Thursday, March 13, 2008

Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore

I'd like to whoop and holler and say that I called this, but then so did a million other people. I think Michael would do anything or could be convinced that any means to an end is OK if it brings back Walt. Even working for Ben.

Were you confused about the Panda? I kept thinking, "Why are you worrying about the stinkin' panda?! Get to the hospital!"

So, I guess Jin meant it when he said he'd do anything to get Sun and the baby off the island. He must have sacrificed in some way.

The Ocean 6, then? Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun ... Aaron?

Oh, didn't your blood just boil when Juliet ratted out Sun? "Oh-no-she-dit-unt!" You knew that slap was coming.

So many scenes in this series seem random and incongruous. Who is Regina? Why did Bernard and Jin have the wacky karma conversation?

And who but Benjamin Linus could gas 300 people, strap them into airplane seats and plant them in the ocean? Oh yes, it's all so logical now. (uh, yeah-no.)

Ack! This show is driving me crazy. My friend, Leslie, (not the one whose car I hit) let me borrow her current TV Guide, and it has a short article in which the actors get to ask the writers questions about the show. It's pretty funny. The first thing Jorge Garcia asked is, "Who is in the casket?" Don't you love it that the characters don't even know what's going on??

So we said goodbye to David Hernandez last night. I think he was surprised to be the one to go. Anyway, he will no longer be putting the Mighty Kreskin gaze on us.

Did you notice Randy's and Paula's attire? Did it call to mind any TV show from the past? I thought Randy's giant V-shirt and Paula's metallic jacket looked very Star Trekish.

So who do you think will be voted off next?

I say Kristy Lee Cook. And I'm just sayin', my prediction skilz have been crazy-good of late. Like right now I'm predicting I'm going to have a snack as soon as I sign off here.

Catch you tomorrow, when I will unveil all of the books I'm about to give away as I wind up the Ultimate Blog Party! If you haven't commented on that post, go on back there Girl, and get your name in the hat.


MoodyBlue said...

I think that Bernard & Jin had that "karma" talk because Bernard sensed that something was wrong between Jin & Sun before they went fishing. I think by him talking about karma led Jin to think about what he did in the past with "working" for Sun's Dad and how he treated Sun & for him to realize even though it was wrong, he kinda drove Sun to have an affair. The whole Regina thing was weird...the part about jumping off the boat & no one going to help her except for Sayid & Desmond to try to. Very bizarre. I am SO upset about what the future will bring for Jin!! I love his character. It was CRAZY how her part was a flash-forward & his was a flashback. Poor Sun & Ji Yeon!

American Idol...I knew David would go, but I thought Kristy Lee would go before him. Guess with the whole "scandal" thing with him there were less votes.

Check out my reviews of both shows when you get a chance.

Since you predicted something..I will too..I predict I will go to bed after I hit Publish Your Comment. LOL!

Amy Wyatt said...

Ok...I'm still not sure who the Oceanic 6 are. Greg says that Aaron doesn't count since he wasn't actually a passenger on the plane. So... is Michael Ben's spy?
And is Jin trapped in a time jump thing? I am so LOST.
I thought last night was a "filler" show. It didn't add a lot of new information which drives me CRAZY!!

Also, guess David H.'s magic skills weren't enough on AI.

BTW... Just went back to your party post to make sure I was entered in the book drawing and saw your reply comment. I promise I wasn't trying to rub snow in your wound, it was more like an invitation to come on down South here where the weather is all nice and warm.
Have a great day.

Oh...Come on over and comment on my party post for a chance to win chocolate. If you end up winning, I may even make no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and mail them to you :0)

gcrow said...

I reluctantly admit that you predicted Michael on the boat before I did. I think there's going to be more to the Regina thing. First Ecko now Jin. tough stuff.

Susanne said...

I have no idea about anything with Lost. Still. Now AI? I can talk. Do you think maybe David H. might have felt some backlash in the voting from all the press about his former occupation and it all just translated over now?

Next to go? We'll have to see what they do with another week of Lenn/McCartney songs I guess. I think Ramiele (sp?) is going to have to really do something big.

Faith said...

I believe the AI producers talked R,S, and P into saying negative things about David H. (due to his um....job...) I mean vocally he was far better than Kristi!
My daughters and I are hoping she is next.
That's all the TV i watch these days...too busy for anything else! Happy Weekend!

Life In Progress said...

I wasn't going to post on LOST today, but then I saw that Rocks in my Dryer was doing a little LOST carnival so I had to take part! I just had to jump in and tell you that I loved your title for today's post - very clever!

By the way, I'm loving the new look. It's crazy-cute!

oh amanda said...

If anyone COULD strap 342 dead people into a plane and drown it in the ocean, it would DEFINITELY be Benjamin Linus. *shiver*

Tanja said...

I haven't seen last night's episode of Lost yet, because my husband has MBA classes on Thursdays. We usually watch it together when he gets home, but didn't last night. Do you think that stopped me from reading your recap? Not a chance! And I'll watch the whole episode with hubby this weekend and pretend I know nothing. He has far more discipline than I have and would never understand that I peeped at your run-down. :-)

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Just found your blog today. Love it!

-faithful chick

KarenW said...

Now I'm really LOST. Was that a flash back with Jin and he died in the future? Or did he fake his death for some reason and it was a flash forward? I'm going to go watch that again.

Ann said...

Yeah, Ben's got Walt. And it's Penny's dad's boat.

Oh I tell you, I was reeling in my seat when Juliet told on Sun. I just do not like Juliet.

Is Jin really still alive? I know they showed his grave, so was that panda scene a flashback from before the crash? He said he was only married two months when he delivered the panda. He didn't have a weird time travel of the mind like Desmond did and forget he was married to Sun? It must have been a flashback. Ithink I just repeated what everyone else said in previous comments...

Lelia Chealey said...

You can tell "one" loves your writing when "she" reads the entire post & doesn't even watch LOST. :)

Have a great weekend!
Love ya,

Roxanne said...

I'm with whoever said Jin didn't time-travel. I think their were 2 time lines in that story--Sun's after getting off the island, and Jin's shortly after he got married--it was, of course, to confuse us, which these writers ROCK at.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

How happy am I to find a new blog that talks about both LOST and AI??? :)

I say Sayesia goes next.
And I say Juliet deserved a good slap.
Love me some worthless tv watching!