Saturday, January 10, 2015

Currently ... A Writing Prompt

1. Thinking: It doesn't bode well for my goal of writing more in 2015 if I have to use a prompt.

2. Enjoying: This will overlap with listening, but currently enjoying Styx "Come Sail Away." Good to hear on a Saturday with temps at 0* while you're cleaning house.

3. Feeling: Just a little blue, which is typical for me when I'm trapped on the frozen tundra. How many days until spring?

4. Wearing: Not a Pinterest creation, for sure. Gray yoga pants and black sweatshirt. Perhaps if I wore some color today, it might affect me for the positive? Nah.

5. Needing: Nothing. I need nothing, really, which is quite remarkable and humbling.

6. Wanting: Ah, now that's a different story. I want my eyes to clear up. I think I'm having a reaction to my sinus infection. I've posted about it here before. I want to get all of my Christmas decorations put away today. I've been ill and haven't tackled it.

What?? The Heck??

7. Listening: "Boogie Oogie Oogie," Taste of Honey, from a time in my life when all I had to worry about was homework, hair, and boys.

8. Making: I'm working on a gargantuan afghan I started last year. This is a dis-as-ter. My rows are off; I just can't seem to learn how to count. The colors slightly match my bedroom. I chose ocean colors because I was missing the ocean, and I thought when I wrapped up in it in winter, I'd be reminded of the beach. I think I was losing it. But now what do you do? Scrap the whole thing? This thing is huge. It covers my queen sized bed.

9. Eating: Nothing yet today. I did take my vitamins.

10: Drinking: So proud to say I've got my water bottle right here with me. Drinking more water is another goal for this year. Even if I drink one bottle per day, that's more than 0 ounces per day. I literally forget to drink. I don't even think of it during a meal or while eating food that screams for it. George will say, "How can you stand not to drink something with (whatever food)?" I don't know the answer to that. Even when I was little, my mother had to force me to take breaks from playing to go to the bathroom and to drink. It's an unfortunate gift that I have.

What are you currently up to?


The Bug said...

I'm ready for summer too. I saw that firefly meme on facebook (the good old days one on how we knew how to come in from playing) & it made me so nostalgic for sitting in the back yard trying to take crappy cell phone pics of lightening bugs :) Also, my wonky hip likes it better if I walk outside. Not gonna happen when it's 14 degrees!

I think you should finish the blanket & put some kind of border around it to even up the edges. Just don't ask me how to do that :)

Susanne said...

I may just have to steal this meme. I'm having a hard time getting going in writing on the blog.