Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Riveting, Deep Thoughts

This kid is going to win. As my mother, Lucille, would say, "Mark my words." And when she said that, well, look out.

I really liked Jason Castro again, but the judges didn't. Yes, he has some strange expressions. But when he explained that his paroxysms (where did that word just come from? 11th grade vocab class?) stem from insecurity, that endeared him to me. I really liked his version of "I Just Want to Be Your Everything." For the first time, I understood what the judges mean when they refer to making a song current.

I also liked David Hernandez. But he has some awkward, unsettling expressions, too, mainly a piercing stare into the camera that David Copperfield and his ilk tend to do. Perhaps David Hernandez is hypnotizing the TV audience into voting for him.

Chikezie came back crazy strong, like he had hard-core, immersion lessons in coolness, talent and "What Not to Wear" during the week.

But David Archuleta is going to win the big ticket. Jorge the Husband wondered why David chose the 3rd verse of "Imagine," as did Simon. Jorge thought maybe someone coached David to go with the 3rd verse to avoid the controversy of the lyrics of the 1st verse. BTW, I have always intensely disliked the lyrics, and resent the beautiful melody they're couched in. It's like the Snake in Eden.

Anyway, Mark. My. Words.

Next riveting update: We took Zo-Zo of the Glowing Eyes to the groomer. She was fine when she went, but when she came home, she was limping and her left eye looked cloudy and squinty!

Needless to say, we we all very concerned, even Jorge the Husband, who pretends he doesn't love Zoe but actually loves her more than life itself and would throw himself in front of a train or Big Wheel to save her. If he reads this and tries to deny it, do not believe him. If I had a tree and a knife right here, I would carve: "Jorge hearts Zoe" because it is eternally true forever. His emotional vulnerability is now exposed.

Anyway, I do not know if they restrained her in a harness and she hurt her hip in twisting around and/or they poked her in the eye. If so, that is one boot camp of a beauty treatment. I cannot say with 100% certainty that none of this was going on before she went, but I sure didn't notice it, if it was.

So, the poor little thing is getting roast beef tonight, a rare treat. Usually she must settle for a cereal nugget that falls or a cherry tomato rolling across the floor. And she was allowed to go into the No Man's/No Dog's Land, the "other" part of the house today, the Promised Land, where there is real carpet. She has pooped in there so many times in the past that she has been forced into exile, wandering around the perimeter of the Promised Land Living Room for 40 years before being allowed entry again--except for today, because she is pitiful. And she has been baby-talked and pampered ad nauseum.

But here is the weird relationship Jorge the H and I have: we both feel sorry for this little dog; however, last night, he looked down at her little squinty eye and said, "Poor little Left Eye Lopez," and I almost lost consciousness from laughing.

He didn't mean to be disrespectful to Lisa Lopes or mean to Zoe, and I knew that. Once again, I must aver that he secretly loves Zoe with all of his J-to-the-H heart. He just comes up with the most random stuff. And so all day today at work, when I would wonder what she was doing and how she was faring, all I could think of was, "Wonder how Little Left Eye Lopez is doing?"

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC ("Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls")


Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

OH my gosh, that is just too funny! You are one talented blogger-friend and I can always count on your posts to lift me up, in one way or another! I hope little "Left Eye" is doing better. (Now I'm cracking myself up!).


Big Mama said...

I would like to carry David Archuleta around in my pocket because he is adorable. I told P that every 12 year old girl in America is now in love with "Imagine" even though they have never heard of John Lennon.

And poor Zoe. I hope she feels better soon. It sounds like Jorge will be devastated if something happens to her.

Kim said...

Once again, I agree with you. I rather enjoyed most of the guys. Most, I say, because I'm really SOOOOO not a fan of Danny Noriega. Or Jason Yeager. Luke actually did the Hoosier state pretty proud this week. David Archuleta...he's just so darn squeezable. The blessing of an amazing set of pipes is shooting that kid straight to stardom...a very deserved trip.

I'm anxious to see what you thought of the girls competition last night....that's all I'm going to say on that until I'm sure you've watched.

{{Zoe}} Left-Eye Lopez!!! Bahahaha!!! Good one Jorge the Husband! My prayers for sweet little Zoe to have a rapid recovery. (and lots of pampering without #2's on the carpet!)


Teri said...

I really like David A. too! I agree. Although I have liked Brooke White right out of the gates too. Something about her.

Poor little Zo! Hope she is back to own little doggy self soon!

Fran said... do y'all remember the names of these AI contestants?? I remember them by what they sang or hang on! I have some work to do if I'm gonna be in the AI "know!"

And...that precious puppy!! Bless her., I'm singing "Don't go chasing waterfalls....."

marina said...

my daughter like that girl tha has the black and white hair I forgot what she sang but had some great moves,my daughters says she has a (Cher like voice} its raw different she things she is really has it ,But Paula was right she is pretty and needs to get rid of that hair and the make up however Paule really like her moves and for Paula to say that WOW!

Poor puppy hope she feels better soon.marina

Beck said...

Hahah! Your poor puppy.
And I think your mom is right - and I ALSO hate Imagine for the very same reasons.

Amy Wyatt said...

I could just squeeze David A.. He is definitely my favorite. And you are so right about Hernandez staring into the camera like David Copperfield. I couldn't put my finger on what it compared to... but you nailed it. What did you think of the girls? Did you notice Kristy Cook's red toungue? Not purple this time.

Darnelle said...

Girl I LOVE that photo of Zoe at the end of the post. My kids are gonna think it's hysterical!


(I'm sure you know this - but - pay close attention to that eye thing. My in-laws recently had the same thing happen at the groomer. :)

Melanie said...

Poor Zoe. I have to say, roast beef, a "rare" treat. An unintended play on words, but brilliant nonetheless.

Kimberly said...

Here's hoping Zoe gets better quickly. And just hope her gratefulness in being allowed into the Promised Land doesn't excite her too much, resulting in an offering on the altar of carpeting. :-)

Mocha with Linda said...

I hear hard-boiled eggs are really good for eye problems. . . :-)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh my word. I'm laughing so hard, I can't think of anything to say. Your poor, pitiful dog is HYSTERICAL!

Heth said...

J-to-the-H? HAhahahaha

Lynn said...


What a hoot! You CRACK me up. I love my dog like you do. I have spent thousands on him at the vet because of one thing or another. Most expensive dog I own. He probaly costs me more than my kid.

Love you!!! Much fun here!

BethAnne said...

Hilarious! I like David as well, but what is up with that chick that looks like Lilly Munster?

Ruthie said...

Zoe gives David A. a run for his cuteness money. So much adorable-osity!

I don't think I'd be returning to that groomer...I know beauty has its price, but it shouldn't hurt.

Very funny post!

Lelia Chealey said...

I always look forward to your AI posts...too funny! Sorry about the dog, but it is pretty comical.
Didn't Paula say something about hanging David A. from her rear view mirror or something? Okay Paula...
It would be ideal for you to be able to sit down with Paula & do a 1-on-1 interview. I'd love to see your reaction to whatever she came up with. :)

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

yep... I agree.. David is my pick.. now that you point that out... I should have read this post first... LOL

annie's eyes said...

I am falling on the floor laughing at your "look alikes" Poor little Zoe though. What DOES happen at the groomer must stay at the groomer I guess. I do see similarities to Left Eye. You have an uncanny gift. love, annie