Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fish Flakes For You

I'm trying to think of another term for "random post," and I'm liking "fish flakes" because I think of the pieces of this post being loosed above the aquarium (by me) and floating gently down to the water (bloggy land) where they disperse and may be consumed by the fishies (you) if they wish.

I know. You AND the fish AND Arnold are all like "Whachoo talkin' 'bout, Lid?' Seriously, doesn't this fish seem to have that same expression?
Did you know yesterday was national Smores Day? Does that mean we can't celebrate today? I will tell you one thing for sure--do NOT try to toast coconut covered marshmallows on a campfire. The coconut is already toasted, so you just get "Cracklin' Charred Coconut Covered Mallows," which is not nearly as fun as that sounds.

Did you know that some people enjoy making their own marshmallows?

I don't get it. It's like trying to make your own Kleenex or jeans button ... Why? And they are usually square, which precludes shooting them from a marshmallow gun.

I'm taking this one back to school shopping today. Can't believe the baby is a high school junior now. She took the paper work to receive a parking pass for their lot. How is this possible?

This is her smile that says, "Enough with the camera, Mom." Precious. Just precious.

Here she is at 5 wearing a dress I wore when I was little and at 6 in kindergarten. Sigh.

I'm pretty sure she's never going to actually grow all the way up and go away to college and move out and stuff like that because all that is so overrated. I'm sure she just wants to stick by my side and be my little buddy for the rest of her life. Yeah, I'm sure of it.

And for the final fish flake, I need to report that I have finally, officially, received my first hate mail. I don't think it's exaggerating to say someone hates you if he comes right out and says, "I hate you." Yesterday I opened up my email to find a horrible, HORRIBLE message from someone letting me know in no uncertain terms that he/she hates me.

Yes, it was that bad and worse. And I totally cracked up. It was a response to my last column in the newspaper, which was about marriage, and if you read it you can see that there's hardly anything controversial in it at all, unless maybe you don't believe in going to the movies or watching The Bachelorette or something. Anyway, methinks the lady doth protest too much and must secretly love me. I can't really tell if it was written by a male or female. Anyway, I really do feel like a celebrity now. Thanks, Mr./Miss Hater. I could send you an autograph, if you'd like. :)


Brenda Susan said...

Amazing! Hate mail?? Wha? Regarding the marriage article? That is crazy, I see why you laughed.

I agree that "Fish Flakes" is a perfect title for random stuff. It works.

I think I pretty much nibbled on all the flakes that came my way & your daughters pics are adorable, especially the one where she is wishing you would trip over something while taking her pic!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

How could anyone hate you? Weird.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

How could anyone hate you? Sour grapes, I'm guessing!

Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear about the hate mail. Maybe you should send them your autograph on the Bill of Rights. Controversial or not, there is no reason to "hate" other people for their opinions.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

First, I am not sure if this is a good thing or not but I have in fact made my own marshmallows. I saw Ina Garten make them one day on the food network and then became obsessed with trying to reproduce them. After countless batches (most failures) some success, although the homemade were very good, I concluded it really is easier to just buy them.

Maybe I'll try making my own Kleenex next, i did make my own paper once in high school as an art project???

Second, your attitude about your hate mail is amazing. If I had gotten something like that it would have totally sent me over the edge.


Debra said...

People are too uptight and hung up on silly things that don't mean a hill of beans! Life is way too short to be hating on anyone, don't you think? I really don't know how anyone could hate you!!! So very sad!

SusanD said...

Hate mail? You must have really struck a nerve with Mr/Miss Hater. Congratulations! Blessings, SusanD

lailani said...

Hate mail? How silly of them, there is nothing to hate or dislike you celebrity you!

Random thoughts and fish flakes - that makes sense.


Mrs. E said...

I'm thinking your hate mail is a fake. What is not to love?? Have fun shopping today. (And yes, it goes too darn fast!! Enjoy each moment that you have.)

Dawn said...

Hate mail... how awesome! I've always hoped that enough people would actually read my blog to allow for at least one or two haters. Ha.

And, you aren't going to post the hate mail? Oh, I think that should be a standard requirement. Blogging rule number 1,345,462: Must post all hate male within 48 hours of receipt. LOL

I've been reading your posts/columns long enough to know that you don't deserve that. Obviously, this poor person has something dreadful going on in their life. To that end, I do believe you should let him/her know that all of your readers are now praying.

The Bug said...

I used to work in Human Resources, so I'm not going to say "how could anyone hate you?" Because they're out there & some of them work for my company! I'm glad you took it so well!

Mandy said...

Hi, I followed your blog over from Beth's blog...and I love love your blog it is sooo cute I just love to read it. You have a great personality thru your blog and I sure its just as great in person. I will continue to read your blog now that I found it..

Marsha said...

I read that article... what's to hate?

Susanne said...

Hate mail? How can anyone who shakes out fish flakes get hate mail? Love your response to it.

I know exactly how you feel about your youngest. I'm right there with you with my youngest starting grade 10, her first year of high school.

Kelly Combs said...

Wow - you are famous! What it is that they say "any publicity is good publicity." So hate mail is just another type of fanmail. Lid, you're getting fan mail! I am so jealous. :-)

Esthermay said...

"Fish Flakes?" I don't get it -- but when I saw the Blog Title I had to click since I'm shopping at WowMart tomorrow for a pet goldfish for my little girl's birthday on Thursday. ...I still don't get it. Fish Flakes....OK!

Sorry about your "hate-mail." Welcome to my world! hehehe! I pray for my hateemailers. They are precious. I'd like to read that terrible article.

And finally - where does one purchase the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil to make homemade marshmallows?

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

With regard to the hate mail, you know you have a Band of Brothers (I know we're mostly female, but Sand of Sisters doesn't sound as good) that will rally behind you and kick some grumpy pants attitude person right into next year if you want us to.

Did I say that out loud?

Um, what I meant was, we'll pray for him/her.

Cause you don't deserve that.

Lois Lane II said...

HAHA! You've made the big leagues now, lol! I want to read your column!!

skoots1mom said...

man, oh man...if you're getting hate mail I hate to think about what the rest of us are gonna get.
I say, "Liddie, for congress!!" You and Sarah would do a GREAT job getting us back to responsible thinking in Washington :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...Too funny.

Michelle H said...

I found you through Debra's blog, and I agree with Dawn-POST!POST!POST!
Then we can shamelessly laugh and poke fun at Mr/Miss Hater(I know, not very nice of me- Mr/Miss Hater must be hurting to want to inflict pain on others). And, congratulations on your blog-celebrity status!

Joyce said...

We just moved our youngest into her college dorm for her sophomore year. My oldest is a college senior. Even when I type that I think that can't possibly be right.

Love the pic of your little girl...I just posted something similar about my girls today. Must be that time of year. Sigh.

Oh and congrats on attaining celebrity status : )

Carmen said...

Hate mail? She/he's just jealous. In any case, it's funny.

They do grow up fast, don't they? She's still adorable!

Kim said...

Hope you survived the back-to-school shopping. Whew! Just thinking about such a task makes me break out in a cold sweat.

I'm guessing your hate mail was prompted by the whole Bachelorette reference because those who watch it seem to be pretty passionate about it. Can't be marriage in general 'cause nobody seems to care about that at all. LOL

Mel said...

Really hate mail,that is just wrong!!!

the fish cracked me up :)

2Thinks said...

That's what 254 followers will get you- hate mail, gee whiz. That is not nice.

I wanted to comment the other day about your photo editing skilz as you called 'em, but the 'puter wouldn't let me post a comment. Anyway, I thought about how you might've made that youth pastor's wall neon green and put that pink spray paint on there behind your image actually standing on the desk spraying with a real can- it's just too mysterious- how do you do it.

Loved it!
No hate mail from this fan.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate Lid because she's beautiful! Maybe he/she is a flakey fish!?

Sara said...

You are so undeserving of hate mail, but it could be you are shining a light into the darkness and those who are in the darkness don't like it... Anyway, I found this amazing looking take on s'mores at a blog I read yesterday: http://icookstuff.blogspot.com/2009/07/strawberry-smoreos.html

I never would have thought of Oreo's as the "bread" in a s'mores sandwich, but they look a-mazing! Thought you'd like it too!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Love the "Whachoo talkin' 'bout" fish!

Hate mail, seriously? Good grief.

Coconut marshmallows BAD,
Strawberry (new) marshmallows VERY GOOD!