Thursday, November 17, 2011

Month Three in the "My Hair Does Not Grow" Series




Scientific proof: My hair does not grow. If it does look the tiniest bit longer, it's because it's limper. Which rhymes with "whimper."

I take supplements. I eat protein. I treat my hair with the tenderness of caring for a newborn premie. I'm careful not to over process it, over heat it, etc. I condition it. I talk to it in the hopes it will grow like a well-attended to plant.

Stubbornly stunted.

What do I really want? About this length again:

I'd also like to be two years younger, as in these pics. I want this length not because I think this is beautiful hair; I do not. But I felt like a girl then. I have not felt like a girl in 3 months. Sigh. Plus, I gained weight. Double sigh.

But ...

There is hope.

I have a little trick up my sleeve I can't wait to tell you about. I'm working out the details tomorrow. Until then, I will not talk about the hair again until "something" has changed. Winky-wink.


Anonymous said...

well I think you're a beauty, but go get extentions, instant length!

Kelly Combs said...


(Am I right?)

DidiLyn said...

Ha! I am so over hair woes! I wrote about hair issues today, too. Not even kidding. Great minds and all that blah blah blah.
I'll be interested in what you can do to grow it. :-)

LynnMarie said...

You are a beautiful woman no matter how long your hair is!

SusanD said...

I have the same wimpy type of hair that grows so slow it's barely noticeable. I hate to get it trimmed even the tiniest bit. It will take months to grow that tiniest bit back. I've considered hair extensions. Is that what you are going with? I'm anxious to see and hear. Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

JackyJo said...

You make me thankful for me quick growing hair, even through I have roots at 3 weeks!!

Melanie said...

I'm in suspense and hope it's a trick to lose the 8 pounds I need to lose.

DebC said...

Wow; photographic proof that your hair doesn't seem to grow.
Too bad.
My mantra regarding haircuts is always, "Well, it'll grow."
Luckily you look beautiful with any length hair.
It's your smile.
Your face lights up :)

Isunji Cardoso said...

I've missed you, your humor and even your non-growing hair! JK ;o)

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Same problem here...both with the hair, and the gaining weight. I really hope that "trick up your sleeve", will help me knock off 10lbs!