birthday.

Pretty good stuff, huh. Well, are there any little "Don't You Just Hate That?" moments you'd like to share?


Mocha with Linda said...

Well, look at you & your blog, all red and Valentiney!

I ESPECIALLY agree with the parentheses one.

And I could add. . .

...when people use apostrophes for plural's (like that!)
...when your mom says you look like Ted Koppel


...when Lid posts early and I read it and then know that tomorrow morning my coffee will be Lid-less!

faithfulma said...

...when you excitedly email your friend about your new blog, and she replies...
"Cute, thanks for sharing"

...when you brew your mornings coffee, forgetting to dump yesterdays left overs.

Cute post, thanks for sharing. ;)

Jewel said...

Love you new blog look, Linda! Love the red!!! :-)
Great list of annoying things! LOL
Our state is going through the casino debate at the present time. The legislation has been passed to allow them, but now they are having difficulty finding a place to put them because no one wants it in their neighborhood, which I understand.
AND as Mocha Linda said in her comment: Oh, but it drives me crazy when people use apostrophes incorrectly! :-0
Good Monday morning to you!! :-)

Mrs. E said...

When leaving a comment or status on FB and realize I am the one that forgot the ending ).

linda-mcguire said...

Nice touch---those red flowers. I hate all the advertising for gifts for valentines day---some of us don't have valentines. We won't be getting a gift, not even a card.
There's few of those ones you put up there:
.....throwing out old magazines
.....try on a garment, you buy it and never wear it (I have a few of those).
Truly enjoy your blog, Thanks.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Don't you just hate it when you can't get the little corner tab of the condiments at a restaurant or fast food place to peel back so you can open it, and when it finally does, it sprays ranch or bbq or Chick-fil-a sauce all over your top?

Kelly Combs said...

I hate coming to the end of your blog posts, cause I grin all the way through them!

Cute book & great post.

Hi, I'm Angie! said...

Love the red! Cute!

I have a don't you hate it...when your kids leave 2 squares of toilet paper on the roll just so they won't have to change it! Really people, if YOU don't use two squares then how do you think I will? :)

Susanne said...

Oooo the asking for the zip code thing makes me crazy. I have politely declined lots on those ones. You are not obligated to give that info if you don't want.

Some of mine: -Standing in line for tickets for an hour only to have the line cut off somewhere in front of you.

The mixing up of terms such as "their, there", "your, you're, "our, hour", etc.

But the thing I hate the most? Swiping the debit card only to have it say "insufficient funds". I hate that! LOL.

Melissa said...

Good ones! Good post idea. You are SO creative. Annoying things...hmmm

-Having to sit throught a red light when you are turning right because the person in front of you is going straight.

skoots1mom said...

...when the WRONG word is know where I'm going...using the negative anxious when happy times call for EAGER...jes sayin'!

...when I notice the roll is EMPTY and I've already committed ;)

...when I'm putting away the last grocery bag and remember THAT OTHER thing I meant to buy at the grocery

Great your happy flowers..gerbera daisies are my favorite!!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

When the store clerk tries to convince me to get a credit card in order to save 10%.

Getting home from the grocery store and realizing I grabbed the Lite Sour Cream.

O Mom said...

When you wake up and eat a cinnamon roll for breakfast and then you remember you were going to eat good today.......

Loui said...

Hi Linda..
just found you and your delightful blog!!
made my morning..
so I laughed..
and laughed!!
decided to join..
now I am a follower!!
set out another mug for me..
make mine blonde and sweet!
and vanilla-y!
warm hugs,laughing smiles..

Betty said...

Great post! And love the new look.
I totally do Nr. 2 (buy something I shouldn´t wear....)
Annoying things for me start with waiting.....remember? :)

Baba said...

Hi Linda,it is so nice to open up your blog today and find a cute picture of you; plus all of the red daisies in the background...

My mom always pulls up on the handle of the car door at the same time I am unlocking it!!!
Have a great day. Hugs, Baba

alexandria leigh said...

I especially like the one where you open the car door the same time a friend unlocks it, so it remains locked. I can't think of one you didn't share, but I love all the ones you did!

Jeanette said...

....when you just finish mopping the floor and the kids come home and walk through the freshly mopped floor with their shoes on...

....when you finally put the last load into the washer and somebody suddenly "found" a basketful of laundry....

....when the light turns red and their is no one at the intesection to make the light change....

I could go on and on and on and on....

Anonymous said...

...when I stay up most of the night and then sleep the entire day away instead of being productive!

I don't mind being asked for my zip code -- I figure they are thinking about where their next store should be -- but I hate to be asked if they can have my phone number. The answer is NO!

A Gracious Home said...

I like those thoughts. Doylene

2cats said...

The red flowers are so happy.
I hate having to clean around the toilet when I know that my aim is always right on.
I hate getting political emails from people I have asked not to send them to me.
I hate the red light thing. The magazines that I can not ever throw out are top on my list.

The Quiet One said...

I hate that beauty always seems to equal pain... she said looking at the new hairs springing forth from her eyebrows and shivering in aniticpation of that ripping sensation. :o/