Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday Morning, Running Tales

Good morning. Enjoying my first and second cup of coffee in my jammies on my little deck, contemplating what's on my list for this gorgeous Saturday. The birds are singing what seems like dozens of different songs. Finally, we have a dry weekend.

I'll probably check on Facebook friends, make a grocery list, take a morning run, go the store, and strip a wallpaper border in my master bath. It is time. I think the bath has been the same for 10 years.

Sorry I've been extra sluggish on here lately. You who commented yesterday are right in reminding me that grief comes in waves. I can feel happy or even silly in one moment and then come down just as fast.

I have spoken openly here before about battling depression 13 years ago, and it has crossed my mind that some of that might be creeping back in, but I think what I'm feeling is just normal.

It is normal to feel down once in a while. But when you write a blog mainly filled with quirkiness, you kind of feel like a square peg in a round hole on your own blog when you're Debbie Downer.

BUT, life is still goofin' on me. I have two prime examples to share.

1. It is not uncommon for me to come across road kill on my runs. But yesterday's was weird. Sadly weird. Comically weird. Two squirrels, entangled in what appeared to be a Romeo/Juliet embrace, we smashed together for eternity on a road in my neighborhood. Who knows what that forbidden love story was all about, but it sure looked like a suicide pact.

2. While rounding a corner I was stopped at so that traffic could clear, a young man slowed his pickup truck as he rounded the bend to flirt with me: the classic "Woo-hoo." Clever. Anyway, he had a giant afro, and through this afro was a small twig off a bush or tree with all the leaves still on it. The twig was pushed through one side of the afro and came out on the other side, a la Steve Martin's arrow in the 70s. It was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time.


So you see, random stuff is still happenin' here in the old brain and in my world. It's all good. Speaking of random, I'll catch you back here tomorrow for your prompt. Have a nice Monday!



I too did the mood swings this weekend. Kat graduated and I cried a bit as she walked across the stage, cried a bit at our graduation service yesterday, then laughed out loud at something ridiculous that Frank blurted out. I loved the afro guys image. I laughed out loud this morning over that....yes, grief does come in stages and sometimes it is like a go way high....then fall off. Happy Monday to you!

Leelee said...

I love reading your blog...I appreciate your mentioning your battle with depression...I am also a survivor of the "big black hole" and have been timid about sharing it with anyone...I haven't been back to that sad place, but sometimes I feel like I can see it close is a little frightening when those feelings creep in...

Running has helped a lot...sometimes I swear that endorphins are the best antidepressants long as I don't lose my motivation to get out and do it...

Off to drink coffee on the porch...thanks for giving me lots to think about....

Mocha with Linda said...

Debbie Downer or not, your posts always give me a smile.

Be patient with yourself, my friend.

You live in such an interesting neighborhood/town.

Barbara said...

Yes we all battle the samethings, depression is easy to set in, and gets us before we even realize it, I so enjoy your honestly, and openess with your followers, have a very blessed Monday, hugs, Barbara from

Rebecca Jo said...

poor squirrels... I see tons of road kill running too... ugh - the smell sometimes!

That guy sounds like "one crazy guy" :)

Carmen said...

Hi Lid!

You're right in saying that grief takes time, and you need to let it takes its course while knowing it will change and become more manageable one day.

In the meantime, just continue being you, whatever that looks like. We will still love you whether it's an up or down day.

Love the two stories you shared at the end too. Those poor squirrels. They say love is blind...guess they didn't see it coming. I wonder if Afro Guy noticed you laughing at him. Maybe he couldn't find his pick that morning and used a twig instead. :)

2cats said...

I was so depressed a number of years ago that if it had not been for my fantastic therapist (that I found just in time), I would not be here today to enjoy your posts.
When my cousin died 1 1/2 years ago I didn't know if I would survive. But I did. With a lot of prayer and love from family. You will too.
The squirrels are a riot. The poor things. But, no one ever said true love runs smoothly.

Shawna said...

Oh how I loved your description of Romeo and Juliet Squirrel entwined in forever love. Hilarious!