Monday, August 20, 2012

What I'm Accomplishing During Facebook Hiatus

1. Reading. The Poisonwood Bible, The Leftovers, and Ghost. Currently working on Wife22. I would say, "I'll never forget Orleanna Price's (Poisonwood) confession about babies of the family," except I can't remember it, locate the book or the quotation on line, so I'll just say that was the best moment of the book for me.

2. Conferencing. I went to the regional conference for Youth For Christ, my new employer. I learned a lot about the org, but mostly I learned there are some zany people on my staff. Woopty doo, this could be fun.

3. Sneezing. As soon as I returned from the conference, I became ill with what appeared to be a head cold. The cold morphed into one of those "flu in the head" flus, versus the "flu in the stomach flu." Misery, just the same. Aching all over, fever, horrible sore throat--you know the complete menu.

4. Spending time with my parents (before illness).

5. Dealing with the babies and mom, dealing with sending my baby back to college this week.

6. Combatting anxiety.

7. Eating delicious empty calories.

8. Not running.

9. Watching a lot of real life murder mystery TV shows.

10. and 11: Dealing with anxiety. Generalized.

I thought leaving Facebook would be difficult, but it hasn't been, really. It just takes too much emotional energy that I simply don't have right now. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day ....


Merrie said...

Good for you!
I hate to admit that I didn't realize you had left Facebook. Is it for good?
On Saturday the thought ran through my mind that I should just delete my Facebook and get on with "real" life.
I actually started blogging again, too. Went back and posted some that I had written months ago (maybe even years ago - LOL).
Love to read your writing. Thankful you are blogging!

Gypsy Heart said...

You are missed! Hope you feel better quickly and get lots of rest. Reading a good book is divine.


Gypsy Heart said...

You are missed! Hope you feel better quickly and get lots of rest. Reading a good book is divine.


Penny said...

I feel you on the anxiety. UUUGGGGHHH. Hope yours and mine go away soon!

Mocha with Linda said...

I wondered why you didn't comment/like on any of my Germany pics. We need to catch up.

Funny that you're reading Poisonwood Bible - that's my girl's summer reading assignment for English. She annotated it all the way to Germany and every night while we were there. Still not done with the assignment - don't even get me started on what I think about summer assignments!

Sorry you're dealing with anxiety. Hugs.

Deven said...

Thumbs down for anxiety. That lovely condition was added to depression with my last baby. I'd hate for things to be boring, you know?

Soak up the sun, my friend.