Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Dozen: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Appropriate for this season and today, for The Random, that is--Robert Frost wrote:

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

And I would add: Nothing Randomly Dozen can stay either.

I'm TAAARD, people.

I completely forgot the list this week.

I think it is time.

Time to shut down the Random, at least on a weekly basis; maybe I could handle it monthly.

So to ease into this transition, I'd like to post 2 random questions today, and you can link up tomorrow with your answers, if you'd like:

1. What scares you the most

A) Physically
B) Emotionally

Why does it scare you, and how do you cope?

2. What comes to mind when you read the phrase, "Nothing gold can stay?"

See you tomorrow, I hope!


Mary said...

Oh, no! What about the idea you had about having other people host the random every week? Would that work?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Mary, if someone wants to organize that, I'm great with it. I just don't have the energy to get it all together, you know?

Mocha with Linda said...

Thanks for being so faithful all these weeks/months. You deserve a break today!

But Wednesdays will never be the same. :-)

Thena said...

I don't know how you have come up with all the questions you have thus far. You've done great.
I agree with Mary have someone guest host each week.
I can think of a few that would be great because of their sense of humor.

samurai said...

I might be able to help host it once a month... if we can get two other people confirmed maybe we could do a rotational hosting thing.

The only thing i would ask... is some help in creating a unique Random Dozen snazy picture linky thing! LOL

Linda is FB friends with me... and i'd be willing to friend anyone Linda recommends to me.

Jewel said...

I do understand, Linda....I'm having difficulty just blogging consistently these days.
I do love the random but have not participated a couple of the last few weeks.
I would love to be able to say that I would host it....I've always taken on more than I should.....BUT I just can't commit to it. Hopefully, someone else will step up and do it! *fingers crossed*

It has been so much fun and I appreciate your faithfulness to it and the great questions. I've made several wonderful blogging friends through the random and it's all because of YOU!! Thank you from my heart!! ((HUGS))


I have enjoyed the randoms and understand that "nothing gold can stay."....even golden leaves fall from the tree.

Carol said...

I'll miss it, but I can understand the need for a change. Things just run their course.

Lea said...

Certainly understand, but it sure has been fun!

Caroline said...

Oh, but I love the random dozen!! So sorry, I've been a lurker, but I love it and have been participating the last few times. :) If anyone needs any organizing of anything, I would be MORE than happy to help. The Random Dozen must not die. :D

Joyce said...

So you're going out with something light I see : )

Thanks for hosting every week...its been fun and I've met so many nice bloggers here. I will miss it but I completely get it.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I think maybe just the random one would be great...every once in awhile. Or store up lots of reader submitted questions over the course of time and then post monthly or quarterly. Don't stress yourself! It's supposed to be a fun and relaxing thing...not a chore. Thanks for doing it all this time!

Nel said...

Completely understand! Sometimes we just get burnt out and need a change. Thanks so much for hosting, I could not tell you how many friends I have met thru Random Dozen. The Random may end but friendships do not!
I will miss it!
until next time... nel

Susanne said...

Totally understand Linda. Thanks for hosting it and thinking of all those questions for so long.

Amy said...

I'd be willing to help host if you need someone. I think I could come up with a dozen questions every now and then. Just head over to my blog and let me know.