Monday, July 13, 2009

A Kickin' Monday Morning To You, Brought To You by Benadryl

Good morning. Or good whatever hour you're here. What's up.

Look at these chips. Have you had them? I'm not a ketchup fan. I don't eat my fries w/ or put it on sandwiches, but when I served as Snack Queen at SERVE this year, I put these chips out amongst 400 other bags of various flavors, and these things flew out of the bag and into the tummies of the kids like they had wings. So I tasted them and loved them, which, since I don't like ketchup, made it a "whaddya know" moment. So now I'm searching for them to share Tuesday night when the kids come back to the house for the Crazy Love study. Just wondered if you've tried them. I've heard they're really popular in Canada. ? Seriously, that's what I heard. Canadians, what say you?

By the way, this is what's known as a "kickin'" Monday morning post, I believe, because it's so exciting.

Over the weekend I once again blew up like Mrs. Puff on Sponge Bob. Contact dermatitis causes my eyelids to swell, and I itch with an itch so deep I wish I could scratch my optic nerve. So I've been on massive amounts of Benadryl for 72 hours, which might explain this high-energy kickin' post. I have resorted to putting Preparation H on my eyelids, which I don't recommend unless you have this condition or are stung by a jellyfish on your eyelids or someone has lit your eyelids on fire.

Also, Saturday morning when I first woke up, as I headed out the bedroom door as quietly as I could so that I would not wake the Jorge, I fell and slammed into Zoe's big old wire cage and scratched my back, thereby totally waking Jorge with a flourish. I shall blame this mishap on Benadryl, as well.

Later on Saturday, we crammed all five us into the new CRV and went to The Runner's Forum in Indy to have Kristin properly fitted for cross country shoes. She ended up with the Brooks Defyance. I guess that's the cool Beyonce way to spell Defiance.

Somehow, Jorge was coerced into buying everyone lunch AND Cold Stone Creamery dessert within a two hour period. So you can imagine, then, that the two hour time-slot cost us a lot of dough. Good shoes = $ + Teenagers eating out = $. In a new car = $$. I think Jorge was numb and on auto-pilot after this credit card experience. For Jorge, spending a lot of money is the organic Benadryl.

Zoe had a trying weekend because of being sore from her shots. Saturday morning she acted paralyzed but wasn't. I tried to put a warm, wet cloth on her as per Vet's advice, but she was not having any part of that. I was able to give her 1/4 of a little pink baby Aspirin. We could not pick her up at all over the weekend without her yelping, which made us feel terrible. So she wanted up on the sofa, and we got her there, but when it came time to jump down, she could not do it and looked panicked, so I built her a ramp of 5 throw pillows to climb down. She looked like a spoiled princess stepping down from the throne. And you know she is not spoiled.

Bridal Shower on Sunday:

This is my friend, Diane, whom I have written about before, and her daughter, Ann, who is to be married August 1. Diane is still battling cancer, and by battling, I do mean fighting the fight of her life. They are such lovely girls, Diane and her Ann.

Here is the beautiful bride-to-be with her gifts.

Here is an interesting centerpiece I thought I'd share with you, but the pic is terrible. There are small bowls of goldfish between glass platters holding the sweets.

Here's a close-up.

This pic cracks me up because Ann is telling her mom that they cannot move into their apartment until August 10. Apparently, Mom thought it would be earlier than that. Surprise, Mom!

This is Ann opening our gift, cannisters. We are so happy for you, Ann!

What did you do this weekend? I hope you did not fall down nor have your eyes swell up nor spend too much money, as I did. Ever had ketchup potato chips? Ever write a random post?


Kaye Butler said...

Actually, I did spend a lot of money, fell down getting out of bed because I have wood flooring and it's slipery, and I have a sun burn.

Ballerina Girl said...

Ok, this post has me laughing!! First of all the ketchup potato chips? Never even saw them, even though I am in the city where Heinz ketchup is made....(then again, I haven't looked either!)
Then there is the eye puffiness, poor thing...DON"T itch, yea right!
Your trying to be quiet, so sounds like me!!
The queen and her throne :( I know that my Bella is going to be like that when I get back to Brasil...
the $$ issue..
ah, anyways, this jsut made me really smile this morning and I need it today!

I think your new picture (probably not so new but I have forgotten to mention it!), is really pretty!!


Kelly said...

No, I haven't had the potato chips, but I'm sure going to look for them. I don't like ketchup too much, but if you say they're good, well, I'll give them a try. I like to try new things.

At least the Benadryl gave you a bit of a kick. I'd probably still be sleeping.

Melissa said...

Ketchup potato chips sound gross. I must try them!
And Crazy Love. My favorite book. It's awesome and I would love to be a fly on your wall discussing it with teenagers.

Jenny said...

I have never heard of Ketchup potato chips, but I have never really looked for them either. I will have to see if our store carries them.

I hope your eyes are feeling better.

Look like you had a pretty good weekend spending money and enjoying friends. Sounds like a good weekend to me ;)

Dena said...

Oh girl, we have to stop meeting like this - our lives are seriously starting to intertwine. Our one cat has an owie on her front leg (swollen & wont put weight on it) and she is playing the pathetic princess role to the limit as well. My son is in XC and we took him shoe shopping yesterday afternoon (he didn't find anything he liked though). AND, drum roll - we stopped at Cold Stone on our way home!

I will draw the line at our similarities with ketchup chips. Just the name says "eeewww".

So, what do you have planned for tomorrow? Maybe we should carpool. :P

Mocha with Linda said...

To my boy, french fries are just a ketchup holder. I have to look for those chips! (But if I don't get them today, it will be awhile before he can eat them!)

So glad to see a picture of Diane and Ann. Wow - they are both radiant. I hate the C word!

Maybe Zoe needs some Benadryl!

Susanne said...

We have had ketchup potato chips forever around here, but not that brand. Kids do love them. Potato chips are the bane of my eating existence. I cannot resist them, but ketchup is not my favorite flavor. I'll eat them if there is no other options. Because I will not even leave those ones alone.

Kristen is joining cross country? Good for her. That's my definition of pure torture so I totally applaud anyone who does it.

Hope you're off your benadryl high, or low as it were, soon. Maybe you should be wearing one of them sumo wrestler blow up outfits until you're once again clear headed so that if you fall again and crash into things you won't hurt yourself.

Chatty Kelly said...

I haven't had those chips, hmmm. Will look for them.

Speaking of random, I watched Hoosiers for the first time last night. So now, I know all about you. :-)

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

No falling, thank goodness, a little catching of Isaac though!

Pretty sure having teens=spending too much money.

I'm going to have to look for those chips.

Random posts are my favorite!!

Erica said...

We went to England on our honeymoon, and saw all kinds of strange flavored chips (crisps), including ketchup. We bought every different flavor we could find, packed them in our suitcases (oh the days when we could bring 31 inch suitcases without paying through the nose!) and tried to get our friends and family to eat them. I wish I could remember more of the flavors, but I do recall cocktail shrimp, which was as disgusting as it sounds.

Greg C said...

I haven't had those chips but they sound better than the chicken wings and blue cheese chips so I may have to give them a try. Great photos of your best friend and her daughter. If she doesn't want the canisters, I want them. I haven't fallen in a while.

Carmen said...

I'm Canadian, and my kids love ketchup chips...I can take 'em or leave 'em.

Ah, my hubby's eyes swell after touching animals. Feel for you! Of course, it sounds like you're not feeling anything but numb at that point.

Poor Jorge...awwww...POOR ZOE!!

My son just got married and for the head table we had clear tall vases with silk white flowers in the water held in place with sand, two floating candles on top and a Beta swimming in each one. We gave the Beta's away afterwards because they're lovely(each one to someone different because Beta's don't get along)!

Love your randoms.

Kim said...

Hmmmm, I think I'd like the chips. In Uganda we could always find Pringles in the curry flavor. No likey. Here in Argentina the popular chip flavor is "carne" or beef flavored. Of course. LOL

Hope the swelling goes down soon. Poor eyes! My mom would have allergic reactions every so often and her whole head would swell. The docs never figured out exactly what was causing the allergy attack. She looked so awful that the ER docs thought she was the victim of domestic abuse. She had quite a time convincing them she was divorced and not even dating anyone.

2Thinks said...

Sorry about your swelling. Never had the chips, but have heard about them from others who have and love them.

Scrolling back to the Lilies Speak post title will get you what we did this weekend, over at my blog.

Today I blogged a memory as a participant in Monday Memories that Planet M Files hostesses.

I'm going to do a big ole random post one of these days...learning how from you...:)Love 'em.

Ginger said...

You had quite the eventful weekend!

My weekend wasn't quite that "happening", but today's been another story! That's for another day and possibly a post...who knows!

I haven't had those chips, but I just might make a trip to the grocery store to buy some.

Your friend and her daughter are just beautiful! What an exciting time!

Have a great day and take care. :)

marina said...

love your knew look WOW!!!

my eye's have been bugging me too
") marina

Beth E. said...

You totally crack me UP! First of all...have you tried Zyrtec for your allergies? I, too have eye allergy probs, and Zyrtec seems to help me...well, that and Pataday eye drops. Anyoo...just sayin'

Secondly, I like your writing style AND your great sense of humor. We laugh a lot in our family...a WHOLE lot. We all have been blessed with a great sense of humor, which really helps when facing certain situations.

I've enjoyed perusing your blog. Come over and peruse mine whenever you want.

Love the pics, but the goldfish kinda made me nauseous. I have a weak stomach, though, so nothing personal. ;-)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I have had these chips and hated them. I hate one, maybe two, and tossed them. I AM a ketchup lover on most all things, fries, fried tators, hamburgers, hotdogs, even plain potatoe chips (mixed with mustard). Maybe that's why I don't like these chips, bc I like ketchup. I purchased mine from Walmart. I'm sure you've checked there. Maybe they didn't go over well in the US. It was over three years ago.