Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Winner of the Skinny Songs CD and Lunch with Dick and Jane

Our lovely winner is: TERESA at A Cup of T! Teresa, I will be sending your Skinny Songs CD to you as soon as I get your mailing address! Enjoy!

Birthday Fun with Dick, Jane, Baby Sally, Mother and Father.

Today is Dick's birthday lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise! Everyone is there: Father, Mother, Dick, Jane, and Baby Sally. Spot, otherwise known as "Left Eye Lopez," is home chewing her consolation bone. See Dick celebrate his birthday. See Dick order the BIG Bacon and Cheddar burger and rootbeer float.

See Baby Sally slip in an equally big order while Mother and Father speak to Jane about the "Jack the Ripper Tour" in London where Jane is headed this week.

Baby Sally! What have you done?

Oh, Baby Sally has ordered a Mushroom and Swiss Burger as big as her head AND a specialty frou-frou drink instead of water even though it is not her birthday! Baby Sally, you are ... sneaky precocious!

Mother tells Jane, "Jane, whatever you do, do NOT turn your back on your drink or food in public."

Jane says, "Oh Mother, I would never turn my back on my drink or food in public!"

Says Mother, "Oh Jane, I am so proud of you. Because remember ... Natalie Holloway."

See Jane roll her eyes.

See Mother be happy and proud of her children. See Mother be sad and proud of her children. Mother is sad. Sad, sad, sad. Why is Mother sad? Dick and Jane are going back to school. That's why Mother is happy, sad, proud and crazy. Yes, Mother is crazy.

And what about Father?

Look! Look, look, look! See Father lying on the floor unconscious! What does he have in his hand, Dick, Jane and Baby Sally? It's the birthday lunch bill! Father is gripping the bill to his heart. Oh, Father loves his family very much!


annie's eyes said...

Dick and Jane and Sally sans Spot always fun at Burger Heaven. Sounds like a great birthday celebration. And I know Mother likes nothing better than having everyone home for the weekend. That is a fringe benefit to picking up that check at the end of a meal--how many times do you all get to be together now? I'm praying for Jane to have safe travels and Mother to have joy and freedom from any fears. Love, annie

Mocha with Linda said...

I can read. Yes I can.
I can read this post.
This post makes me smile.

What a fun family day! And Mother looks waaay too young to have birthed these children.

Fresh Girl said...

*applauds* Yay! That was a great it again! ;)

Heth said...

Now THAT is my kind of an easy reader. "Yes, Mother is crazy." Best line.

Looks like a fun lunch, and a yummy cake!

Carol said...

You are hysterical! You made me smile after a sad day, so thank you. Carol (i throw like a girl - I sign it that way because there are several Carols that comment and I want you to know which one I am!)

Teri said...

I do so love this blog. When I come here it makes me smile.

Darnelle said...

Oh My Gosh! That was a scream!


Kim said...

This was awesome!!! Thanks for the story, Mother. :wink:

Melanie said...

I am so glad to see Dick and Jane finally doing something fun. They always are just running and watching Spot.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Sounds like fun, fun, fun! Good old-fashioned quality family time. Oh, and BTW~~I did it, I registered today! YEAAA!!


Linda said...

Funny you would say that, Melanie. All three kids actually watch "Spot" quite a bit! It's like she's the family anchor.

Fran said...

I'm so drugged up on cold medicine right now that I have nothing funny to say at all...I'm here kind of just doing nothing. But, that was too cute Linda...too cute.

Ruthie said...

Oh dear...I do so understand what your heart is going through with your daughter's upcoming trip abroad. It starts when we have to leave them in the nursery for the first time. Next thing you know they're on a mission trip to Uganda, or choosing a college across the country. ~sigh~ Being a mom is just one letting go episode after another. Even though you KNOW they're always securely held in the Father's hand, letting go of the illusion that you are keeping them safe is the hardest of all.

A Stone Gatherer said...

I am laughing out loud! You are a great writer! Have a great day!