Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Dozen: I Get By With a Little Help from My Lid

Well, as you know, I bombed this week as far as meeting my Tuesday deadline. So sorry. If I tried to tell you why I was otherwise preoccupied, you probably wouldn't even believe me, but I'm not at liberty to tell, anyway, so just trust me--what a week.

I chastised myself, "I should probably have a couple of these surveys tucked away for weeks such as this," but then I realized, "It's a meme. It's a small meme on a small blog about random questions. It is OK to miss a week." There was a time I would have been afraid of losing readers because of a stunt like this, but that time has passed. So while I'm not proud of my failures, I'm not losing sleep over this failure. There are plenty of others to lose sleep over!

Then Tuesday at work, I received an email message from my friend Linda at Mocha With Linda, in which the subject line read, "You'll get by with a little help from your friend." And within this message were 12 questions, all dressed up and ready to go with me, if I took them by the hand and led them here, which I'm now doing.

So all of these Q's come from "deep in the heart of Texas," yea, even so, the beautiful heart of my Co-Lid. You can see my symbolic picture up there of how the Random is being supported by the Mocha. I'm kinda symbolically artsy like that. Thanks for the piggyback, Lid.

Oh, and one more thing: Linda hosts a weekly meme as well, called "Flashback Friday." So you should hop on over to her blog Thursday and read her prompt so that you can participate on Friday. The button looks like this:

OK, now to your questions. Please return here tomorrow, Thursday, and link up.

1. Do you prefer to read the book or see the movie?
2. What is your favorite holiday and why?
3. Which do you like better - the mountains or the beach?
4. If money were no consideration, what vehicle would you drive?
5. What is your favorite cold-weather beverage?
6. How do you communicate most often with your friends: phone, email, text, face-to-face, or Facebook?
7. How do you receive your mail? Mailbox on the porch, at the end of the driveway, down the street, or post office box?
8. Of the four basic personality types - sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic, and choleric - which is your strongest? Which is your least evident? (See definitions below.)
9. What do you miss the most about being 20?
10. How long from the time you get up, does it take you to get ready to walk out the door in the morning?
11. Who handles the car maintenance and pays the bills in your family?
12. For those in the US, how many states have you visited? For those outside the US, how many provinces/other countries have you visited?

Personality type definitions courtesy Wikipedia:


The Sanguine temperament personality is fairly extroverted. People of a sanguine temperament tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be quite loud. They are usually quite creative and often daydream. However, some alone time is crucial for those of this temperament. Sanguine can also mean very sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Often, when pursuing a new hobby, interest is lost quickly when it ceases to be engaging or fun. They are very much people persons. They are talkative and not shy. For some people, these are the ones you want to be friends with and usually they become life long friends.


A person who is choleric is a doer. They have a lot of ambition, energy, and passion, and try to instill it in others. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially phlegmatic types. Many great charismatic military and political figures were cholerics. They like to be leaders and in charge of everything.


A person who is a thoughtful ponderer has a melancholic disposition. Often very considerate and get rather worried when they could not be on time for events, melancholics can be highly creative in activities such as poetry and art - and can become occupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world. A melancholic is also often a perfectionist. They are often self-reliant and independent; one negative part of being a melancholic is sometimes they can get so involved in what they are doing they forget to think of others.


Phlegmatics tend to be self-content and kind. They can be very accepting and affectionate. They may be very receptive and shy and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change. They are very consistent, relaxed, rational, curious, and observant, making them good administrators and diplomats.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nothing wrong with some help. That was so sweet of her to help you.

Pamela said...

Is there a Mr. Linky for this week?

Dawn said...

SAT WORDS!! Phlegmatic means sluggish, Sanguine means cheerfully optimistic, Choleric means easily angered, and Melancholy most likely means sadness or depressed.

Sorry Lids, I couldn't resist. Love the questions!


Mocha with Linda said...

It was entirely my pleasure. Except I told you not to mention the source. Now I'm all red-faced because people are looking at me! LOL Thanks for the link love!

Heidi said...

Great questions! Mine are all answered and posted on my blog.

Patrice said...

I joined in today after a loooong vacay from the RD!

Anonymous said...

I don't see a Mr. Linky, so my answers are here:

Thanks to your compatriot Lid for the questions.

We all do have "those weeks" occasionally.

Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance!

Nel said...

What a friend! Good questions, now on to answer them.
until next time... nel

LynnMarie said...

OK I have to ask a blog question. When I look at other I see your Random Dozen box with the donuts. How do I add that to my blog to invite others to come to your blog? Last time I did the Random Dozen I didn't add the box because I cannot figure how. And oh-by-the-way I need directions in real english please. I'm still new at this. Thanks so much.

momma24 said...

Mine are answered and posted on my blog as well!

Anonymous said...

A couple of days ago, my 11th graders were complaining about how much work they had this week, yada, yada, yada. (They were upset about a huge project I had just presented to them.)

I told them that some weeks were just going to be like that, and that I needed to put a Crap Meter on the wall. I told them that it would be at the top for this week, and that next week, the level will still be high, but not as much. By the week after that, the Crap Meter will be significantly low.

Sounds like your Crap Meter was high this week.

You have wonderful bloggy friends. I am so glad that Linda stepped in to help, and that you were willing to accept it!

Ronel Sidney said...

Great questions!! I am working on my post right now!!!

Kimberly said...

No link? head over to to see my answers.

Cindy Swanson said...

Awesome questions! I hope to get to these later today.