Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cleanin' up the Fish Flakes and First Day of School

Loose ends--who can stand 'em?

Blister yesterday: sorry for the photo. I realize some of you read your blogs early in the a.m., and my blister was a bit too much for you with the delicate early morning stomachs. But it was all I had to post. Seriously. Maybe it's time to consider hiatus when all you have to post is a giant bubbly blister. Anyway, I did a "surgical procedure" on it and ran yesterday afternoon. I'm like a legendary Olympian or something, staying focused, strong, and pushing through the pain. Of a toe blister.

Re-decorating the boss's office: I did not use real paint, although some of you were sweet to worry. I am not crazy. My boss is a man who notices when his paper clips have been moved on his desk, so throwing a Jolly Rancher wrapper on his floor might have pushed him over the edge, let alone painting a wall. By the way--that green? That's the real color of the walls. Our office is wild on color. The wall directly behind me is orange.

Hate Mail: Turns out it wasn't a joke but written as a response from a local person to my newspaper column. I spoke with him personally about it, and he still hates me, but I did try to apologize for being so hate-able, which apparently made me all the more hate-able. Shrug. It's out of my hands now. But you were lovely to surround me like a pack of elephants protecting one from a lion. Some of you elephants had fangs! I felt the love.

What else?

Oh yes, the Sweetness drove herself to school for the first time yesterday; that's why she's holding keys in these pics. She had a pretty good day and didn't starve before lunch like she thought she would, which was her main concern. The apple didn't fall far ....

Despite school starting, I'm dragging out summer as long as I can by enjoying this as often as possible:

And by using Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen 4 as body lotion. I know it's weird. I know that. But I just want to smell the coconuts, to make the summer linger upon my skin where a tan does not.

How are you making summer last?


lisasmith said...

Hahahaha I'm laughing because I came here really expecting to see why you were cleaning up fish flakes like I've been doing. My 3-yr-old forgot that fish swim not walk around like the dog. He thought if he spread fish flakes around the kitchen, living room and hallway the fish would come inside...

I ALWAYS laugh here :D

Mrs. E said...

I'm stealing your idea of suntan lotion for moisturizer! I love that smell, too!

Kelly Combs said...

Lid - wow! Your daughter driving to school. We are definitely related SOME how, as I always worry about the food thing too.

You know I've always heard there is a thin line between love & hate, so he must really have the hots for you, and is trying to keep it on the down low by professing his hate. "Me thinks he doth protest too much." And all that kind of stuff.

Lid has a secret admirer! :-)

Dawn said...

by remembering it is not over. I've heard so many people say the summer is almost over, but I think this is a matter of planning your life away. Summer is only a few months long and we still have three weeks - that is a huge chunk of time. Carpe Diem. If we all stop thinking about it being over, we could enjoy it still being here. As for your poor daughter who already started school - that is a little harder.

Jenny wren's nest said...

Lid, I think you should adopt some well deserving children or maybe be a foster parent, just so you wont run out of blog fodder, you have room now that your older kids have moved. HA,HA,HA.
Eric thinks you could blog about nothing, like seinfeld.

Greg C said...

I am just enjoying the last few days of summer with my children. As for making it last, I kind of like having the boys in school. At least I know what they are up to. Now who would write you hate mail? Just give me a name, thats all I need to go on.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Jenny, Please tell Eric that that is precisely what I do!

Kay said...

Summer may be almost over, but THE HEAT lives on! LOL

Wow.. I couldn't find a single hateable thing in that article! :)

Pam Warden Art said...

Hi Lid (I love your new name :)
I have also been hated to beat the band by a small group of women with a very large agenda that was anti-Christian ME!

I have my first Yorkie, a rescue and so cute you could, in Steve Martin's words from the movie The Jerk, "puke". Super cute. I'll be blogging a picture. She could beat up your Yorkie, although she's so happy and upbeat she would never do that, but I say that cuz' she's 9 pounds and I see your's is 4.
Hope your blister's better.
I'll leave you with what encouraged me from the Word..."remember Me, they hated first."

Gotta Have Faith said...

We are also trying to keep summer alive by going to the Beach, the lake out by us and just having fun together as a family. We live in the high desert so we have 6 months of summer. Kind of ready for summer to end because our fall is like summer for everyone else.

Hope your Blister heals up as well!

Keep the Faith!


Pam Warden Art said...

Ok, I've blogged 3 photos at one of my site's
You are always listed there in our favorites.

The Bug said...

So last night I dreamed about Lid all night - I kept thinking about different things I could do with a Lid. When I woke up I was disappointed that you weren't here to take me to surgery :) You're not even that far away! At least I didn't lie awake worrying. And, so far so good....

Debbie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

Isn't it wonderful when they can drive themselves to school.

Sue said...

It seems so strange to me in the North when school starts in what feels like the "middle" of summer up here (not that it's really the middle mind you). Our weather finally got a clue that it's summer FINALLY... just as hubby & I are ready to head to the HOT south! lol Figures.

Enjoy your coconut "body" lotion and campfire... I'd say 'til October should be okay. Don't you?