Tuesday, January 01, 2013

On Kale: Thirteen Observations about Kale for 2013

It is now 2013. (Cutting edge reporting; it's 1:03 PM January 1, 2013).

I am already jumping on a bandwagon for the new year, although I'm a little late hopping on the kale bandwagon. This I know from reading about the wonders of kale from hip, young health-conscious moms on Facebook througout 2012.

So here I sit, with 3 loads of baked kale, reminding myself that popcorn is so ...  yesterday--and unhealthy--and buttery DELICIOUS.

Anyway ....

13 Observations about Kale for 2013:

1. Messiest snack I've ever eaten. Easy to make, not so easy to keep off the front of your shirt and floor.
2. My dog likes it. My daughter does not.
3. I sprayed a cookie sheet with olive oil in a spray can. I know this is probably a huge health-conscious mom violation, but I Sandra Lee life any time I can.
4. I lightly sprayed the kale with olive oil and then seasoned with McCormick's Veg All. How pedestrian of me, I know.
5. I tried different baking temps because online recipes varied. For MY oven, the key is 350* for 15-20 mins.
6. Get rid of those stems as much as possible before you bake, or pick through once you're done. They do not get with the groove and crisp up.
7. Dry your kale well before baking. Damp kale = steamed kale.
8. They should be called "kale crisps" and not "chips." The texture is that of a page from a serialized Dickens novel.
9. I think I would enjoy kale CRISPS on baked potatoes, as soup toppings, on popcorn, etc. Not so much while watching Dateline in the dark.
10. After eating, take care of kale-to-tooth attachment before you smile.
11. Kale retains its nutrients when baked.
12. When testing for appropriate crispness, look for dull green, not bright shiny green. And of course, take a nibble to see if it's crispy.
13. I have a great-nephew named Cale.


Mocha with Linda said...

I'll let you have your Kale and eat it, too. I'll stick with popcorn. :-)

Joyce said...

I tried to embrace it this last year by making a huge batch of kale chips. Chips is definitely a misnomer! I anticipated something kind of potato-chipy, but kale chips are not even related to the potato chip. They're so greeeeeeen! Not a fan.

I saw Melissa D'Arabian make a kale slaw on tv the other day and thought I'd try that-you soften it with lemon and lime juice which might make it more palatable. Do you think everyone raving about kale these days actually likes it or do you think they just know they're supposed to and are trying to talk themselves into liking it? Happy New Year!

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I have great difficulty appreciating the benefits of kale...I usually disguise it in pasta...