Friday, January 14, 2011

Mom of Daughters, Nice Work If You Can Get It

My girls are neither girly-girls nor tomboys, just somewhere in the middle. On any given day, each leans one way or the other, and then her style preference changes.

Last night I took my youngest child shopping for a dress to wear to her Senior Ball next Saturday. Mission accomplished. Lovely short-length teal dress with some understated ruffles around the skirt and some bling at the top. Very much like this dress, only dark blue/green. Little silver shoes to go with. Very nice. Oh to be young and have everything you try on look nice, and you just pick the one you like most. It was fun to see the different dresses on my (excuse and forgive me for saying this, but I can't help myself in this moment of mother-pride) Living Doll. She's adorable. OK, enough of that.

There were other girls shopping for their dresses whom I enjoyed observing as well (which kids call "creeping on" or "stalking," but I had no malevolent intentions, so I prefer to say "observing what was happening right in front of my eyes"). Two girls brought their gay male friend (I know this about him because they all kept announcing it loudly) to help them select and try on dresses, acting as a sort of Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress of Kleinfeld's fame, only in a Deb chain store in a strip mall on the main drag of a small Midwestern town. The antics of that group were hilarious. But I did notice our Randy taking a few peeks inside dressing room stalls whenever he could, and it occurred to me: what if a straight kid posed as gay for moments just such as this: nice work if you can get it?

Tomorrow: Wedding gown shopping in Indianapolis for the other daughter!

I'm so happy for both girls, and yet I'm missing my little girls who played with Play-Doh and Fisher Price Little People. Hug your little ones today, Mom. When you wake up "tomorrow," they will be wearing formals and registering for gifts.

Big Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Sigh...this makes me wistful.

My daughter (oldest child) started college last Fall. I hug her a lot when she comes home for visits.

BTW, my son and I read a devotion this morning about Hannah giving Samuel. The devotion was about parents weaning their children but still being involved in their lives (she and her husband made visits to the temple, and she took him new robes when she saw him).

You're going to have a wonderful time shopping for a wedding dress. Good luck on the hunt!

Joyce said...

oh that last line...don't I know it!

Enjoy the wedding dress shopping because as much as we miss them being little that has got to be pretty exciting too!

Deven said...

Oy vey. I officially big sign from the other end of the daughter spectrum. My sweet little baby won't really grow up, will she?

LynnMarie said...

You bet - we raise our children just to let them go... They do come back and often bring a grand child with them for you to play with with Play-Doh and dolls again.

Carrie B said...

How fun! My daughter is the same... somewhere in the middle.
I always wished I had two so I could go through it all again. But I guess that would be twice the price, right?!

Cathy said...

Yep, they grow up way too fast and I miss the days when I could pick out what they would wear. :)

2Thinks said...

Yes they will- my new daughter-in-law to be is trying on wedding gowns today! It happens in the blink of an eye.

And one side note to this particular post- you DO look GOOD in everything you wear Liddy Lou, you Livin' Doll! Just sayin.....:)


My daughter has been married for eight years....and I still miss the Playdoh and Barbie days. sigh! Enjoy it while you can.

Mocha with Linda said...

This gave me a lump in my throat to read. This is such a big year for you and your girls!

Crazy Me said...

I can't even comprehend that my youngest will be starting school in the fall let alone the day they move out and live their lives without me!

Can't wait to see pictures of both girls!

Recovering Church Lady said...

What a fun time it sounds like! With 2 boys all i could "shop" for were jeans and t-shirts. Boooring!

I'm sure I've seen a sit com or movie where a straight guy pretended to be gay for just that reason you mentioned! Ha!

I look at the young college girls around me and feel jealous for their ability to just buy what is cute not stuck with whatever covers up the most flaws! Oh well!

SouthLakesMom said...

When we were shopping for a homecoming dress my daughter was appalled at the way some of the other girls in the fitting rooms were talking to their mothers. She wanted to just 'get a dress and get out of here' because she couldn't stand it.

Don't get me wrong - she gets annoying and snaps at me sometimes, but she doesn't denigrate me, and never snaps at me in public.

She did get a nice dress, and looked wonderful, but not a fun leisurely shopping experience. Glad yours was better!

T.M.Evans said...

I have given you the Stylish Blogger Award please visit my blog to see what to do with it.

Faith said...

oh how I can relate to this!! My oldest had her first Prom (junior) last June....what fun we had but time flies and I really miss her wearing her mucky equestrian boots, playing with her horses in the it's all about borrowing my car, wearing 3 inch heels and buying $200 youngest is not really girly yet is all things style other than ballet though is the typical mall stuff altho praise God she is not as picky as her big sis. I sure miss those younger years was less
and guys know how to dress.

Carmen said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time observing and helping the girls. Fake gay guy probably is a smart, sneaky peeping tom. Tsk tsk.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Sigh...and when YOU wake up tomorrow there will be little ones again with Play-Doh and Fisher Price Little People!!!

Chel said...

Boy do I hear you on this!! My daughter is a senior and we picked out her prom dress - hil.arious! Yes there were guys that worked there and didn't even pretend to be gay ~ lol.
And now some dress shops have books where you put your dress and your school etc to "warn" others of buying YOUR dress!
My daughter was like - bring it on! "Mine doesn't show enough skin so I feel no danger of it getting worn at my school." I LOVE HER SO!!!

The Orchid said...

Hi Lid, it's me, Dena, from Green Acres. I can totally relate to what you are feeling. Our youngest, although a boy, is college shopping, and this Saturday we will go tux shopping for his prom next month.

Our daughter is getting married in June, and we have done the dress shopping, and are currently on invitations and confirming with the caterer.

The other daughter who is the maid of honor, is planning a shower, which I am also helping with.

Busy and emotional, but such a joy as well!