Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Viral meningoencephalitis" is the official diagnosis of my cousin's son in intensive care. So many of you have responded to our requests for prayers and then thought to ask how he's progressing. I want to answer in this post.

But before I do, I want to say that from time to time I have seen others' requests for prayer on blogs, especially urgent ones, and I have stopped and prayed, wondering about the efficacy of rather short prayers (2 or 3 sentences?) for people I do not know. I'm not spinning my wheels over that anymore; I truly believe every prayer is heard, and although I don't know why God set up the system of prayer, he did, and we are encouraged to intercede for one another and treat other believers as if they are family. That's what you have done, and I believe your prayers counted. I'll never read another on-line prayer request the same way again.

The way I'm staying in touch with my cousin is through a care page which their family updates several times a day. Sometimes the messages seem hopeful; sometimes the reports aren't so good. So I'm kind of afraid if I say one thing, an update might suggest another thing. But ... things are looking good!

Nate (a young guy in his 20s) has been heavily sedated since the middle of October. At this point, the doctors are ready to cut back his sedation and let him wake up. This is done fairly slowly, a cutback every 6 hours or so. So now, they're waiting for Nate to wake up. His mom and dad want to be there when he opens his eyes, but there are moments they need to step away. So, if you can handle another request, please ask that 1)Nate does indeed wake up 2)That his parents will be there to comfort him.

You all are great. God is good. --Wait a minute--I think I got that backwards!!


Susanne said...

Prayer is powerful. It always amazes me how in this forum of blogland people pull together for each other when there is a prayer request made. It's one of the reasons why I started blogging.

Praying for Nate to wake up and for his parents.

Southern Girl said...

Oh, I'm so glad to read this promising news! I was just walking through Sam's Club earlier this afternoon and Nate came to my mind and I breathed a prayer for him. I hope we'll be reading even better news soon and I'll be praying for those specific requests.

Kelli said...

Absolutely, sweet friend. we will continue to pray.

thouartloosed said...

Praying for Nate and his family.

Merrie said...

Yes, I agree about the importance of prayer! Thanks for the update. I pray for him throughout the day as the Holy Spirit brings him to my mind.
God is so good and He knows the desires of our hearts. I fully believe that Nate's parents will be where they are supposed to be - and where they WANT to be, when Nate wakes up.
Again, I claim and proclaim Nate's total and complete healing, spirit soul and body. He will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord!

PJ said...

The quote below (and the web address to go read about it) is from a well-documented medical study on the efficacy of prayer. These patients were unaware that strangers were praying for them. When I first read the study several years ago, the presenter stated that had "prayer" been a new drug, it would have been the rage and hit all headlines. But since the effective remedy was "prayer", it made few waves.

Just thought you might find it interesting.

Back in 1988, cardiologist Randolph Byrd studied whether distant prayer can heal. Almost 400 patients in San Francisco General Hospital's cardiac-care unit were studied: Half were prayed for by born-again Christians. Dr. Byrd found that the prayed for patients were less prone to congestive heart failure and cardiac arrest, and fewer of them needed diuretics and antibiotics than the control group.

Ann said...

Hi Linda! It's been a few days since this post. Did Nate wake up? I've been praying for him and his parents.