Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day in Pictures

My 20 year old "baby."

My best grandma face. The rest were hideous.

Kristin and George singing the impromptu "Happy Mother's Day" song to Katie on her first Mother's Day.

The First Time Mama

The elusive son.

The dog. Who is old enough to be a grandma, too.

My girls and I. 

And the "dub" in the "lub dub" of my heartbeat, my granddaughter:


Sandy @ The Scoop on Balance said...

Hi Linda!

Just popped over from your comment on my blog. Unless there was another "2nd Cup of Coffee" blog years ago, I used to read you! (My blog used to be called God Speaks Today)

I always liked the name of your blog and (no lie) to this day, every time I pour that 2nd cup of coffee, (daily) I think of it. For real.

So funny.

Happy late mother's day. Beautiful family...

Susanne said...

What a sweetie that grandbaby of yours is! What an exciting Mother's day for you and Katie!

Country Girl said...

This ischemic the kind of Mother's Day I like! What a sweet grand baby!

Mocha with Linda said...

Not sure how I missed this post earlier, but glad I found it. Love, love, love it. THe pic of you kissing J is adorable beyond words.