Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random Dozen from The Girls of Girls Group

I'm actually at the local library as I write this because our Internet is down at home, has been for several days. Just thought I'd throw in a little "real time" drama for you.

So last night I was whining about not having questions ready for this week, and my partners IRL crime, aka "Girls Group," began suggesting questions like a machine gun suggests bullets. I felt assaulted by questions. But I thank them because I was truly askin' for it.

1. Do you believe, somewhere deep inside, that blondes do indeed have more fun? That they are "dumber" than brunettes or redheads? Be honest!

2. Which animal would you most like to observe in its wild habitat?

3. This week the U.N. announced that Dr. Mazlan Othman has been appointed the official "Alien Ambassador," should any extraterrestrials contact us. Have you, or has anyone you know, ever seen a UFO?

4. Name your favorite Hitchcock film.

5. Would you rather spend time at the library, the mall, a craft store or home?

6. Which Disney princess is your favorite? (Or Disney character, if you are a guy)

7. What kind of art is your favorite?

8. How do you feel about viral videos, that is, videos made by amateurs that end up on Youtube receiving thousands of hits?

9. Where do you buy your jeans?

10. Tell me about your first automobile accident.

11. Have you ever been honest when you knew you would benefit more if you would be dishonest?

12. If you were appointed "Ambassador to Aliens," what would you show and tell first about life on Earth? What would be the most difficult thing to explain?

*Remember to post your answers onyour blog Wednesday, then come back here, link up so that others can see what you wrote, then go visit and say nice things to your RD12playmates! Have fun, and THANKS for playing!*


Cindy Swanson said...

Great questions! I look forward to participating.

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. Those girls came up with some good ones!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

1 no I don't believe that blonds are any dumber then anyone else.

5 I would like to spend time at a craft store or at home. I like being creative.

7 My favorite art is Knitting, and pressed flower cards.

10 My first auto accident was when I was 16 or 17 in the rain. I hit someone from by sliding into them. The car I was driving my Dad had just gotten back from repainting it that day. "My Dad was grateful that I was not hurt."

I am happy to be back online after not having a computer for 8 weeks.

~ Lori ~ said...

Great questions.... I'm all set. :)

kbrenz said...

I'm good to go! http://goingagainstthegrain-kbrenz.blogspot.com/2010/09/random-dozen.html