Friday, October 07, 2011

Everybody Cut Footloose (But Not So Fancy-Free, Mister)

I hear there's a Footloose remake coming out.

I never saw this movie.

That's because in college, Jorge broke up with me while this movie was in theaters. During this break-up, he took a "girl" to this movie. Somehow, putting quotations around "girl" make her seem ... sketchy, at least that was my goal. But I think she was just really "a girl." Normal and everything.

I saw this girl later on, after we got back together. I said mean things about her-- having wide hips and being an equestrian. ? (I don't know. I was grasping.)

But to this day, when I hear "Let's Hear it for the Boy," I roll my eyes.

Twenty-eight years later, I'm still rolling my eyes and being snarky over one little, teeny-tiny HELLO--MAJOR event.

Anyway, they're remaking it, starring Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid and Andie McDowell. I kind of like the oldsters in this, so maybe I'll go see this one.

Of course, I'd have to get a get date. And since I'm married, it would probably have to be that guy who dumped me and saw Footloose #1 with The Equestrian. Not that I would ever bring that up during the movie or dinner or drive home or anything, oh nooooo.

So how about you ... is there anything from your early dating years with your spouse that you STILL bring up? A date that went bad, a break-up, a horrible miscommunication, an awful, tacky gift? (Please don't let me be the only one.)

Then back me up, spill what you can. Because life is too short to forget these petty grievances; let's make sure we get them down for posterity. LOL.


Susan said...

I couldn't help but giggle at the seriousness of this blog post. You know, it reminds me of something I did when I was dating this "guy" (put in quotes for the same reason the "girl" was)... anyway the "guy" said he was taking me out for a special dinner for my birthday, turns out I got all dressed up and was taken to.... are you ready.... MR SUBMARINE! yup... I boycotted it since. Haven't had a Mr.Submarine subsandwich since then. I simply refuse to!

Mocha with Linda said...

The time he talked me into going to see Terminator 2. (Actually, I think we were already married.) As we walked out, I said "You owe me big time for that." I still don't think he's ever paid up. He bought me the DVDs of You Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle but he refuses to watch chick flicks.


I loved this post. Mine was also a college love....we did not marry....he took a girl to see Romeo and Juliet -
Zepharellis version....I was a Shakespeare major in college....he he knew I wanted to see it. I have never seen it, refuse to see it, and hate the soundtrack...even today.

Anonymous said...

First off, am I dreaming, or am I reading your third post in as many days (and I haven't even gotten to October 7th in Google Reader yet). Go girl!

Ok...first, how could you have let some stupid breakup stop you from seeing one of THE movies from the 80's. Be still my beating heart, but Kevin Bacon...wowsa! I cannot stop tapping my foot every time I heart Footloose played on the radio.

With that said, I am choosing NOT to see some lame remake of it. That would totally ruin things for me, and I'd hate the original afterward. No thank you, even if Julianne can dance her cutie patootie off.

Ok. Dating woes with the hubster?

Oh yes. There was a "Scarlett" in our lives, and that was her name, and she was like THE Scarlett from my favorite movie, Gone With the Wind.

I still feel the peeved feelings when I remember how she wrote my now-husband a letter, WHILE WE WERE DATING, offering to hook up with him should he choose to leave me or need a break.

Thank goodness hubster (boyfriend at the time) was honest and showed me the letter.

I did the womanly thing and BURNED the letter with a pack of matches I found lying around.

Dust you were, and dust you will remain...or something like that. A poet I am not.

Thanks for letting me share. It's a good thing my hubster was very shy when he was younger and only dated two people. Fewer hussies (or equestrians) to worry about.

Mrs. S. said...

My darling hubby told me the night he met me that I was pretty...I looked like Roberta! Well, he dropped me for a date with Roberta (that fell through like a hot rock) and came back later to be totally ignored (for a while, anyway). NOW she and I are friends on facebook. She contacted me, so of course I friended her. Then, I proceeded to tell her all about hubby dear saying that I was pretty, just like her, the first time we met. She got a big kick out of that and the best part of all is that she has four kids (my hubby & I have one because he refused to have more :( ) I kid him about being married to her and he is quick to tell me heck no! So, yes, I still mess with him about her. Whenever I chat with her on FB, I tell him in a sing-songy voice..."I talked to Roberta today..." :D


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Roxanne said...

When Tony and I were first dating, I was living 6 1/2 hours away. I am VERY good at long distance relationships as is evidenced by our 18 years of marriage and two children. ANYWAY. One winter's Friday after teaching 4th grade all the live long day (my FIRST year of teaching mind you), I climbed into my Honda and drove all 6 1/2 hours to see him. I arrived at his parents' house an hour before he did as he worked until 11:00, and we were going to go out to dinner and a VERY late movie. Did I mention I'd taught all week, then driven 6 1/2 hours. After our initial greeting, I went to freshen my makeup. Upon seeing me in the hallway post freshening, his first comment to me was, "Went a little heavy on the blush didn't ya?"
It was NOT a very smart thing to say--and is still a catch-phrase for us to this day.

Shawna said...

I think she is most definitely an equestrian and you are one of the hottest women ever to exist. So you will totally babe-ify yourself for the movie date and remind that guy you're married to what he almost missed out on. He'd better feel lucky. :)