Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RD12 Prompts for August 18, 2010

1. What is your favorite fair/carnival food?
2. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
3. What is your favorite gift to receive?
4. When was the last time you tried something new?
5. What is your favorite and least favorite book genre?
Memoir, Mystery, Political Intrigue, Romance, Humor, Historical Fiction, Historical nonfiction, Chick Lit, Self-Help, Other
6.Silver or Gold?
7. What makes you sigh?
8. If you didn't know how old you are, how old would you claim you are?
9. Would you break a law to save a loved one? To protect a loved one?
10. If you had to teach something, what would it be?
11. You're having lunch with 3 people whom you respect and admire. They begin to criticize a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend. What do you do?
12. Which of the 5 Love Languages is your prominent means of experiencing love?
Quality Time
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
Words of Affirmation

Not sure which is your most prominent love language? Take the quiz!


Mocha with Linda said...

Did the quiz. . . where did they find that husband?!

I was pretty sure what my love language was, and this confirmed it.

Great questions for this week!

Traci66 said...

I have given you an award. You can come get it at

Just Breathe said...

Thanks for the questions and holding Random Dozen each week.

Kasi said...

My love language wasn't what I thought it was but close! Took your survey and posted my answers! :)


Lauri said...

Here is my post. I couldn't do a link up with Mr. Linky.
Glad to be back.