Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blogging is Killing Me

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours working at the computer preparing my talk for November 30. You'd think I was preparing for the Nobel Peace Awards. Or even the Rotary Club.

Then I had to post on Internet Cafe, which took some time.

And then I checked my Site Meter number because I'm compelled to. Site Meter is the new bathroom scale of frustration. Ugh. You know it's not gonna be good when you check it, and then you're mad at yourself for checking. Ridiculous. Plus, someone unsubscribed because I update too much. Question: If you post a post and then see that you've made an error, and you go back and edit it and re-post, does a subscriber get like 6 re-posts if it takes me that long to fix something? If this has been happening, will you please tell me? (Do not compare this question to the "Does this make me look fat?" question. I really need to know if I'm doing this to people. Not telling me is like letting me walk around with a booger hanging.)

I sit at a computer at work; I sit and write at home. Soon my little dog will be able to sit or sleep on a shotgun-sidecar-saddlebag seat as I type because my hinder is spreading east and west. She's going to mistake it for her bed any day now.

So I decided not to post tonight.

And then I went on over to Big Mama's site and saw a picture of her Caroline with a white ceramic rooster, and I just about jumped up and yelled, "Big Mama has a rooster just like mine!" but realized how bizarre that sounds and was seized by the fear that this is just the kind of outburst that might be the final straw on the back of the old camel which would allow my family to feel OK about putting me away. So I'm telling you instead.

And so now I'm driven to post of picture of Big Mama's Rooster's Twin. I always knew Big M and I were simpatico. The rooster connection puts any question of sisterhood away now. (She's probably shaking in her Texan boots at the thought of sisterhood with me, but this is how life rolls, Big Mama. Sometimes long-lost rooster relatives come knockin' at your door when you least expect it, usually right at holiday time.)

So without further a-do, here's my Big Mama Rooster:


Ann said...

Ah, guilty here. I complain about having such a hard time keeping the house clean so we can sell it, yet I find plenty of time to read blogs and comment, and even post!

Susan said...


You SO CRACK ME UP!! I don't subscribe, so I have no idea if it shows up more than once. I DO know that if I hit "publish" and then undo it to fix it and redo it, I only get the first published post in my email.

Have a great day!!

:-) Susan

Melanie said...

I have no idea about the re-post stuff. I do this, too. I am probably making people nuts.
So what is your rooster's name??

Susanne said...

Look out BigMama! That is too funny that you have rooster twins. This post had me laughing out loud!

Heth said...

"Site Meter is the new bathroom scale of frustration."
That is classic. Hilarious.

Big Mama said...

I always knew that we were compadres. It's so nice to know that Caroline's sweet Carlos has a twin in Indiana.

Although I bet no one has ever proposed marriage to your rooster.

Sitemeter is the new bathroom scale...great line!

Barbara H. said...

Did someone tell you they unsubscribed because you update too much? That seems a little shallow of them. Updated posts do show up as new posts on Bloglines, but if I click on a post that I've already read, it doesn't take a second to give it a quick glance to see if there is a significant update and then click off again. I correct and edit mine, too, but usually right after I've published it -- somehow I see things then that I didn't before.

A couple of day ago, though, Bloglines was having a problem -- every time a new post came through then 20-30 others posts I had already read showed up as "new." It was the same posts over and over and was happening too often to just be updates. I found Bloglines' feedback link and told them about ti and they said they were indeed having a problem and working on it, and it seemed fine by the next day.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Robin said...

Sitemeter is the new bathroom scale - funny!!!
I am signed up with sitemeter and I've glanced at it a time or two but I haven't taken the time to learn how to read it. Maybe I should stay that way!

samurai said...

Face it... you're addicted to blogging... admit it. The first step in getting help is admitting that you have a problem. ;-)

ybiC \o

The Preacher's Wife said...

according to site meter, everyone hates me this week

and my rebellious spirit says, 'fine, really don't care. doesn't bother me;

but then my sensitive side wonders what I've done or not done to make everyone stay away

and then I wonder WHAT IN THE HECK is the matter with me???? I wasn't this nuts before I started blogging!

and this isn't coming across as sane at all so I'd better stop. now.

i love your rooster.

Lynn Donovan said...


You CRACK me up!! Love you so much.

{Karla} said...

this is so funny.

where IS this rooster from?


{Karla} said...

and I forgot to mention that I am unable to subscribe -- I use google reader and it says that you have no feeds for this blog...


PJ said...

A 'booger hanging out?" I laughed out loud most of the way through this one. Please don't kick your addiction. I might have to admit that I have a problem, too. I won't tell you how many papers to grade, things to do, sermons to prepare, etc. are on my desk in front of me at this moment. Not to mention... URGH!