Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Alright to be a Little Bitty

Have a little love on a little honeymoon
You got a little dish and you got a little spoon
A little bitty house and a little bitty yard
Little bitty dog and a little bitty car

-Tom T. Hall, Sung by Alan Jackson

I get so tired of defending the dignity of little dogs. Why do people, especially men, always makes jokes about big dogs eating small dogs and speak of little dogs as if they have the same quality of life and personality as the fake fur on your grandma's church coat from 1964? Why do they make jokes about shining their shoes with them? Why call them footballs? And even my beloved pseudo-BFF Dave Barry, who I met in March 2006, has often referred to his "main dog Ernest" and his little "emergency auxiliary backup dog, Zippy." But he can joke like that because he's Dave, and everyone else is not. But I digress.

I'm here to echo Alan Jackson in spirit (not in song), to defend the Little Bitties. I'm here to say it's alright to be one. In fact, it's more than alright; it's glorious! Because not only are they are irresistibly cute, they are also mighty. Yes, I said "mighty. "

For example, every once in a while, a "little bitty" makes national news for either
A) Surviving 30 days on half-eaten Jolly Ranchers and Goldfish crumbs after being misplaced under couch cushions.
B) Saving an entire city block from meteorite destruction without even expecting a treat

I'm pleased to inform you of a story that fits the "B" category:

Today on MSN news, I read about "Zoey," a name near and dear to my heart, a 5 lb. Chihuahua who saved his owner's one year-old grandson, Booker, from a rattle snake attack.

I'm not joking. RATTLE SNAKE ATTACK.

Apparently, little Zoey heroically threw herself between the boy and the snake and took the bites instead. In her little picture above, you can see a little slash on her little forehead where one wound is. The story reports that it looked like Zoey would not survive, but now she is, and I quote, "prancing about."

Cue the Alan Jackson music. Zoey has proven it's alright to be a little bitty, to be strong enough to save lives and yet be adorable enough to pluckily prance around when it's all over.

Here's the story with a brief video that you've got to see (after the short ad you have to sit through first, of course), although in the video, Zoey doesn't seem to feel much like prancing, but I assume she's tripping on painkilling drugs. Chihuahua saves 1 Year-Old

My "Little Bitty" Zoe:


Susan said...

What a great story! And yes, it's a good thing to be little bitty sometimes.

:-) Susan

Kelli said...

Are those recent pics? She looks so HAPPY!!!!

Yeah :)

Laura said...

I'm with you about little dogs. I grew up with a toy poodle (I know, everybody LAY OFF!) and Claude was a total treasure and incredibly brave.

Keep preachin' it Linda!

Anne Marie said...

This story was on our local morning news today, what a great dog! I grew up with chihuahuas and love them.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! We have to stick together on this. I kind of wonder if those guys with their big dogs are sort of making up for some lack. (did I say that out loud?)

We have two pugs and a Lhasa at our house, but I have always have had small dogs for as long as I can remember.

Lisa M said...

What a neat story. Dogs in general are amazing but I've got to admit that I love the tiny ones the best. They are so cute and cuddly. We have a 4 lb teacup poodle. When I take her for walks and we run into a larger dog the owner normally comments on how she would make a nice snack for their dog. I hate to tell them that if I let her loose she would chase their dog down the street no matter what size it was. LOL! She is a feisty little thing and can hold her own. By the way - your dog Zoe is so cute. Little dogs rock!

Roxanne said...

To quote the head football coach from my high school.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Diana said...

I saw this story on TV...amazing! Hey, thanks for visiting my site...another Diana Bartling?! And not too many people know about Nazarenes!!

Shelly said...

Crazy story!!!

And it IS alright to be a little bitty doggie. My Mom has 2 :)

Melanie said...

I know that Tom T Hall song!

I read about the rattlesnake story. Amazing.

And I think men do not believe little dogs are masculine enough. Like if they are caught walking a teacup, someone may think they are light in the loafers.

Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Can I tell my Itty Bitty story? If not, I think Linda has the power to delete it.

We had a toy poodle for 14 years, and she was precious and charming and so gentle. She also attacked a chow that decided to wander into our apartment. No kidding. Our brown ball of fur launched at the chow's head and grabbed it by the hair on the chow's forehead. The chow was so confused and kept swinging its head to figure out what was on it. Gummie (short for Fulghum as in Robert Fulghum) just held on and growled like mad. The chow finally walked to the door and turned its head to look at us, and Gummie dropped off its head, stood in front of it, and growled like a ferocious beast. The chow never tried to hurt her, but I kept thinking, "Gummie is that dogs snack bite." Gummie didn't know that, though. She was all heart.

After she passed on last year, we adopted a beagle mix. He was more mix. Our 20 pound beagle gonnabe is a 90 pound Jack Russel Lab mix. Magnificent family dog, but I still miss Gummie.

Little Bitty sure can leave a big hole...

shoeaddict said...

I have a little bitty house and a little bitty yard and a little bitty dog! Go Zoey! And Zoe is sooo pretty

Ladytink_534 said...

I love little bitty dogs! I sure do miss my Dusty.

Jen said...

Zoe sure is a beautiful lass :)

Gretchen said...

I didn't know it was Dave Barry who coined the "main dog" and "auxilliary dog" terms. :P My husband has been using them for a long time. The Lord has a funny way of teaching us. Big is a tried and true large dog lover, and has never cottoned to any "rat dogs". However...he seems to be mighty attached and smitten with our newly adopted dachshund, Murphy. Of course, Big would say that having a little dog is okay, as long as you also have a "main dog". As for me...I'm kinda likin' this less fur, less knocking me over, smaller poop thing we got going on here. Also, my best friend is having us babysit her dog for the next 2 weeks--a mini dachshund. Should be fun!

When we lived in CO, our dog who art in heaven once saved my 19 mo. old from a big bull snake. Not as dramatic as the rattler, but a big ol' bitey snake all the same! What makes it even sweeter to me is the fact that she had just been hit by a car and had stitches, her leg in a sling (broken hip), and was about a week healed from internal injuries which should have killed her, and there she was, finding and guarding against that snake. No matter what their size, I love dogs. Period. Guess that was a sizeable comment, but oh, well. :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

awwww...i love your precious pooch...

and I like itty bitty...i wish i were itty bitty...:))

Tammy said...

I love your little bitty...or, as I like to call them, To-to dogs. Adorable!
I love all dogs, and to quote the book I learned to read with, Go Dog Go...
"Big dogs, little dogs, black dogs and white dogs..." :)

And what an incredible story of the chihuahua saving the baby like that!

I wanted to thank you, Linda, for your very sweet words recently. Your reply, in particular, really encouraged me in that maybe her eight year old perspective wasn't completely clear...maybe I was an OK mom and we were an OK family. In my moments of doubt, I really needed someone to tell me that.

And if I haven't told you yet, my friend, you are a make me laugh and bless my heart all at the same time! (((HUGS)))

Susanne said...

From one lttle dog mommy to another little dog mommy, they are the best!

Melanie said...

My gift is up. Stop by and enter.

Lynn said...

Hi Linda,

Great story. You always delight my heart and I loooooooove little, itty, bitty dogs. In fact, plan to get another one in a year or so.

Love and hugs, my