Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rootie Tootie Freshen The Rooties -Month 2

This is installment 2 of the scientific experiment which stems from my thesis: "My hair does not grow." I have hypothesized that when I get a haircut, I will sport that cut for three years before anyone can tell a difference in length.

I took pics at month one as seen in this riveting post: I Got My Hur Did & It Don't Grow to prove my point. I wanted a pic at 4 weeks and then 8 weeks.

Eight weeks. Wow. The roots, they are a showin'... like those of the old oak which got blown over by the "Big Storm of Aught-Seven," or something Ingalls like that.

My sister-in-law posted a message on Facebook about coloring the roots: "Your natural color is beautiful."

Beautiful? Yes, if you like the color "cement." I mean, look at that black and white pic. That is basically the color of my real hair.

You don't see this shade offered very often.

So even though I'm technically 5 days early, I just couldn't take the gray on gray anymore. Tonight was the night.

So I chose L'Oreal 8G, Golden Blonde. I go a little more brassy in the Fall/Winter. Note how this product instantly turns your hair into Taylor Swift hair.

Now, I just happened to find this beautiful person with equally beautiful hair at The Small Things through Pinterest. She has a tutorial on how to work this miracle on your own head. (Please don't fail me, Tutorial Lady!) I bought the duck bill clips she suggested. I colored the hair while watching Biggest Loser. And then I styled it according to Tutorial Lady. Here is what it looked like. I have on no make up. That's not true. I put on lip gloss. (Don't say a word).

Ok, so hers is going back and mine is going forward. Funny thing is, mine usually wants to go backward. Oh well. If I had a cute little Barbie nose like that, mine would lay right, too. And hers is fuller, but I didn't want to tease mine up so much at bedtime. I told George, "I think I'm OK-happy with my hair. Wow. I bet you haven't heard that in a long time. When is the last time you heard that?"

George: "Never. Ever. In my life. I think I need to lie down."

So yeah, on the left is my root growth last month. On the right is this month. You'll notice .... NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE.

And here is the collage: day of cut in August, 4 wks, 8wks. NO DISCERNIBLE GROWTH. However, a very discernible loss of tan.

Oh well. At least I have my duck clips for tomorrow morning. Bring it, Wednesday!


Linda said...

I like it!!!!

Claudia said...

Linda, you look adorable. But I have to agree with you--no discernible growth! :-O

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad you posted about this! I am loving that look, and I think you did a great job. You can train it and have a blast teasing away later. (I use the gator clips.)

My hair needs a fresh cut, but I can still do the back with my style once the layers are shorter towards the top for more lift.

I have a. lot. of. hair. So, we shall see how I can make this my own as I go. (Glad you are making friends with your hair again... ha!)


LynnMarie said...

I like what you did with you hair, really I do! In fact, my niece is a hair dresser and she is coming over Sunday to cut both Hubby's and my hair and I want something like yours. It will be shorter because my hair is shorter but I like the layers. Mind doesn't grow much either. Maybe it's our age?

Kelly Combs said...

Your hair looks great. *But* if you have roots doesn't that mean your hair is in fact growing? Right?!?

Have an adorable day with your new adorable-do!

Mocha with Linda said...

You always look beautiful, and I'm not saying that just to be nice!. But yeah, it is funny that it seems to pretty much be the same length.

Maybe try adding some fertilizer when you "water" it?!

Susanne said...

I want your haircut. But I never have the patience to grow it out to that length. And I definitely think a Barbie nose makes any cut or color look great!