Monday, August 02, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

Hello, Monday. How did you get here so quickly?

Let me recap and figure out when the weekend was consumed by Monday like a hunk of meat is consumed by a shark. (Hey, it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel!)

Friday: Kristin came home from a week of cross country camp with a fever of 103*. She came running through the house straight to the bathroom where she promptly threw up. At that point I realized, "How was camp?" was kind of redundant, at least regarding the last day of camp.

Here we are in 1997. In my head, she still looks she did when she was four. But she really looks like this other picture, demonstrating teenager-ness by sleeping with her phone.

So I've been caring for her all weekend, which is heart-rending, except the part where she is too weak and feeble to resist my hugs and kisses. She's like a slug that can't protest. In a few days, she'll be all "Mom. PLEASE. Stop." So for now, I'm working the fever for all it's worth. In fact, I even cleaned out her bedroom today.

Facebook update: Cleaning out Kristin's room while she is unconscious and/or too weak to stop me from the sofa. Guess how many pairs of flip flops she owns? Hint: fewer than the total number of bobby pins & vocab cards, more than total number of gum wrappers & Christmas socks. Help. me. I'm drowning in a teenage girl's room.

Well, go ahead and guess. I'll tell you at the end of this post.

On Saturday, I ran a 5k in my neighborhood and did Jillian's Shred DVD. And then I died for a while.

I did some housework, and then went to the wedding of my life-long friend's daughter. This is Kris, who was my matron of honor. She was 6 months pregnant for her first child, a girl named Lindsey.

Saturday night, I watched Kris play "Mother of the Bride" in a beautiful backless black dress--to die for--in Lindsey's wedding. Hard to believe that little girl is all grown up and married.

The wedding and reception were beautiful, but if you were sitting at MY table, you received extra excitement, as flames shot up from votive cups that had lit menu cards on fire and then burned the decor glued on the votive cups. Yes, I had a small fire at my table. No, I did not cause said fire. I DID, however, help to put it out.

When I assessed the situation and realized that blowing on the cards would not put out this fire, I held them in the water of glass of the woman next to me.

I guess you could say I saved the entire reception?

Or you could just say I put out a little fire. That I may or may not have caused, since God is reading this, too.

Sunday morning I walked with a high school friend I have not seen in probably 30 years. We became reacquainted on Facebook. Long story short, we walked at a local park and enjoyed getting caught up.

Then we went to church, where the worship leader sang my two favorite songs and it's not even my birthday: "My Eyes are Dry" originally done by Keith Green, and "Great is Thy Faithfulness," the hymn.

Our worship leader's voice sounds a lot like Bob Dylan or Tom Petty or Johnny Cash, so he did not sound like Keith Green, and that is a good thing, in my opinion. I knew who Keith Green was, but I did not know what he sounded like because I was not listening to Christian music when he was popular. So I Googled this song after Cliff, our leader, sang it one week, and I was shocked at the difference, and as I said, I much prefer Cliff Ritchey.

Then we had an old-fashioned church picnic, with games and all. Jorge and I took 2nd place (yes, there was a ribbon) in water balloon toss.

Then I took a nap because winning 2nd place in a balloon toss is exhausting.

After the nap, I cleaned up Kristin's room, ate sherbet, and sat here and chatted with you.

So readers, how was your weekend?

Oh, the flip flop count?

21 1/2. Yes, there is one "Flip" minus his partner, "Flop."

1. Inside the church where the side dishes were.
2. Hamburger/hot dog line.
3. View from front of 180 building.


Lea said...

WOW! that tired me out! You always having something fun going on. Sorry about your daughter but looks like some good has come from her "being down." :o) Do hope she's on the mend today. Blessings to you for a wonderful week! Is Random Dozen over or are you going to start it back up? Just wondering! :o)

Kelly Combs said...

21???? and 1/2????? My daughter ahs 3 pairs and I thought that was a little much.

Hope she is feeling better. Love the sleeping w/the phone photo. Sweet.

Mocha with Linda said...

Now that I've read about your weekend, I'm ready to go back to bed.

Good grief, woman, a 5K and Jillian on the same day?!

The picnic looks like lots of fun. And I guessed 15 pairs.

Susanne said...

Aww, poor Kristen. That is not a fun way to come home from camp. Hope she's better soon. The phone pic cracked me right up. Glad it's not just my teen who takes their phone to bed with them instead of a teddy bear. LOL.

That is a crazy amount of flip flops and too funny. Congrats on your second place finish.

Shug said...

Sounds like a pretty eventful weekend. Sure hope Kristen feels better soon.

Every girl needs lots of flip flops. I think I own a few myself..

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You certainly had an eventful weekend! Poor Kristin!! I hope she's back up to speed now!

I spent my weekend getting ready for my very first day as a teacher! Today, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of getting my own classroom!

I did take a break on Sunday, though, to drive three of the kids in my church's youth group around on a scavenger hunt. Some of the things on our list? Propose to a random stranger (we found a guy in Winn Dixie's produce department who did not seem too sure about my group's sanity), we sang Happy Birthday to a child outside of Toys R Us (his mom actually let us take him outside...without knowing us, and we braided her hair for another 20 points.

My team did not win, but we had a great time!

Betty said...

I loved reading about your weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun.
21 and a half, huh? THAT is crazy! :) I thought I had a lot....
Hope she feels better soon. Until then, you give her some lovin´. :)

Kelly said...

21 1/2 is nothing! In high school my friend had 32 pairs! One for everyday of the month and a spare - just in case!

Brenda Susan said...

Yes, put me at your table next time! At least it will be guaranteed unboring!