Monday, October 10, 2011

O What a Beautiful Morning

This is what I see when I leave my driveway for a morning run in late summer--truly a joy-filled moment for me. I love to run toward the sun, whether it's rising or setting. I never grow tired of looking at that big ol' ball of fire hanging in the sky. It is always spectacular.

When I was a little girl, before I knew that I wasn't that coordinated or athletic, I used to run all over my backyard like a Banshee. I set up hurdles before I knew what hurdles were or that there were school teams who ran and jumped hurdles. I used my old kindergarten rest-time mat, picnic table benches, boxes, peony bushes--whatever I could to leap over. I would just run and jump, run and jump. I crashed into fences serving as finishing lines. I ran for the love of it.

I wish that someone had noticed this penchant and encouraged me to keep moving when I hit middle school and fell into that phase of inactivity and passivity to which so many teenage girls succumb. I wish someone at home or at school would have said, "Why don't you try this?" (Any sport).

To be fair, once I made the cheerleading squad, I was all about that. All other interests besides boys paled in comparison.

Still, I wish someone had talked to me about taking care of my body and appreciating what it could do when put to the test, and how good I'd feel when I accomplished a run.

I wish someone had said, "Cheerleading is great, but you can't do that the rest of your life. Tennis, swimming, running or golf, yes."

But that didn't happen, and I didn't discover again that I loved to run until I was about 32. Still, even at that "advanced" age, I was blown away by what my body would do when I asked it to "go to the next mailbox, next stoplight." Simply amazing.

Here I am at 49, still going, albeit slow and plodding. But I never feel more alive than when I'm running.

And there are two things in this life I NEVER grow tired of looking at: the faces of my children, and beautiful Indiana skies. I have so much to be thankful for!


DebC said...

Ah! Another Indiana girl.
Now, if I only had a runner's heart.

Mocha with Linda said...

They missed me when they handed out the running genes. And every other shred of athletic ability. You go, girl!

But I can absolutely appreciate a beautiful sunrise and sunset! Although I tend to prefer sunsets, since sunrises tend to come a little obnoxiously early around here.

Susanne said...

That first picture is awesome. It almost makes me want to lace up my runners and run. Almost. But I'm more of a sauntering type of gal. :v)

Mama Belle said...

From one cheerleader (with the exact same thinking) to another, I hear ya'. And I'm still running too.

But, I gotta tell you, I'm not sure I love it as much as you do. I love it after I'm finished.

Ballerina Girl said...

Beautiful pictures...
I hate to run, but I do swim and play tennis.
Nice memories post, too :)


Ray Unseitig said...

Yes, Indiana skies, green trees, blue skies, white clouds, and then the moonlight, plus good water to have sip. Jasper County near Wheatfield. :-)