Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Going to College-What Do the Ads Say About It? & My Fave Back to School Ads

Walmart, 2009:

What do you think it says?

My observations:

1. Behold the purchasing power of moms, the obvious target in this ad. It appears that Dad's main responsibility might be to lift heavy objects or drive to the move-in. In this ad, he appears to be hanging out somewhere on campus grabbing a coffee at Java Joe's while Mom handles the emotional stuff. Let's hope he's not staring at co-eds. It's obvious, though, that Mom buys the stuff.

2. My children did not come running after me for one last hug. If only I had bought neon storage cubes for the rooms, perhaps they would have been loathe to see me go.

3. Apparently, dorm rooms are gigantical and very pristine looking. Still, the brightness and cleanliness of this room makes the daughter insecure.

4. Inexplicably, moms feel that buying coordinating pillows will help make everything all right. What happens when the roommate moves in with her not-so-coordinating Japanese anime themed stuff?

5. The moms will perfectly fold all towels and place them perfectly in drawers. Moms will make up the bed. So what is the kid doing?

Target, 2008--


1. These two will end up killing each other before the first semester ends.

2. It was sly of Target to try to get matriculating freshmen to coordinate their rooms. ("We'll have to get it all at Target so that it will coordinate!")

3. Guys don't care if they coordinate. They don't even need sheets or seating. They just need food.

Finally, I'm leaving you with two of my favorite back to school commercials ever.

Although this one has been done to death, the final scene always makes me laugh.

This one is probably my favorite because it features Eddie Steeples of "My Name is Earl" and a great Spinners song. "Hand me down my walkin' cane; hand me down my hat. Hurry now, don't be late 'cause we ain't got time to chat." LOVE it!


Becky said...

My George LOVES the one where the kid makes the calculator spell booger LOL.

Debbie said...

Definitely all adds aimed at parents sending the FIRST child off to college. We just sent the third off and believe me, she came with the essentials but not a lot else...well, except for all those shoes she loves.

Joyce said...

Oh, I love the cavernous room...what school is that???

I notice they are not showing the big bruise on mom's hip that she received from smacking into the bed frame 14 times while trying to jam one more storage container under the too low bed all of which is necessary because the dorm closet holds 1/16 of a daughter's wardrobe. And they also don't show show dad putting away his wallet with disgust while shouting, 'I'm not buying one more thing!!!'

We recently moved two daughters into school, one into an apartment there, and may I just say there is nothing quite like carrying a 13 foot long sofa with only your 90 pound daughter to help out to clarify just how lovely the reality of move in day really is... I'd love to see a commercial like that...hey, I think maybe I'm on to something in the world of advertising.

I love the Rubberband man...have a great day.

Mrs. E said...

Yeah, I never saw a pristine dorm room. I was lucky if I could see the floor through all the clothing. They might have had a cute bedspread, but who could see it when the bed was never made??

Beverlydru said...

You said all they need is FOOD... it's clear that your most recent one off to college is your son. Cupcake's first "home" (an apt) decor is far more coordinated than mine has ever been. Of course, she worked full time all summer and had most of that money to spend. Now the boy... he spent all his money on fixing up his car and all our money on food. : )

samurai said...

Some great observations Linda. I would add a few things...

It is true that we guys need food. When i walk in the house and i smell food all is right with the world... of not there is obviously something very wrong and in need of my attention (like making dinner); however, in addition to food there are two other things we 'need', the first i will not speak of here - the other is sleep. I find there is nothing better after a good hardy meal than a nap! 8)

The commercial medium that is television is all about selling me something. And i tend to 'buy' right into it too... 8(

Heth said...

I love the Staples one. Makes me smile every time.

H-Mama said...

i cringe at the idea of seeing my girls leave the nest...

love the rubberband man video ;)

Jenny wren's nest said...

I cant stand to watch T.V. any more, and have only seen one of those ads.

Kelly Combs said...

I hadn't seen the Rubber band Man commerical, but it is one of my new favorites now. My sister (MYADHDME) has the Staples commercial on her blog today. You two are so alike sometimes it's scary.

That must be why I like both of you so much. LOL! It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Kim said...

Love that last one!!! I miss commercials. Crazy I know, but some are just so entertaining :-)

My ADHD Me said...

I've never seen that last one with RubberBand Man...funny....especially the alarm clock (sorry) WAHAHA!!

Great minds think alike. My Tuesday guest today is the other commercial you have from Staples. I too LOVE the final scene, AND also, ...."IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!" haha (except I need to get used to that alarm clock too.)

Jill Kemerer said...

Smiling! You got it ALL right! These advertisers are out of their minds. Have they ever been in a dorm room? Mine was tiny! And forget color coordinating--college is expensive enough without spending a fortune on accessories.

The Staples commercial is one of my favorites--hilarious!

skoots1mom said...

FBook is covered with freshman rooms, and their matching bedspreads, rugs and wall art.
good post, Lid!

Lois Lane II said...

My dorm room NEVER looked like those!

Mocha with Linda said...

Mercy, we could hardly walk around our dorm room - unless we stacked the beds as bunks. I can't imagine what planet the humongous dorm room is on.

And as for coordinating as a freshman - now they tell you ahead of time who your "potluck" roomie is, but when I was in college, you didn't know 'til you moved in and saw the name on the door.

I've never seen the Staples ad. Partly because I never watch TV and partly because we don't have Staples here!

Anonymous said...

The Staples commercial is and will always be my favorite back to school commercial! Priceless!

Erica said...

My older brother and his roommate refused to coordinate, but, lo and behold, on move-in day they discovered that their mothers had bought coordinating comforters on accident.

My roommate and I, on the other hand, had everything coordinated, including towels and dishes.

I love the commercial with the happy dad. I can totally relate, and my kids aren't even in preschool yet.

Jules said...

I always loved the staples commercials for back to school, and when I was a kid, so did my mom. The original one you have here is the best.