Friday, December 11, 2015

The Soundtrack of My Life?

The last time I blogged, I believe it was snowing. We're about there again, except we're in the middle of a record week for warm temps.

(Thanks for the weather update, Lid, now we resume blogging.)

I am trying to keep a family history blog since I joined Ancestrydotcom, so that takes up time that I could use here, instead, writing about ...  nothing, as I used to in the good old days. 

So I'm jumping back in with a meme which you answer with a song that fits the description. I'll do five today and then take it up again. Feel free to leave your own choices in the comments!

Day 1: "A song from childhood"  I'll go with: "Keep on Dancin'," by the Gentrys. I still love the percussion and the fake ending. Love these images from the 60s and 70s, too.

Day 2: "A song that reminds of your ex boy/girlfriend"
The last ex-boyfriend I had was 1981, so ...
the song from the vault would be "Blue Morning, Blue Day," by Foreigner. Here we are at our senior prom. Years later, I realized I was dating a Dave Coulier doppleganger. This boy has passed way, rest in peace.

Day 3: "A song that reminds you of your parents" "Let Your Love Flow" My mom dearly loved this song when it was popular, which made me kind of not like it, because when you're a teenager, it's wEiRd when your parents like what is popular. (No worries; I have been repaid. 3X.)

Day 4: "A song that calms you down" "Summer Breeze," by Seals and Crofts. Who needs pot when you've got this song.

Day 5: "A song that is often stuck in your head" This is a three-way tie. 1) "Sister Golden Hair"  2) "How Long" 3) "Sentimental Lady"

Yes, I have a thing for the 70s, but please share your choices, even if they're from the 21st Century!


Joyce said...

It was nice to see your name pop up here. I was trying to collect some thoughts for my blog, but this sounds like more fun so here goes-

Childhood-Herman Hermits I'm Into Something Good. I remember my little sister and I jumping on my older sister's bed while she played 45's. We liked to pretend we were go-go dancers. Not sure we knew what they were, but it sounded like fun. Jimmy Mack and Judy in Disguise would also fall under this heading.

An ex-hmmm...Peaceful Easy Feelilng by The Eagles.

My parents- anything by The Bill Gaither Trio. They loved to play their records loudly when we were getting ready for church on Sunday mornings. If I see The Gaithers performing on TV I always stop and watch for a minute. Takes me right back to childhood.

Calms Me Down- Been to Caanan by Carole King

Stuck in my Head-The Lion Sleeps Tonite

Susanne said...

This was a fun post. I'm so not good at remembering song names but a few of these I can handle.

A song from my childhood would be "Teddy Bear" by Elvis Presley

A song that reminds me of my ex: ??

A song that reminds me of my parents: Sunrise, Sunset by Perry Como

A song that calms me down: You Raise Me Up by Celtic Thunder or Josh Groban

A song often stuck in your head: Believe it or not right now it's Veggie Tales theme song

Nice to see you back!

Dena said...

Welcome back! I too and resuming/reviving/restarting a new blog.
In answer to your meme questions:
1. Song from my childhood- Sugar, Honey Honey by the Archies. My mother said I sang it nonstop.
2. A song that reminds me of an ex - Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. Yes, he went to jail. :-/
3. A song that reminds me of my parents - I love A Rainy Night by Eddie Rabitt. They loved dancing, and this was one of their favs
4. A song that calms me down - He'll Hold You by Selah gives me such peace
5. A song that gets stuck in your head - I want a hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevy. I heard it in a store and can't get it out of my head for over a week so far.

The Bug said...

This is fun! A song from my childhood would be Jeremiah was a Bullfrog - ha! A song that reminds me of my ex would be Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (because he called me Ruby for reasons unclear to me). My parents? Alfalfa's version of I Love You Truly - they used to sing it to each other. A song to calm me down... not sure that exists :) My earworm (for today) is I would Walk 500 Miles.