Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa. You Make Me Blush.

This is me:

"Rosacea has been referred to as the "curse of the Celts" due to its prevalence among those of Irish and English ancestry. In general, it affects mainly those with fair skin who tend to blush easily. People with Scandinavian backgrounds also report higher rates of rosacea than other ethnic groups."


The Bug said...

I've got an outbreak of rosacea too, but it's more on my chin & around my mouth - without makeup I look sort of like a clown. Sigh.

Darla said...

I had my DNA done last year. I have Irish and Scandinavian blood as well. A small amount of Great Britain. I too suffer from Rosacea but I found that eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet keeps it under control. However that is hard to follow. Hope you find a remedy soon. It is frustrating.