Saturday, December 30, 2006

100 Things--What You Post When You've Posted 100 Posts, and Hopefully, You're Not Posthumously Posting or it Could be Called Post-Toasties

First of all, I know that I misused the word
"hopefully" in that title, just in case my high school English teacher, Mrs. Ayers, is reading this.

Secondly, (Mrs. Ayers, I hope you're impressed by my transitional phrases) it seems a little presumptuous to think anyone would want to read 100 tidbits about a person unless maybe the writer is Britney Spears and there are pictures to illustrate each item. But as I've traveled Blogland over the last year, I have read a few 100 Things and actually enjoyed them, so maybe you will want to dive in. Actually, it might be like you're diving into a sea of words. Instead of Sea World, pretend you're visiting "Sea of Words." Um, well, here are my 100 Things About Me:

1. I share a birthday with Charlton Heston, October 4.

2. I've never had a beer.

3. I have three older brothers, no sisters.

4. I work in a youth ministry.

5. I thought I made up my daughter’s name. I went to high school with a student named Joe Kaelin. The guys always called him Kaelin, not Joe. I loved how that sounded for a girl’s name. Years later when I was pregnant, I remembered the name and decided to re-spell it to avoid the mispronunciation as "Kay-Ellen," so I spelled it “Kaylin,” thinking that even though she had been named after a big, rough football player, I had coined the most beautiful, unique name in the world. Then came all the Katelyns, Kaylas, Kaylies, etc., and now more than ever, Kaylins.

6. I love Car Talk on NPR, but I know nothing about cars.

7. I love mashed potatoes and fixed a pot for myself on my birthday this year.

8. I can drive a stick shift.

9. I don’t mind public speaking at all, but one-on-one small talk makes me nervous.

10. I thought I made up my son’s name. Well, I had heard of it once before, given to a missionary’s child living in Switzerland. I thought it sounded so strong and masculine and was different from the prevalent Jacobs/Jakes. The unique name? Jordan. Yep. The most overused name out there now. It is definitely an androgynous name, and he has not forgiven me for that. Oops.

11. I love to smell books.

12. I have terrible allergies, esp. to dust. One time, in band practice, I sneezed so many times in a row the teacher gave up and stopped the whole band from playing until I finished. It was like 14 in a row.

13. I love the fragrance of gardenias.

14. About six years ago, I had some chickens in my backyard, even though I live in the city. I love baby chickens, especially.

15. I joined the Blogging Chicks Blogroll just so that I could have their cute baby chicken icons. (Shhh. Don’t tell them.)

16. I miss Saturday morning cartoons, when it was Tweety and Sylvester, Marvin the Martian, Bugs, Elmer, Daffy, Road Runner, etc. They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

17. I was an honor student throughout school and was voted Outstanding Senior in the English department at Ball State University, back in the day.

18. I did not marry my high school sweetheart, but I did marry my high school friend who I sort of always had a little crush on. We dated in college and were married three weeks after graduation.

19. For a while, we lived in Findlay, Ohio, which is near Lima, Toledo, Perrysburg and Bowling Green.

20. We just got our son’s SAT scores today, and I am so proud—he has beaten his father and me. It is natural for youth to challenge and conquer the forebears. But I could still spank him if I wanted.

21. I hate to touch other people’s jewelry.

22. Favorite time of the week: Friday afternoon/evening, when the weekend is just beginning.

23. Favorite restaurant: Panera (broccoli soup—whoop, whoop!)

24. I am very down-to-earth and common sense-oriented, but my emotions change quickly and run deep.

25. I’ve been to Borat’s Kazakhstan twice.

26. The movie “Prancer” makes me cry.

27. Most guilty pleasure: chocolate/peanut butter buckeyes and chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies.

28. If I were choosing my profession all over again, I might choose to play my flute and see if I could be part of an orchestra. Or, I’d major in the Bible. Or become a pastry chef. Or a writer. (Really, I would write.) (How dumb is that about the flute?)

29. Happiest song ever: Walkin’ on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. And I Can See Clearly Now, the original rendition.

30. Favorite Bible verse: Probably the one in Lamentations about His mercies being new every morning. Momentarily, the ref. has slipped my mind. (Correction. I can never remember ANY Bible verse reference. I can, however, remember the words to every theme song of ‘70s sitcoms and the Preamble to the Constitution, thanks to the Schoolhouse Rock songs that played on Saturday mornings.)

31. I’m not a star-struck person, but I am still reeling after meeting Dave Barry for approximately 60 seconds.

32. I have had long-term depression (which has nothing to do with Dave Barry, except I may have been a little depressed that I didn't get to spend an entire day with him. Oh well.)

33. When I was little, I had a Baby First Step and a Baby First Skate. Both dolls walked like Frankenstein. Baby First Skate was exactly like Baby First Step, except you strapped skates on her feet, and she sort of lumbered around on them.

34. I’ve never been to a drive-in theater.

35. I’ve never been on a motorcycle.

36. I love the greeting cards that have the black and white photos on them with funny remarks about what the people were “saying” or “thinking.”

37. My mom transferred her love of the 1940s to me. I love the music and the movies. That was when glamour was classy. Two words: Cary Grant.

38. Whenever a boyfriend attempted to sing to me, it was the kiss of death. Instantly, I became completely unattracted to him.

39. I was a cheerleader for several years and was cut my senior year without any explanation whatsoever. I was completely devastated. It took years for that pain to go away whenever I remembered it. By the way, my favorite Will Ferrell character is Craig the cheerleader. It is the funniest thing I’ve ever, EVER, seen.

40. I don’t like Grey’s Anatomy. I guess I’m too old because I’ve seen shows like it before: Medical Center and St. Elsewhere. St. Elsewhere was the best. I also used to love the Merv Griffin show and the Carol Burnett Show. And Luke and Laura on General Hospital.

41. I’m a homebody, and I like spending long periods of time by myself.

42. I know approximately 92% of what my mom’s going to say before she says it.

43. I come from a tall family. My dad and 3 brothers are all over 6 ft. My mom is 5’10”. I am 5’7” or 5’8”. My husband’s family is short. He is 5’7”. I am the Amazon In-law.

44. I love teenagers.

45. I love infants under a year old. My heart literally beats faster when I’m around an infant.

46. When I was little and my friends played Partridge Family, I had to be Tracy the tambourine player. BOR-RIIIING.

47. Inexplicably, I grew up loving French accents and wanting to see France. I am not a Francophile anymore.

48. Pet Peeve: People who get their infants’ ears pierced. It’s painful, scary, the baby cannot manage self-care, the baby might pull on the earring and hurt herself, and the list goes on and on. Don’t tell me about cultural allowances. Out country doesn’t allow for certain punishments that are culturally OK in other countries; we shouldn’t allow people to decorate their children by putting holes in their ears. Nothing against pierced ears, my own are pierced, but NOT in little defenseless, voiceless babies who cannot care for themselves.

49. Other “pet peeve:” Our country killed, murdered, Terri Schiavo. Period.

50. Celebrities who annoy me: Al Franken, Rosie O’Donnell, Garrison Keillor (when he’s on a political rant, otherwise, I love him) Dick Cavett, Marc Summers (Yeah, the Food Network "Unwrapped" guy because I heard him call Sean Hannity, and he was totally obnoxious and rude--you wouldn't believe it.)

51. Favorite TV shows in no order: What Not to Wear, The Office, Food Network

52. I am apparently really boring, because I’m having trouble completing this list.

53. I love snow.

54. I work a crossword puzzle just about every day.

55. Last movie I saw: “A Night at the Museum.” It’s a lot like Jumanji.

56. I had my first kiss at 14. Not a good memory.

57. My friends think I’m smart; I know I have them fooled!

58. I have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier that I love named Zoe, but my kids love her even more. She looks like a Boyd’s Bear.

59. At this moment, the song, “Walk Like an Egyptian” is going through my head.

60. My daughter is in Mexico right now on a mission trip. She is doing painting and light construction. Spiritually, she is light years a head of me when I was 20.

61. I signed up for the Indy Mini Marathon in May with my co workers for charity purposes. What was I thinking? How humiliating will it be to raise the piddly amount I might get by crawling over the finish line?

62. I have no idea what my ethnic heritage is. My dad thinks his family might be Pennsylvania Dutch. Is that Amish? Because I really like Amish people and stuff. Nah. Probably not. When I was in Kazakhstan, the nationals kept asking me if I was Russian. No matter how many times I said no, they kept eyeing me suspiciously and saying, “You look Russian. Are you sure you not Russian?” I am not stupid. Kazakhs do not like Russians. So even if I were Russian, I would not have admitted it at that moment in time.

63. My husband and I are trying to plan a date night tonight for ourselves. We can’t think of anything to do but eat, and we’re trying to cut back now.

64. One of my best friends is a descendent of [Somebody] Ferris, who invented the Ferris Wheel. This is sad, when you have to call upon details about your friends to fill out your own 100 items.

65. I like to listen to talk radio better than music.

66. I’m a big FOX News fan. Love Doocy and Kilmeade.

67. I’m a graduate of Ball State University, where my husband and I, then just dating, won an extreme badminton tournament in which the competition was deadly serious and mean. But goodness (and our teamwork, wink, wink) overcame the ruthless foes. It is one of our finest moments.

68. I’m not a very good cook, but I do like to bake, and I always take pictures of the cakes I decorate. I have a whole album.

69. In high school, I won first place in the state of Indiana in a job interview competition. I think that my very stylish, powerful, yet feminine striped oxford shirt with a little ribbon bow at the collar worn under a blue blazer locked it in for me. Those were the preppy days.

70. I was married in a Catholic church, but my protestant minister helped tie the knot.

71. I named my third child after my best friend’s real name, Kristin, whom everyone knows only as Kris.

72. I am blonde and blue eyed and fair. My oldest daughter is the opposite of me; she looks Greek. Plus, she’s short and I’m tall. Very weird. However, even she admits how scary it is that she is so much like me personality-wise. And her voice is exactly like mine (Low—I know I’m going to sound like Lucille Ball or Bea Arthur someday).

73. I went to a bridal show before I got married and won the giant jackpot prize—like hundreds of dollars off cake, tuxes, flowers, etc. I was so excited I had to go home and lie down with a horrible migraine headache.

74. I’ve been to Hawaii. No great shakes. Maybe because we went to Oahu instead of Maui.

75. New Year’s Eve always makes me sad. It’s part of that glass half-full or half-empty thing. To me, we’re always counting down to an ending, like something’s dying. To other people, it’s a celebration of things to come. What is wrong with me????

76. The library is one of my favorite places to go. Maybe I should have been a librarian.

77. I love office supplies and school supplies.

78. I am slammin’ good at Catch Phrase.

79. Favorite name of Jesus: Prince of Peace.

80. I think I’m pretty compassionate, but I’m also very selfish. I think that comes from being the baby of the family. Let’s just blame my parents, OK?

81. I like most Will Ferrell movies, but I can’t bring myself to watch Anchorman because I know it’s full of profanity. Why, why, why must we endure that junk?

82. Another pet peeve: Off-color jokes and minor swearing in children’s movies. What the @#$!*&^% is that stuff doing in there?

83. Growing up, I was not allowed to say “pee” or “poop.” I had to say “number one” and “number two,” thus my sensitivity to cursing. We did not allow our children to say, “Shut up” to each other, either. Now they think that is really funny, of course. But we still don't let them say it.

84. I like to ride horses at a state park.

85. I never liked “Annie.” Then my daughter got the lead in the musical and played that part like a professional; I’m not kidding. The result is, every time I hear a song from Annie now, I choke up.

86. I’m not a sports fan, but I do like to watch soccer on TV.

87. I just told my family I’m on #87. My 17 year old son said, “Is it this hard for most people?”

88. I would really, really like to lose 10 lbs.

89. When I was little, without fail, my parents rushed around on Sunday mornings getting ready for church in a frenzy. What they didn’t notice was that I would weekly go through almost an entire bag of Chips Ahoy cookies while they were in a dither. As the sugar high increased, I would dunk a cookie in milk and hold it down with a spoon, run around the perimeter of the room, sit down, see if I could stick the whole soggy cookie in my mouth, dunk again, run again, stuff again. This went on for years. I still remember that pink melamine cup.

90. I do three loads of laundry a day. Something is wrong with that number, but I can’t figure out what’s going on.

91. I drive a Camaro and love it. I didn’t realize it was a Redneck car until recently, but I don’t care. I come from the wrong side of the tracks, anyway.

92. You know how Gary Smalley wrote about the love languages? Well mine is words. But people say, “Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.” Maybe, but not always. People do things for all different reasons, just like they say things for different reasons. But I think people usually say, or attempt to say, what is in their hearts. I’m interested in the inner world. Sincerity and intimacy. Words do it for me.

93. Favorite flower: hard to say. I like tulips, lilacs and hyacinths, hot house roses. I do not enjoy gardening or landscaping.

94. I do not enjoy remodeling or fixing up my house. Painting is a huge chore to me.

95. Only five more. Did you hear that Saddam met his maker today? Um, yeah, he did. Only five more to go. fiiiive more. Let's see . . .

96. My son’s best friend is named Ryne, not Ryan. His mom has always called him Ryno (rhino), and I think that’s pretty darned cute. I also like the names Shepherd (like Smith of Fox News), Thatcher and Duncan. Ryne is coming over to play Guitar Hero that he just got for Christmas. If you don’t know what Guitar Hero is, you are not cool.

97. When my current boss was born, I was already driving a Camaro and dating boys. And now this baby is my boss. What is wrong with this picture?

98. Why would anyone want to read 100 things about a stranger? I don’t know, but I have actually read other people’s lists. But I seriously like to read, even junk mail.

99. I like to take walks in my neighborhood on summer nights and peer into houses briefly, just to see the families and what they’re doing. I know that’s bad, but I don’t feel like a peeping Tom; I get a heartwarming, satisfied feeling doing it, like all is right with the world. They are safe and cozy in their little houses, and each family is unique.

100. I am blessed beyond all of the words, possessions, or opportunities any person ever had. God desired that I should exist, he gave me to great parents who taught me to love Jesus, He gave me my husband and three kids, good health, a home and a hope for an eternity with Him. I am blessed 100 x 100 x 100 . . . .

And now my Yorkie is pushing me from behind to get out of this desk chair; she is not content with 75% of the seat, she needs it all, so I’d better behave and move it. Thanks for reading this. I hope it was better than junk mail.

This is the video game Guitar Hero.

This is my son playing Guitar Hero. He does not say "poop." OK, sometimes he does.


The Human Napkin said...

Yes, MUCH better than junk mail!

I'm right there with you on #88. Except I'd really like to lose 20 lbs.

Fun getting to know you better!

Big Mama said...

If anybody can make a list of 100 things entertaining, it's you. I loved reading your list, finding out some new things and enjoying the way you just write what comes to mind.

Susanne said...

I so love the smell of new books.
Too funny about the blogging chicks icon.
Totally am with you on the Saturday morning cartoon thing.
That's my favorite verse and chorus too, but I thought it was in another OT book.
But Tracey the tambourine player was cute while she played!
Absolutely on #49!
Love libraries too. Where else can you smell so many books! :v)
Ummm 95, is not about you. You've gotta do that one over.
See, now you're not such a stranger anymore!

Loved this Linda! Congrats on your 100!

Melanie said...

We have a lot in common. (Pet peeves and opinions, for sure.)

Congrats on 100!

Carol said...

Well, I enjoyed your list. If we ever have a chance to get together, I'll take you to a drive-in on a motorcycle and we can drink beer. I'll learn how to drive a motorcycle just for you.

Linda said...

I see that you are trying to woo me into debauchery! Nay! I've never had a cigarette, either. What do you say to that?

Magnanimity said...

I'm with you. I tried wine once, with my husband, as a favor to him...we were in a restaurant and free sample was offered. It tastes much worse than it smells.

Three loads a day? Get out of town.

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