Monday, July 30, 2012

Done Deal--Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon, OR, What Doesn't Kill You, Etc., Etc.

Well, it's a done deal--I have registered for The Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon, happening November 18, 2012, in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg, Florida, that is. Not Russia. Ha. That's nervous laughter after making a nervous joke.

So now it's serious.

It's on.

This will be the carrot dangling in front of me for the next four months. This will wake me up, prod me, goad me, irritate me, scare me, encourage me and most of all, make me a better me.

So I'm in, even though it means flying. Gulp.


Deb Stevens said...

Good for you! That's really great! And what a wonderful time of year to be in St. Pete :) (I grew up next door in Clearwater)

Melanie said...

November is a very good time to be in this part of Florida.