Thursday, January 11, 2007

Take the Last Train to Oldsville

One of the great things about having teenagers is having moments/conversations like this:

Picking up Baby Girl from "Swinging Sounds," the swing choir. She hops in. "Last Train to Clarksville" is on the radio. She looks at me, communicating clearly but without a syllable, "You are old."

Me: I LOVE this song! I used to be so happy when I was a little girl and this would come on the radio! When I hear just the first few notes, I remember that time in my life. (Singing along)

Baby Girl: (Slight smile, proving there is a heart of gold in there somewhere) Ooh, ooh, ooooooh (background vocal accompaniment to my lead.)

We go about a quarter mile and the song is over.

Me: OK, how many Monkees were there? (Test)

Her: Six. Seven? Four?

Me: Four. Name one of them.

Her: Paul McCartney.

Me: (Eye roll fortheloveofPeterTork) Noooo, Paul McCartney was a Beatle.

Her: Oh. Well, what's so funny about that?

Me: It's like saying Britney Spears is part of . . . is part of . . . (tee hee)

Her: (Offended--defensive) It's OK, you don't have to give me an example; you always give examples.

Me: (Ignoring her lame accusation) Let me help you. "Davy Jones."

Her: Eww. That's weird.

Me: Why is that weird?

Her: That's the ugly evil pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Me: No, it's a cute little Monkee.

Her: Whatever.

Me: Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and . . .

Her: (Completely blank with some disdain shining through the confusion)

Me: Micky Dolenz! Micky Dolenz!

Her: Micky D's? McDonalds?

The End

Guess what Micky's doing today?

They met, but Paul didn't make the cut into Micky's new band.


Roxanne said...

Oh. . .I REMEMBER when Davy Jones came to see Marsha Brady. . .:) I thought Marsha Brady was as pretty as Malibu Barbie.

Susanne said...

I used to love the Monkees. I watched every episode of their silly show over and over. But really I'm not that old. Honest.

Linda said...

Yes, Marcia Brady was one lucky girl.

Susanne--how did you watch them if you "weren't that old?" HMMM????

Carol said...

The Monkeys. Okay. I think she gets extra credit for knowing Paul McCartney's name.

Anonymous said...

You won't believe this, but my 14 year old daughter asked for any season of the Monkees for Christmas. She loves them...especially Davy! All thanks to TV Land.

Linda said...

Dear Anon, your 14 year-old is cooler than mine.