Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well, Armed and Famous premiered last night to universally scathing reviews by professionals. I watched it with my girls' group, and we were screaming with laughter. It's so ridiculously dumb, but it's funny to us because we know some of the people and the buildings and streets, of course. I can't really see why the average Joe would watch it.

For example, as a segue between scenes, they show a night shot from the sky of an almost abandoned main street, and the voice-over says, "Muncie, after midnight: crime never sleeps." Never sleeps? It looked comatose.

I was appalled at the guy who couldn't walk away from his car because of being so drunk, and yet there he was, out on the streets my kids drive on! I felt like punching him. (Hey, I'm from Muncie; apparently, it's what we do.)

They arrested someone I went to school with on a cocaine bust.

They also arrested a toothless, 65 year-old lady who was running a drug business from her, um, "untidy" home.
She was quite taken with Erik Estrada, and kept saying things like, "Never thought I'd meet you this way, Ponch!" And "You're good lookin', Ponch!" He laughed along with everyone else, and rolled his eyes. "How far to the county jail?" he asked his partner in the car. To your left is the real, actual entrepreneurial drug rep., Evelyn of the Ponch love.

LaToya was baffled at the lack of table cloths in Texas Roadhouse.

But the most entertaining for me was Jack Osbourne. I have a lot of sympathy for that kid. He was born to a famous/infamous father and has achieved fame for being who is with all of his personal struggles. He seems very humble and serious about this role. But after arresting a man with deformed "claw" hands, they cut away to his puzzled expression as he tries to show just how the fingers on each hand go, then pauses thoughtfully and says, "How could he even punch?"

Well, Jack, I'm not sure, either, but one thing is for sure, according to this show, to be a Munsonian is to be ready at a moment's notice to punch anything or anyone for any reason.

I just hope in the remaining shows no one punches the Ponch.


Melanie said...

But where were the pots and pans you guys use to fight off intruders?

And will Ponch eat Jenny-O on his lunch break?

Stayed tuned...

Seriously, you should get a royalty check or something. I wouldn't be watching it if you hadn't posted about it.

Big Mama said...

I so wish that you would head to downtown Muncie after midnight and start a fight. You could throw a few punches and we'd get to see you on Armed and Famous.

Linda said...

You guys are so funny. It seems like everyone has seen the celebs around town but me. I was in line at Walmart, and a teenaged girl behind me said to her mom, "Did i tell you Rick got pulled over by Erik Estrada? He did. Did I tell you Rick got his ear pierced? He did." The mom was looking like she wished Erik would shoot her to put her out of "Rick" misery.