Sunday, September 18, 2011

Haircut: 1 Month

This is my "one month checkup," thus the #1 in the pic. Let me explain. Maybe you can relate.

It has never been thick or luxurious. I joke that I have the same exact amount as I did when I was 6 months old. But I guess I'm more attached to it than just by the root.

Oh, the hair woes of cut and color that I have known.

On August 16, I got it cut, and I have been mentally flogging myself ever since. I do not like the haircut.

"What?" you say. "Big deal! Get over it! It's only hair! It will grow back! Be thankful that you have some!"

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

But I don't like the haircut. Never doing it again. I will let it grow into three long scraggly strands and braid them up on my head-- or whatever I do in the future, I will NOT cut it like this again.

We went to the Columbus Zoo a few days before the cut. Here is what it looked like. Again, not great hair, but OK hair.

Then I went to see my new stylist (who fixed me up for Katie's wedding in June, as seen here. I loved this look):

So I LOVE my stylist. She is a great person and great stylist. This unhappiness is not her doing. I agreed we should take up the back a little to make it look healthier and a little more trendy. And here is what it looked like the next day:

I had cutter's remorse. I felt like a 50 year old boy, which is bad, since A)I'm a woman and B) I'm only 48. Somehow, I just felt less feminine, and a little exposed.

I felt like:

And that weekend, I had my 30th class reunion, and here's what it looked like:

Oh good merciful heavens. I hate that above pic with a white-hot hatred rivaled only by the white-hot hatred of my ghostly white skin.

The thing is, my hair grows very slowly. Some people swear it all grows about the same length per month, but I disagree. I will have this length for MONTHS.

So to prove myself either right or wrong, I'm going to take a pic every month to chronicle the growth or nongrowth, whichever.

So here is Month 1:

Yes, it's brassy. That's because I desire a warm blonde, not ashy or champagne. I'm ok with brassy.

And just in case you can't tell how much growth there is, here it is in "heat map."

I am not happy wearing it straight. I am not happy turning it under. I am not happy flipping it back, as it is here:

This is how I feel when I leave every morning for work: "I hope this doesn't look too weird." And every time I see myself in the mirror, on the inside, I'm making this face.

So here is haircut vs. 1 month. NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE.

I've had worse. I've had orange hair done by a salon of high reputation. I've cut my own hair worse. I've won a "Worst Bed Head" contest. Still, I am not a happy haircut camper. It's my blog, and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to ....

I'm living with it because I have to. If I weren't an old lady, I'd get extensions.

So what can I do? Nothing. I just can't wait to see how long it actually takes to grow out again. And so, being a glutton for punishment, I'm chronicling the re-growth here.

What's your bad cut/color story?


Mocha with Linda said...

You might follow my girl's idea from when she was 4: One night I was giving her a bath and she said, "We need to water my hair. So it will grow." Absolutely cracked me up. Makes perfect sense. Hair does seem kinda like grass!

As your dear friend, I will agree that the reunion pic is not the cutest 'do. But the other ones are. I think the new cut and the 1 month cut are very chic. But I totally get what it's like to be dissatisfied when you look in the mirror, even if everyone else is raving.

But the good thing is it got you to write another blog post! Is this 3 in 3 days?! Woohoo! :-)

Anonymous said...

First of all, you are matter the hair length or color.

Now, my hair story. When my children were younger...daughter in elementary and son in preschool...I decided to color my hair and bought some boxed stuff. Away I went, happy as can be...until I pulled of the towel. I shrieked in fright and called my friend to come downstairs (we lived in the same apartment building).

You hair was at least six different colors. Apparently, I had not applied the color evenly. I don't know why. My hair is the thickness of a lion's mane...very thick, let me tell you.

Like the true friend that she was, she laughed first and then handed me the card of her stylist.

I scheduled an emergency appointment for the next morning.

Guess what happened? My son got violently ill, so I had to take him to the pediatrician...with my horrible looking hair, which I stuffed into a baseball cap but which kept falling out because it's so thick. I kept apologizing in embarrassment.

I made it to my appointment and was mortified when the owner of the salon...the color expert...pulled the cap off. You could hear gasps all over the salon.

It was bad.

$200 and two treatments later (two days total), the hair was fixed.

I've just started coloring it again...made a boo boo the first time thanks to my girl, home from college, who insisted on coloring (something all college girls do to pass the time, I guess). I've got it down and have somehow avoided much of the brassy issues, which I don't like on me personally.

Hang in there, bloggy friend. Your hair is lovely. I think we are often way more critical of ourselves than we need to be.

Loui♥ said...

I personally think you look adorable!
it is your blog.. so go ahead and's okay!!
my worst haircut /color disaster?
where to start..
I think the absolute worst happened in Dallas.. I was visiting..
and got a wild hair to get my hair trimmed an maybe a body perm..
knowing i had color treated hair, she wrapped with so many loose double rods..
put the chemicals on..timed,
then had me over the sink rinsing the neutralizer out..
and my hair came off with the rods!!!!
knowing i had a flight back to Pensacola,there was nothing to be done..
I arrived home in time for a special banquet..
looking super tanned..
with a new pixie haircut!!
I cringed each time someone told me how adorable i looked!!
I simply said thanks and let everyone ASSUME that was the intended style!
I've also had pale green hair at the holidays..
but that is another story..
for another time!!
warmest hugs..

Dawn said...

We once had a family visit planned in another state and I ran out of time before leaving to get my hair cut. So, I went to a reputable salon close to my parents' home (my mom and sister's stylist couldn't see me on such short notice) as that was all I could arrange. I had a picture of the exact haircut that I wanted. EXACT! A nice slightly below the shoulder cut. What I came home to my parents' house with was a boy cut - so short I couldn't even get the hair around a small round brush or a curling iron.

There were tears. Many tears.

Both my mom and sister were in the bathroom trying to console me when my husband finally got a peak at the new do. His eyebrows disappeared somewhere up into his hairline as he said, "Well, I guess that's what you get for letting someone cut your hair with hedge trimmers!"

There were more tears.

That ensued the longest "hair year" of my life.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

First of all, I love the cut and the color! But...I know exactly how you feel! I too decided to cut my hair after it had gotten really long...and too, changed the color. And now I can't seem to get it back to where it was. No, my hair does grow pretty fast, but I'm having some trouble getting the color back that I had originally. That in itself is my problem! I never know from month to month what it will look like! So, I feel your pain...even though yours looks great!


Debbie said...

At the risk of being snarled at....I don't think it's a bad cut. I think it feels worse to you because you can't relate to yourself in that length. Now I'll leave your post before I tread on thin waters. LOL. Happy hair growing!!!

Susanne said...

I'm with Mocha with Linda, while the reunion pic isn't the best your hair looks really nice in the other ones! I wish I could get my hair to that length. Mine seems to be stuck in short (and I mean short) land forever and ever.

Kelly Combs said...

I once colored my hair the color of yours now. Well, it was just too shocking to look in the mirror and see my very dark brown hair as blond, so I dyed it brown. But it kept fading to red. So finally to get it brown, I dyed it black, and let it fade to brown...but I endured being called "Squaw" for a while when it was black. That is my horrible hair story. I was in my 20s.

And every time I cut my hair short I cry. Then I grow it out. Then I am convinced how cute I would look with short hair, so I cut it and cry.

Why are women so weird? Or is it just me?

Claudia said...

Linda, my freaky hair experience is right now. After taking the au naturel look (read, so gray it's almost white) for long enough, I decided to put a little color on -- "dark blonde", or viewed from anywhere but under sunlight, "brown". My haircut had also grown out to almost the Jackie Kennedy look. Add to this the fact that I needed to switch to my spare pair of glasses, the dark brown frames that look like cat's eyes, and voila, in the mirror I see my 16 year old self from the 1960s. But....what is that teenage girl doing with those "laugh lines" and those extra (*some and such number*) pounds?? I'm having an identity crisis! But hey, my husband's eyesight is not that good either, so maybe if he squints he'll think I'm 16 again too.

Kim said...

I can so sympathize! I too have thin, slow-growing hair. Two years ago my stylist cut it SOOOOO short that it was four months before I needed another trim. And generally I need a trim every 5 weeks or so, simply because I don't like it growing over my ears. We were going into summer and I guess she thought I'd want to stay cool. It wasn't so much a "cut" as it was a "shearing". Just like a sheep. And about as pitiful. *sigh*

Yes, it will grow back but I feel for you in the meantime.

BTW, while you may not like it, I don't think it's bad at all. I like the flipped back version best :)

DebC said...

Love this post!
Oh, the woes of haircuts.
Although currently my haircut is great at 1" all over (yep, 1 inch!)
But, at the end of your post,
did you have to sing ... It's my blog/party and I'll cry if I want to?
After your post of yesterday,
that wasn't nice at all :)
p.s. I once got a perm and looked just like Harpo Marx; I'm NOT kidding.

Jeane` said...

You had me laughing out loud, making me quite tickled I stumbled on your blog (seeing as though mine is titled "The Coffee Cottage" and immediately I knew I had to like a woman who offered me a "Second Cup of Coffee"!). I laughed because I recently had the EXACT same thing happen. As in two, almost three, weeks ago...and I don't know what happened, she's been my stylist forever, but this haircut is insistent on giving me bad hair days day after day (yet I HAVE hair, for which I am thankful. Very thankful). Anyhoo, I abhor self-promotion, but if reading your post reminded me of my other hair woe, which is waiting until the last minute. If you're so bored you're picking dirt between your toes, and needing something to read, feel free to visit my little cottage on the web. I love your blog and will be back for more! (my constant hair styling cycle)

Anne Payne said...

I think your cut looks pretty good but I'm just glad to see I am not the only one who is dissatisfied with their hair! I've done all the coloring, cutting, perming you can possibly do over the years and now it is just naturally highlighted. SO much easier this way. I'm still trying to find the perfect cut at 49 :)