Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Random Dozen Observations and Happy Birthday, Dad

Allow me, please, to honor my father, who turns 88 today, born February 11, 1922.

If I added up every word on this blog and magically changed them into thoughts of love for you, Dad, there would still not be enough to say how much I love you. Thank you for accepting me even though you were 40 when I was born and had left a life of diapers and earaches years behind you. Thank you for providing a wonderful, comfortable, safe home for me. Thank you for loving Mom and always respecting her. Thank you for years of faithful service to God in every area of your life. Thank you for still telling me you're proud of me. But I am more proud of you. What a wonderful gift you have been to me and my family. Happy birthday, Dad! Let's celebrate this weekend!

1. Are you pleasant when you're ill, or are you a grumpy, fussy patient?

I'm not fussy, I'm just cute. (Right.) I've been ill for the last few days, and let me tell you, Jorge the Jabanero, a man of few words, could probably write his OWN blog post about this question. I plead "Baby of the Family Syndrome." Whaa.

2. When you find out that school is canceled (due to inclement weather) what is your gut reaction?

Except for when I was a young kid, I have never been a big fan of this event. I am such a clock-work, regimented person that I do not like this crazy-wild topsy-turvy thing called "stay at home and do whatever you please." And when my kids were little, I always panicked because I suddenly felt I had to be Caroline Ingalls and teach them and bake them something. It's like I was student teaching all over again, only no one was supervising me.

I think this preference for no snow-days is actually a good sign, though, if you look deep enough: I generally like my life routine better than alternatives.

3. What is one domestic skill you wish you could improve?

Oh, good grief. This was a total set-up, wasn't it?? I have a whole blogging label category called, "I Know You Think I Make This Stuff Up," which is mainly a repository for failed cooking tales. Baked goods usually turn out; that is, if they're sweet. If they're say, HAMS, forget it.

Also, I can't decorate my home like other women seem to be able. I still have big bare spots on walls in our "new" addition, circa 2001.

4. Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day?

Not usually, unless it's a candle or two.

5. What song is on your mind today?

"Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright

6. Do you prefer contemporary movies or classic?

I'm a big Turner Classic Movies fan. I've spent most of my Creeping Crud week in bed watching. I did, however, watch "Sleepless in Seattle" for the very first time, which garnered a boatload of comments on my Facebook page. People have strong feelings about this movie. I have strong feelings that Meg Ryan should not have permanently changed her lips, but she didn't ask me first.

One reason I like the classics is that they're understated and swing between being highly sophisticated or highly unsoph. (Too weak to type that word out again completely.) Violence is usually hinted at or is brief, and sexuality is more like sensuality than blatant play-by-play athletic matches. I just prefer that. Call me Prudence the Prude. Or Lid the Sophisticate. I'll take either.

7. How well do you "compartmentalize" your feelings? For example, how well can you put aside a really trying moment to deal with the immediate situation which is not related to the trying moment, e.g., putting aside a tiff with your spouse in order to finish wallpapering a room.

OK, I got some "flim flam" from the "riff raff" (old movie terms) in the crowds about this question being long. Let me just say that even though it took me many words to ask this question, many people STILL did not understand what I was asking. So maybe it was just a bad question. But YOU trying do this week after week, esp. when your nasal passages are swollen to the size of coffee stirrers.

I compartmentalize. And then my Wednesday night girlfriends get the decompression.

8. What is the first thing that attracted you to your spouse? (Or if you're single, to your best friend.)

His coloring (dark hair and skin) his build (voted best male body in our senior class) but maybe most of all, his humor. (Imagine that.)

9. When was the last time your heart raced?

Watching LOST Tuesday night, during Sayid's "testing" scene. I had to leave the room. But also recently when I bought 6 pairs of shoes at the Payless BoGo sale, a feat I have never done before--6 at once. It was exhilarating.

10. What are your memories of Valentine's Day at school?

White sacks with paper doilies glued on. Bringing them home and reading each one. One year I made a special bulletin board in my room and pinned them all up. I was very proud of myself. I cannot remember even one Val. Day with a boyfriend. Not one. And many of you disparaged the whole cheerleaders got flowers and gifts tradition. Let me just tell you I was a cheerleader, and I didn't get no stinkin' flower.

11. If you were going to receive candy for Valentine's Day, which would you prefer?

Lid the Sophisticate says "Gourmet chocolate from my friend Cindy, owner of Gourmet Divine Chocolates," but the south end of Muncie girl in me says, "Reese Cups and Peanut M&Ms." Peanut, please.

12. Red or pink?

Rarely do I come upon an answer in my meme hopping that fits me like a silk glove. (This Valentine's Edition has me using romantic imagery now. Geesh.) My kitchen is not dark red, but it has red accents among black and white. And usually I wear more red than pink, but I love pink peonies.

But it was the mention of peonies that pushed me over the edge of plaigiarizing: Joyce at From This Side of the Pond--you complete me.

It depends. If we’re talking paint then I like red. My kitchen is painted a dark red and I love it. If we’re talking peonies or lingerie I like soft pink. I like red and pink both when it comes to my wardrobe. And if we’re talking Gerbera daisies then hot pink makes me smile.

Thank you all for playing this week (overwhelming number, but I'm sincerely trying to get through to you) and may the best apron lover win the giveaway.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I really like it. Your post to your dad was so sweet. Treasure him while you can, mine's been gone a long time. Blessings, Kathy

Susanne said...

A big happy birthday to your Dad. He sounds very special indeed and your love for him is evident! I hope he has a wonderful day!

Barbie said...

I love you! You make me laugh so hard. I hear you about the baking thing. I can cook meals ok, but when it comes to baking, it's either dry or just not too tasty. I hope to take some baking classes some day! Blessings!

McMrs said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! That post made my heart smile :)

& 6 shoes at once! I thought I did good last week..I bought 4 at the Bogo sale, but 2 were for my daughters. I got 2 for myself though & I thought that was magnificent! ;)

Abiding Branch said...

ooooo the apron!!! *sigh*
Ok, U CRACK ME UP! Love it! The questions were AWESOME this week, as usual and I loved answering each one. I decompress too and how, if you don't believe me ask Chel @ Leaving a Legacy, we are each other's decompression zone and we had some o'dat dis week! lol
tootles, Chel

Ps. those very reasons are why I love the old movies too. On Daniel Webster we find that he fell on her kissed her cheek then poof she was prego! I love it!

Abiding Branch said...

I forgot to say I totally remember that pig pic!!! how funny to have a memory with you Lid! And tell your dad Happy Bday! That is a wonderful gift to have them!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your comments! You are too nice!
I loved partaking in this week's Random Dozen!

Also, I absolutely adore Rufus Wainwright's "Hallelujah."

I enjoyed reading your answers!

Nel said...

Enjoyed your random dozen answers, but most of all enjoyed the tribute to your Dad. I love the pic of them together they look so sweet. Enjoy the time you have with them, I miss mine terribly!

until next time... nel

Mrs. E said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Sounds like you got a good one!

I forgot about the paper sacks we decorated and taped to the chalk tray. I think there was also huge construction paper hearts we stapled together to make a heart envelope. You jogged my memory.

I am a fan of TCM, too. I just watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" again. I have no discriminating taste where movies are concerned though-- nothing better than a movie afternoon with the husband or daughters!

Happy Thursday!

sara said...

the picture of you and your dad made me smile and cry at the same time. I miss my dad. one of the hardest things about being in the ministry for me as been that God has taken us far away from family and I don't get to see them near as much as I would like. It gets harder the older they get.

But that picture of the two of you is so sweet.

Mocha with Linda said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to your dad! I'm so glad you still have him. Mine would be the same age, y'know - he was 3 months and 3 days older than yours.

Loved reading your answers. And I'm glad for your sake you felt well enough to have an R.D. this week. Not that any of us would have turned on you! LOL

Susan said...

Happy birthday to your Dad! What treasures your pictures are! I love your RD answers too.

:-) Susan

Joyce said...

I'm happy to help : )

Such a sweet picture of you and your dad...Happy Birthday wishes!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, that was a very sweet post :)
I got all mad when they were torchering Sayid, I kept yelling at my husband "Why aren't they saying anything to him", like my husband would somehow have ESP and know ;)

2Thinks said...

Happy Birthday to your dad- the pics are perfect.

That Ham story was one of the first of yours I read and I remember laughing so hard and thinking of it many times later. Thanks for the memory.

Glad you're feelin' better. I really tried to watch that season premiere of LOST. I have never been so lost in my life. I blogged about it, but it was one of those I took down right away, worried about offending LOSTaholics, not that you know any, but hey- if you haven't followed that show from the beginning, I don't think there's any hope- that's my take on it anyway.

Just Breathe said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Dad.
Mine will be 87 in June.

Loved reading your answers. I think allot of use picked our guys for their humor!

skoots1mom said...

life routine are good

failed cooking nah.....

Turner Classic wicha on this!
...wicha on this too: "changed her lips"...awful!

Humor is the best, isn't it?

oooooo, shoe heart palps...a new blog?...2nd pair of shoes impact your life, hmmmmm.

i didn't get any stinkin carnations either...

i've developed an allergy to M&M Peanut candy...can you believe? Honestly...they give me horrible headaches and make my body hurt...don't know why this has happened...

Still hoping I win...
and made it all the way to '78', ten more than I predicted...NICE JOB!!!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

#9 The whole Sayid thing got to me too. I had to turn my head.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I really enjoyed playing your meme. As an avid meme player and host, I was amazed that I had not seen it before. I did not know of any meme but Sundayu Stealing that gets this response. And while if you read my responses, I hope you reaslize that I just complain in general. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge a job well done...

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely dad. What heart warming words you have written - you can feel the love you have for your dad as you read. I'm sure you are both a dear blessing to each other.
Love your blog - this is my first visit!

Anonymous said...

What sweet words for your dad! But can I say the Ma Ingalls comment just made me laugh. Out loud. :-) Thanks again for hosting this!

SouthLakesMom said...

Your dad and my mom's birthday. What a special time to celebrate our not-so-young anymore parents. And the pig photo -- if I'd been drinking coffee it would now be on my computer screen! Fortunately, it's 9:20 p.m. so no problem

Thank you for hosting the meme and always being encouraging and thoughtful.

I hope Jorge reads the flowers/cheerleader answer...he has something to make up for there.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

Your ham picture cracked me up. :)

Baba said...

Hi Linda, I am posting late today, but getting it under the wire before midnight..

Wishing your sweet Dad a special "happy birthday" my mom and your dad are the same age .I love the picture of you and him...your parents are the cutest couple.You have a very loving family.. hugs, Baba

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I know what you mean about routine. I do better with routine. It I didn't have a job I'd never shower or dress. haha. But I admit I love a snow day...for the sleep. Although the two this week, I got a lot of baseboard trim painting done. Arg...worse than painting a wall but will be worth it. Only half done.

Lid, that pig is nasty. Man, I'm not a big ham lover (except for bacon...the worse thing for us) but that pic sure would turn me off if I was a ham lover. Eek.

I understood question's basically, to me, burying our pain and true feelings about something to get on with another task. Whether it's to wallpaper or just make it through supper.

I love what you said though: "YOU trying do this week after week, esp. when your nasal passages are swollen to the size of coffee stirrers."

You're a hoot...what caused your heart to race...LOST and then buying six pairs of shoes. I think I would break out in sweat over the guilt of buying them or the indecision: did I get the right pair, did I need that sixth pair? haha

Did you ever decorate shoe boxes and put slits in the top and everyone was suppose to drop their V card into your slot. I hated that...never got cards from "him" or "her".

Girl I'm with ya on the peanut M&M's...they seem more filling and nutrious because they have peanuts...protein and fat that are filling. Okay, that's a stretch but I do like most my candy or candy bars with peanuts...can't go wrong with peanuts and chocolate, add in some caramel, goo, or nugget. Snickers, Baby Ruths. Love those two.

I like what Joyce said also.

My ADHD Me said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!

I know exactly what you mean about the Caroline Ingalls thingy. Thank Goodness I got over THAT!!