Monday, May 27, 2013

Anatomy of a Procrastination of a Run

Morning runs are best for me. At age 50, I'm finding it more difficult to get up earlier and retain the enthusiasm from the night before when I set my alarm.

Nevertheless, a couple of nights ago I did set the alarm, and this is what happened before I ever got out the door:

1. Awoke to dog mess in my laundry room. Had to clean up poo before I was fully awake, before coffee. Hello, cruel world.
2. Allergies burst forth like the grand finale in a fireworks display. It was nonstop sneezing and blowing for about 15 mins. How can a body manufacture this much water?
3. Coffee.
4. Checked Twitter and Facebook, because, you know, I might have missed what you posted about the weather or what you ate for breakfast or what art project YOUR dog made for you this morning.
5. Used the bathroom. Many, many times. This is OCD imperative for me. I freak out on a run if I have to ....
6. Checked the weather, both out the window and on two apps. Not happy about any of the results. Checked weather in Siesta Key. Much better.
7. Selected running clothes. Long-sleeved sweat-wicking shirt, pants with zippers at the ankles (who thought up that skin irritation catastrophe?) Nathan belt for tissue, pepper spray, phone, Band Aids. New socks. Shoes. Ponytail.
8. Bathroom again. 8b. And again.
9. Grabbed Ipod. Headphone wires tangled like a Zentangle.
10. Tried to download new tune from Itunes, technical difficulties.
11. Couldn't find sunglasses. Wore dollar store variety.
12. Couldn't find Chapstick. Wore actual lipstick because I couldn't stand the dryness. Stunning coral lipstick, SO appropriate for a run.

*Out the door!*

Stopped at mile 1 to get tiny rock out of shoe ....


Susanne said...

Hahaha. Sounds like me when I'm trying to get out the door to the gym. I don't know why it's like that because I like it when I'm actually there, it's just the getting there.

lailani said...

:) ...but you ran

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I had to laugh because so much of my own life revolves around which dog did what today!

Country Girl said...

Love it! Congratulations on your run! I am trying to still get a bike together for me to start riding. But I could just walk, I guess...

Melanie said... too on many of those same enumerations. And the bathroom visits?!