Monday, August 30, 2010

Catchin' Up After the Weekend

Wow, it goes so fast, doesn't it? No, I'm not talking about the weekend so much as the time between my trips to Wowmart. Yes, I spent part of my precious weekend at the Wowmarts.

Now let's proceed.

Friday night, I attended my own "Friday Night Lights" event: the two bitter high school rivals in our town suited up for the city championship. Jorge and I went with our long-time friends, Kris and Darrell, whose daughter's wedding reception table I set on fire recently. (May or may not have, the jury is still out.)

It was fun to sit next to Kris and reminisce about our cheerleading days, when we actually wore Spaulding saddle oxfords. LOVED my oxfords. Here we are on my parents' porch in Sept. 1978. We are sophomores. And here I am cheering at a pep rally. And here is the handsome Jorge wearing Rebel red.

"Our" team managed to beat the other team 54 to 6, but it was a shutout until the 4th quarter! Go, mighty Rebels! I'm happy to report to you that the school song moves are still intact. I could jump right up here and show you, just like I have shown my kids before, but I don't know if you could stand the 47 year old awesomeness that I ooze. I mean exude.

Saturday morning, I went to Kristin's cross country meet at a school about an hour away. Here she is, completely within the frame and everything! You'll recall last year I could not manage a single picture of my child completely within the frame. I might get a foot or flying pony tail or the complete person of someone else's kid, but not mine. Here she is, proving that my kid does indeed run XC. The reason you're seeing her in total here is that someone else took this shot!

This is Kristin's friend, Hannah. Look how sweet Hannah is, to lean in toward me as I hug her for this picture. What a nice girl, Hannah. Thank you for not seeing me as a leper.

Here is my daughter, Kristin, who performs a magic trick when I hug her, where she turns into an ironing board which cannot absorb any sort of embrace or emotion. She's like an ironing board covered in one of those Teflon covers, deflecting me and my motherly love. Oh well. I just keep side-hugging away at my cardboard cutout daughter.

Saturday night, I watched a movie I've always wanted to see, "Ubreakable," with Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson. Spooky, but intriguing. I should have known when the credits showed M. Night Shyamalan why I was hooked from the beginning. It's all that "whisper" acting in his movies that gets me, among other things. Emotions are usually underplayed, which heightens the tension for me. All of his movies have a strong spiritual component. "Signs" is my favorite contemporary movie, written, produced and directed by Shyamalan.

Sunday, I went to church, then I went to an award ceremony where Kristin received a youth leadership award in our community:

Finally, I volunteered where I'm normally paid to work, Oneighty, because Jorge shared his life story, quite riveting and sad, with about 100 students. He did a great job sharing just enough information, God used him, and I was very proud to be his partner in life/helpmate.

After that, Dear Reader (conjures a teeny bopper with curlers in her hair lying on her polka dot bedspread in the 1960s writing in her diary), I came in to write just to you.

So that was my weekend--how was yours??


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Loved the "ironing board with the teflon cover" haha

Mocha with Linda said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Wish I could have heard Jorge's testimony.

I have a friend says the result of dropping off his last child at college is that he got to be in the 20 Items or Less line at Walmart and his total was only $25.

Mama Belle said...

Yours was quite eventful.

Mine was spent at church ... ALL. WEEKEND.

Today, finally getting some laundry done.

Susanne said...

Hey, I have an teflon covered ironing board too! And I just keep hugging away too. Congrats to your ironing board on her awesome award. That is a beautiful picture of her on the award. She looks like a model!

My favorite M. Night movie is The Village. "The Happening", I didn't like at all.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW there was a reason why I felt a kinship with you!

My high school team was the Rebels as well! We were red, white, and blue.

But, alas, I wasn't a cheerleader...simply an alternate. Pooh. At least I got to cheer during basketball season because my best friend quit the squad.


Love the picture of you and your daughter. I think Ironing Board Hugging is an affliction all teenage daughters suffer from. That, along with Mumble-I-Love-You-Because-I'm-Forced-To Syndrome.


Sounds like you had a jam-packed weekend.

Mine involved grading essays, lesson planning, and creating vocabulary bingo cards. It was a great weekend!