Friday, November 09, 2012

Lady Not-So-Speedy Stick Half Marathon

'Tis the night before my flight. 

Ohgoodmercifulheavens WHAT have I done?

I have committed to flying and running a half marathon, when I should have just walked down to the nearest park and run a 5k on my own. 

I hurt my knee this summer (the dreaded IT band injury) and I have not run well for weeks. 

Like, 8 weeks. EIGHT.

For the last few nights, I have not slept due to my airport/flying paranoia, even with drugs. 

Can't run and can't sleep ... this does not bode well. 

There is a term for fear of traveling, Hodophobia, and one for fear of flying, Pteromerhanophobia, which sounds like a fear of Pterodactyls, but no. Fear of flying also goes by the term Aviophobia. I also have Aeronausiphobia, the fear of throwing up while flying. While I'm at it, I'll add Thantophobia, fear of dying, and right up there with that one is Nomophobia, the fear of being without your phone. I did not make that one up. And I am the only person I know who is afraid of the airport itself--not just flying--but being IN the airport, my ears start to buzz and my vision gets blurry. I can't read the the signs or understand the announcements. I have to be led around like a sheep.

Well, the Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon isn't until the 18th. Until then, I have several days of library book therapy and white sand therapy in Siesta Key and much needed time away with Jorge. 

But first, I must be victorious over hodophobia and not-my-own-bed-and-pillow phobia, the fear of just being away. I guess you could say it is the opposite of homophobia--away-from-home-ophobia, but on second thought, maybe not.

OK, focusing on one thing tonight as I lay my head on my very own pillow for the last time for 10 days:


Mocha with Linda said...

We have all sorts of runs down here! Wish you'd come to one of those!!!

Just please turn off your phone when they ask you to, 'kay?! :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I may just do that, Lid. If I survive this.

The Bug said...

Well, since I haven't read blogs since last Thursday & am just now getting caught up, you are even now whiling away your time on a sandy beach somewhere. While I'm staring out the window at cold rain. Sigh.

I'll bet the relaxing will help a lot when it comes time to run. You'll be fabulous. Or it will be great blog fodder. Or both! It will be both, I'm sure :)

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I have a few of those same phobias. I decided this weekend that I plain just don't like to travel anywhere. And as for motels...well...the bed was too small, the bed was too soft, one pillow was not enough, two pillows was too many! I was happy to get home to my king-size, dog-ridden bed.

Susan said...

So glad you did and run! HUGS!!