Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh-h Here They Come ... It's Hall & Oates on A&E!!

So let's revisit the whole Hall & Oates discussion because heaven knows I haven't mentioned them lately on this blog.

Point 1: They are awesome.

Point 2: In 1976, they released their first break-out hit "Sara Smile," and nine months later, hundreds of little baby girls were named Sara-without-an-"h." Yes, their music is that good.

Point 3: They're still making great music after all these years, reinterpreting songs they must have performed thousands of times.

I mean, can you imagine reinterpreting anything already really good, like luscious chocolate for instance, thousands upon thousands of times and still leave the public cheering for more?

Which brings us back to Point 1.

End of discussion.

And now the announcement:

According to A&E's website, the production called Private Sessions showcases exclusive performances and conversations with top names in contemporary music and film. Hosted by Lynn Hoffman in an intimate loft setting, each Sunday morning at 9 am EST, Private Sessions dedicates each hour to the body of work of a single artist or group, featuring not only current releases but also the projects that defined and built careers.

Guess who's on this week?

That's right--This Sunday, October 25th at 9am ONLY ON A&E'S PRIVATE SESSIONS: Best selling pop duo Daryl Hall & John Oates join us in the studio for exclusive performances of their classic hits: "Maneater," "Sara Smile," "She's Gone," "Say It Isn't So," and "It's a Laugh." Don't miss their in-depth interview with host Lynn Hoffman. Plus, surprise guests Jimmy Wayne, Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy, The Bacon Brothers, and Mike Henry- the voice of Family Guy and The Cleveland Show's Cleveland!

Don't know who those other people are, but--doing the happy dance all over my house because--Hall and Oates on A&E! See? I can't even speak in full sentences!

Here's a promo video for that show, and below, another to get us in the mood for some of that timeless Blue Eyed Soul.

Hall & Oates Behind Scenes on A&E's Private Sessions

Lynn Hoffman | MySpace Video


Kelly Combs said...

Off to set my TIVO. *grin*

Mocha with Linda said...

You're not excited or anything are you?!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I have to admit, I really do like this modern bluesy rendition of "Sara Smiles"! Thanks for the vid, Lid!

Amy said...

Hall and Oats Choral Concert???


noexcuses said...

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!! I know where I will be in about 36 hours!

I wish that Idol would do a H&O week this coming season! I would get the flutters so bad, I might have to call in sick to work!!!

Thank you, thank you.....

Susanne said...

In a panic wondering if I get A&E! Off to check so I can set the PVR!

Sue said...

I'm obviously not a big Hall and Oats fan because the first time I ever recall hearing Sara's Smile was in the movie Serendipity when the guy on the bike is sitting outside John Cusack's cab singing the chorus. I'd never heard that song before that - lol

Did you watch or DVD A&E this morning?