Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Grandma Chair

 This will sound strange, but I have always loved to rock. There is grainy 8mm footage of me when I first sat alone, bouncing off the back of the sofa over and over. I still have the wooden rocker my grandma gave me. When I was a teenager and needed to burn off steam after school, I would grab a snack, some Hawaiian Punch, turn on Merv Griffin and ever so slightly, rock myself back to serenity. You can bet none of my friends knew about that habit!

Some moms excel at crafts, some at cooking, some at singing, etc., but I was really good at rocking. My most cherished memories of nursing and reading to my small children happened in one particular rocker.

About 25 years ago, I purchased a small, blue La-Z-Boy recliner in which to rock my baby girl.  Because of having two more babies, the rocker was my home-within-my-home station for the next, oh, 12-15 years, for many hours, day and night, sickness and health.

I rocked all of my children to sleep, every single night, until they were old enough to WANT to go on their own, and I do not regret it.

But mauve and blue are so early 80s. And bare spots where elbows and heads rest are embarrassing.

Oh yeah--a spring poking out of the back is embarrassing, too.

But I'll have you know, the mechanics still work. It's still comfortable.

It simply has seen better days.

Yet, I have been reluctant to part with it for sentimental reasons. When the twins moved in, we bought another La-Z-Boy, and Crystal and I have rocked side-by-side for the last year.

Old Blue is still going strong, like a good old grandma--nothing fancy, a little worn and outmoded and mostly unnoticeable, but still comforting, still constant, still useful and cherished.

So I waited. I have kept the rocker for one momentous occasion: to rock my own grandchild.

Katie's baby is due in 16 days. I've got a new camera; I've got supplies here at our house ready for visits; I've got plans for school plays and Disney someday .... but first will come the rocking.

Take your time, Josie. But Grandma is ready.


Bobbi and Gracie said...

Utopia happens for me when I am rocking my grand-angels! I mean it!! There is no place I'd rather be. Congratulations to you, and may you have many beautiful days in 2013 rocking away!!

LynnMarie said...

Being a grannie is the best gift ever!! We use to tell our kids when they were teens and driving us nuts, that we were going to let them live because we wanted grand kids. We have 4 now!! I pray that yours is born safetly and healthy. Happy New Year.

Mocha with Linda said...

Absolutely LOVE this. Mine isn't a La-Z-Boy but my glider rocker saw many a "mile." I smile just thinking about you rocking your sweet grandbaby. Can't wait to see a picture of you holding her in that rocking chair.


I am rocker too. I can still rock myself into serenity with a rocking chair. It is nice to know there are others of us out there.

Pamela said...

I remember you "rocking" even on the sofa when we were kids.

I am so excited for you. I see you rocking, then rocking and reading...and as I am writing this, it is sending goose bumps down my arms because I know the joy you are going to have soon.

Love being a Mamaw!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Who dosen't love rocking a baby?????

I have my grandmothers rocking chair and I rocked my babies many a night, however there is something very different when you find yourself rocking a grandbaby. Enjoy the anticipation!


Gypsy Heart said...

I've always loved to rock too! I have my grandmother's rocking chair and it is a treasure to me. I rocked kids and grands...nothing like it!