Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

How was your weekend? It was beautiful here in my town. I started to make an anatomical reference to convey where my hometown lies on a map of the U.S., so I started to say, "here in America's bellybutton," but then I realized it's more like "here in America's left kidney," which doesn't sound as cute, so I'll just say, "here."

Sunday was particularly enjoyable. We went to church, where I heard a sermon that enlightened and challenged me, which isn't always the case since I've been in church weekly since I was 6 weeks old.

Then we went out on the church lawn for a sort of picnic, just like I did when I was little, except the women weren't all in floral dresses, white shoes and pantyhose, and the men weren't in pastel leisure suits with white shoes.

This is very similar to the way women looked in my church when I was growing up in the 1970s. Imagine how excited I was to leave childhood behind and join the herd.

But we went out there and "partook" (church word!) of a fabulous BBQ dinner as a fund-raiser for a summer delegation to a Central Asian country, which I will not name here, because they don't take kindly to churchy people in them there parts.

After we came home, Jorge and I changed clothes and hopped on our bikes for a long ride on a nice trail. Not "nice" as in "Colorado nice," but you know, "left kidney of America" nice.

Highlight of biking event: a deer ran across the path. I got so excited you'd think the Space Shuttle crossed in front of us.

I actually said to some people who were walking by us as the deer passed, "OHMYGOSH! Did you SEE that??? A DEER! A deer just crossed the path! At first I thought it was a giant dog, but NO! It was a DEER!!"

They just looked at me like a I was a tourist in NYC gawking at sky scrapers. Deer are fairly common around here. Except to me.

Here we are at a rock along the trail. No, that is not an epitaph on the rock. Notice how I cropped the picture to cut out white legs that look like they are created from Pillsbury biscuit dough.

What followed was an afternoon of minimal work for me and a couple of hours of reading "Heaven," by Randy Alcorn. Coincidentally, I worked on my preparatory tan for my anniversary trip in June while I read about eternity. Nothing like focusing on the metaphysical and physical at the same time. Wow, I am complex.

Then I went to my cell group (no, not prison) for dinner and then out to the hospital to visit Diane with the Girls from Girls Group.

So that was my weekend. What did you do? Did a deer play any part in your most exciting moment?


Brenda Susan said...

Ha! What a wonderful weekend, you crack me up in your description. Maybe because growing up in church I most definitely identifies with ALL of it!

My weekend? well Hubs & I got pretty much fired from our jobs & we said goodbye to our firstborn as he moves out of state tomorrow! Lots of emotion around here!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

My weekend was not nearly as exciting.

But if you are living in the left kidney, then I must be in the gallbladder. ;>)

Mrs. E said...

No deer. But beautiful weather here in the center of the US of A, too! You and the hubby look wonderfully relaxed!

Anonymous said...

My weekend involved taking the Mr. with me grocery shopping. My goal was for him to appreciate my hard work (I saved $139 and only spent $30). However, it was more like taking a child with me. I constantly had to tell him, "No, we're not buying that today." I refuse to buy things without coupons. Oy!

Then, yesterday, while sunning my own white, pasty legs, I had a face-off with a spider.

I won.

Happy Monday!

2Thinks said...

As a matter of fact, yes, a deer was right by the side of the road as we drove home, at night, from a musical (your favorite, I know!) that my nieces were in about an hour from our home. I was on " voluntary deer watch patrol" b/c I don't ever want to hit a deer with my car and I don't want I.T. to hit one either. And like you, I shouted, "DEER!!!!" so my dear would veer.

Joyce said...

Oh I am so with you on the dough biscuit legs. I need to get some sun on them but can't take the pollen outdoors at the moment. We're going to the beach in May and I'll fry if I'm still like this. Not to mention I need to wear a dress without hose to my daughter's graduation.

We have deer in our yard pretty much every morning. I still get excited though. We occasionally have bear...that is really really exciting.

Have a nice week!

Susanne said...

My weekend was pretty relaxed too. About the most exciting part was when I dropped a big hunk of the dipping chocolate from my buster bar onto the bottom of my shirt and my dog jumped on meto get it. Though I did finish the book I was reading which was really good.

Mocha with Linda said...

I don't even want to imagine what you would peg Texas as being.

Sounds like a fun weekend? So since you were acting like a tourist, is that how you got someone to snap that picture?

Glad the GG had another day to all be together.

Heidi... said...

I'm so cracking up! I live 45 west of Ft Wayne and never, ever considered that I lived in the kidney region of America. Love the analogy!

We traveled back from MI's UP this weekend. Heaven on earth up there! Kinda plain around here!!! Lots and lots and lots of deer. ; )

Praying a rich week of blessings for you!!

Jeanie said...

Nice weekend you had...for me just being the weekend makes it nice. We have lots of deer around here, but I stll get excited when I see one. I hate seeing them along a highway, though. That is just scary.

Merrie said...

My weekend? Hahaha... Nothing so fun as deer and bike riding. I did take a nap by the pool and check on the seeds I planted around the yard. That is once we got back from Oz... I did hear a GREAT message that inspired and refreshed me - of course, I have a wonderful pastor!

Angel Muly said...

Sounds like so much fun. I love those kind of weekends. We do have deer around here, but I would be like you in the excitement department if one crossed right in front of me like that.
Love, Angel

Kim said...

Mainly "churchy" things...goes with the territory. Laid around and read some on Sunday afternoon. Do you realize how many free books are available on Kindle? Not just the really old books, they throw in new ones to get you to buy other books by those authors. Made no bakes. Had to. Had.To.Have.A.Chocolate.Fix.

Very cute photo of you and Jorge by the rock. (I would have cropped out white legs too)

Jewel said...

Here in Marion, about 45 minutes away, we claim to live in the ARMPIT of America.

RissaRoo said...

If you live in the left kidney of the USA, then I live in the right!

No deer were spotted here, although I did see some cute quail running around my back yard. My weekend was sort of a dramafest, which is luckily unusual but I went into Monday feeling like it ought to be Friday, if that makes any sense.

And the book Heaven is great! Randy Alcorn has a group study guide out on that, too. I can't think of anything nicer than reading that while enjoying some warm sunshine!

Greg C said...

Why would you ask that Lid? You know my situation. I had one almost jump across my hood and another stand in the road in front of me until I came to a complete stop and honked the horn.

No the armpit of America is where I work. Goose Creek SC. Salute. haha

Cathy said...

No deer in my weekend, but a nice quiet weekend mostly enjoying home and church.

Jewel said...

My legs are so white, they glow in the dark! I'm serious! I just throw back the covers and I can find my way to the bathroom! jk BUT they are soooo white!
Sounds like a perfect weekend, Linda! I live in SE Ohio so I'm not sure what part of the anatomy that would be. Maybe the left hip?

Lauri said...

You act like me when I see a deer. LOL.