Monday, May 27, 2013

The Poor Man's Exercise Room: Maybe It's Not About the Happy Ending; Maybe It's About the Story

It's the poor man's exercise room. It used to look like this, when the twins lived here. Now it looks like the second pic.  There is also an elliptical machine opposite the treadmill. And a large exercise ball rolling around, in the way, mostly.

This is the repurposed baby dresser. It now holds hand weights, running clothes and fans.

This is my view in the early morning from the treadmill. Kind of dreary. Not long after I took this pic, a runner went gliding by.

The bulletin board beside the treadmill is for motivational sayings and photos I'd like to put up. Right now, the phrase is, "Maybe it's not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story." I wrote that there after the twins were taken by their mom. I've been thinking the phrase doesn't apply well to running, but maybe it does. I'll never finish fast or with flash (the perfect happy ending). But it's more about the race itself, the journey, the obstacles and small victories (the story). And a happy ending doesn't have to be a "perfect" one.

So I'll never have a awesome space for working out. I'll never break a record, probably not even my personal best. I'll never have a stride and pace like the guy who ran past as I stepped on the treadmill. But I'm committed. I'm achieving. I'm overcoming. I'm moving. I'm challenging myself. I'm growing. I'm learning. And those are all important facets of a really good story. 


Mocha with Linda said...

You go girl! You are awesome and way ahead of me.

Love you, my friend!

Chris said...

Amen, Linda! Wisdom I have to keep reminding myself. I halfway expect my life to be full of happy endings like the books I read. I do refuse to read sad books! So trusting Him and realizing that this imperfect place is not my home. That this imperfect life full of imperfect people will break my heart occasionally. Or often! Looking forward to heaven~~
Bless you gal. Bless your kind heart and courage to keep on moving forward and encouraging us. Thank you, Linda~

Lisa Laree said...

This is the phrase that jumped out at me...the twins were taken by their mom. I read previous posts to see if I missed something as tremendous as this, but I couldn't find it. I'm filling in the blanks in my head; maybe wrong, maybe right, but I suspect that there was more than a little grief to see these two cherubs head out of your house, even if all is well and good. I just want to publicly say that I have been cheering you on in what you did for over a year, and I will continue to pray that those kids grow up knowing they are loved.

And to make the observation that what looks like the end of a story usually isn't.

Love and blessings to you!

Joyce said...

Keep on keeping on!

Susanne said...

The ebbs and flows of living this life pulls at our hearts and emotions, doesn't it? People come and go but the Lord is ever constant and will never leave us or forsake us. May you find much joy in your new room and think on many happy memories with those precious twins while you're working out.