Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend to You!

Happy Labor Day Weekend to You!

Hope you're enjoying yourself on this beautiful weekend. I have been, for sure.

Saturday morning, we headed of to a nearby town, Marion, home of James Dean. According to,

Fairmount, IN, is often listed as the birth site of James Dean, but he was actually born in Marion, Indiana. When entering Marion on Indiana 18, you cross a set of railroad tracks just before entering the old downtown. There is a former train station on the left, and directly across the street is a Goodyear Tire sign at the corner of a small parking lot. Just next to the base of this sign is a small boulder honoring 'Mr. Marion,' a local sportscaster, and just behind this rock is a metal star affixed to the pavement marking the birth site of James Dean.

So if you ever come to Muncie, I will drive you north a little ways to see the tracks, the Goodyear Tire sign, the parking lot, the rock, and the birthplace of not only "Mr. Marion" but also James Dean. Exciting, I know!--It's really true what they say: "There's more than corn in Indiana." There are rocks and Goodyear Tire signs. What cracks me up is that they made a star for him, but they tore down his house.

Anyway, Kristin's cross country meet was in Marion.

Keeping in step (no punt intended) with last year's XC posts, I present to you, MORE smack-talk cross country t-shirts:

But my favorite (meaning, the worst) smack talk shirt I did not get a picture of. It said, "Pass the weak/Hurdle the dead." Niiiiice.

OK, this one is not so much smack-talk, but it does speak to me through its mis-punctuation:

And here are some actual pictures of my actual child which I actually took MYSELF this time!! Yay, Mom!

You will notice, a-hem, that my child appears to be in a league of her own. Let's just say she inherited my racing genes, unfortunately. But I'm durn proud of her for pushing through and demonstrating perseverance.

And for those like my child lagging behind, here is a kind note of encouragement, perhaps, implying, "You also, are going to finish this race:"

And last but not least, he is my ironing board daughter accepting literally but not figuratively a hug from me. Note the cinnamon dolce, which provided the warmth missing from a certain hug:

After the meet, we went to Indy to pick up a new bike for Jorge the Jabanero. This man, the most selfless person I've ever met, finally agreed to buy himself a new bike. He's been riding an old one almost daily for 5 years to work. He has never had a hobby. Never played golf when the kids were little. Never gardened. Never went to Vegas. Never did anything solely for himself, but now, he has a brand-spankin' new bike, and it is beautiful! So happy for him! Here it is:

Sunday, we went to church, then we cooked out. It was very nice because Katie and her boyfriend, Shad, (coolest name ever, I know) my son, Jordan, his girlfriend, Natalie, and Kristin and Zoe, of course, were all together for this little meal. Nothing fancy, but it was good and we enjoy the kids immensely. I have more to say, but this post is already epic in length, so I'll stop here. PLEASE share your weekend delights, as well!


Kathi said...

Happy Labor Day!
I stumbled upon your blog tonight and I was your 600th follower. That made me smile, I have a thing for even!

Dawn said...

You're weekend sounds like you had a lot of fun!

My mom, Dawn, actually has her birthday today, but my father, bro #1, and I gave her a "Don't-Tell-Mom" Party yesterday, so we got some of her closest friends all up to Massachusetts without her knowing. That was the main event of the weekend.

Cae ♥

Debbie said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe and blessed Labor Day!!!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love the shirts. And the pics. When can I come to dinner on your deck?

Enjoy your day off!

Susanne said...

Way to go Kristen! Those cross country kids always get a cheer from me because it is something I so would not do. I'd be one of those people they'd be hurdling over.

It was c-c-c-cold here yesterday and raining, so no cook out for us. Definitely order in chinese food and put in a movie kind of day.

That looks like a great bike for Jorge. Bike riding is something me and hubby really enjoy and a good bike makes all the difference. Hope he enjoys many hours on his new "ride". :v)

Melanie said...

Friday ~ "double dated" with friends
Sat ~ went to T.J. Maxx and saw Kirstie Alley
Sun ~ church, crashed, ran, tried to find SOMEthing on tv...nothing.
Mon ~ met 2 bloggers who were in my town! (pics on fb)

Joyce said...

I wrote about mine on my blog today...fabulous weekend weather with a trip to Central Park and a day at the lake here.

I always love the slogans...I don't run (shudder) but my brother and sis-in-law are crazy runners, own a running camp, hold coaching clinics on the East Coast, live, eat and breathe running so I pass along the best to them. Your photography skills are improving!

Have a great week!

SusanD said...

My weekend was crazy busy! Took the grand-boy to the State Fair and the St. Louis Zoo. Not on the same day. lol! Then rode the motorcycle with our CMA pals. Put about 300 miles on the scooter. Whew. I need a day off!

Congrats to Jorge on the new bike. Nice.

Blessings, SusanD

Roxanne said...

A Lacrosse team in our school district had the same shirt, but it said, "TRAMPLE the weak, hurdle the dead." At least your cross-country folk will merely PASS the weak rather than trample them outright. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I am chuckling at your daughter's firm stance not to get too close. She acts like YOU were the one running the race and, thus, stinkified.

BTW, there may be hope for our daughters.

I just got back from visiting mine at college. I did the Mom Run with open arms, and she actually hugged me back. Seriously. I felt her arms go around my back, and I'm pretty sure I felt her pat my back. More than once that day.

Of course, I did feel her eyes roll over my shoulder as she looked at the Mr. and whispered that he can leave me at home next time.


Looks like you had a great weekend. But then again, when do you not?

Happy Blogging/Running/Drinking Starbucks Drinks :)