Saturday, April 12, 2008

What I Learned at the Fashion Fiesta

Wow, yesterday was fun at the Fiesta. I visited so many people for the first time. I saw new faces, learned new names, learned fashion tips and various and sundry other facts. I wish that I had had the presence of mind to jot down where I learned these things to give credit where it's due, but I didn't think of this list until later. If you recognize something from your blog, please let me know, and I will credit your account, if you send me your full Master Card/Visa number. And don't forget the 3-digit code and expiration date.

1. Did you know someone manufactures a garment that serves as a first-layer t-shirt but also doubles as a tummy cover-up when short-waisted shirts ride up? A company called Hip-T offers up this solution for today's low rise jeans and high rise tops. Excellent, excellent idea. They come in all different colors, fancy and plain.

2. Proactiv can bleach out your clothes, towels, basically anything. I did not know this.

3. Flip-flops are the new jeans. They are the basic of the new daily uniform. Virtually no one is without many, many pairs, expensive and cheap. Apparently, we females are equal opportunity flip-flop lovers. People over 40: Remember when they used to be called "thongs?" I saw a greeting card once that portrayed two older women with flip flops strapped on like underwear and one saying to the other, "Are you sure this is how they're wearing thongs now?"

4. There is a stalker for everyone. One blogger confessed that she has a huge crush on political columnist/pundit Charles Krauthammer. I am only reporting; I cannot explain.

5. I am old. I did not exactly learn this at the Fiesta as in an "ah-ha" moment, but it was reinforced over and over again as I blog hopped. That was fun.

6. I am the last American woman who has not done a Beth Moore Bible study NOR had a pedicure.

7. People loved my green coat. Someone offered to kiss it.

8. That may sound weird, but I'd rather kiss my green coat than Charles Krauthammer, although I'm sure he's very nice.

What did you learn at the Fiesta of Fashion Education?


Nanny said...

I enjoyed looking at them all too, but also felt very "old" and I'm only 46 for cryin' out loud!

You are not the last American Woman to have not done a Beth Moore study, I haven't either and pedicure...nada...sigh....

Oh well, it was fun, and I just want you to know I enjoy your blog very much!


Melanie said...

I've never had a pedicure either. Can't bring myself to go. I am scared the woman will scream or something.

What I learned as that I missed it. I still haven't done my post!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Ooooo, I love the idea of the Hip-T. Do you know which fiesta blog talked about them?

Pam said...

Really?!? You've never had a pedicure? You're missing out! (I've been to a Living Proof conference, but not done an actual Beth Moore study, which only further confirms my TSAB theory)

Heth said...

That hip-T thing is a great idea. I had one when I was pregnant with Tobes but it was specifically for pregnant bellies, I loved it. I even thought "they should make these for non-pregnant people."

Darlene R. said...

I learned that people really enjoyed my anklet, and my $2 flip-flops from the Dollar General! I also learned that most of us dress in very similar ways.
Oh, and I found out what picknick-ing was and I can now check it out! Woohoo!

Thanks for your comment on my blog~ you made my day!

Merrie said...

What fun I've had catching up. I feel like the only person in the world that missed out on this wonderful event. I have been out of bloggyland in lala land I guess.

Thanks for all the great info.. enjoyed it and laughed...

Mocha with Linda said...

Although I've done most of Beth Moore's Bible Studies and have had a few pedicures, although they are not a regular event, I am one of the few who didn't do the Fashion Fiesta.

And more importantly, one of the even rarer few who indeed remembers when thongs belonged on the feet. That cracked me up!! I need to find that card!

Barbara H. said...

I have neither done a Beth Moore Bible study (how did that come up at a fashion fiesta??) or had a pedicure. I saw a 20/20 episode one time showing mildew in those bins where you soak your feet. I don't think I could ever put my feet in a public thing like that now.

I didn't do the fiesta -- just didn't have time those days plus I don't have my spring things out of the attic yet. I hope to get hose clothes out this week -- and I may do a "late" version of the fiesta then.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Hi Linda,
I'm old too and though I have done some Beth Moore bible studies, I have never had a pedicure! But then I have never gotten an email from Clinton Kelly so you are way cooler than me!


Brenda said...

I'm only 28, and I remember when flip-flops were called thongs.

cajunquilter said...

well i can join you with number 6, so i guess we are the last 2 women lol.

Susan said...

OK, I had to laugh cause I was (once again) going to remind you that I haven't done a Beth Moore study either....then you said Beth Moore OR a pedi...well, I've had a pedicure.

By the way, that's a great way to get ready for thos lovely flip flops that you mentioned here too. I mean the pedicure not Beth Moore study.



Darnelle said...

1-Have not done a Beth Moore study (though I have one of her books on my "to do" stack next to the bed)
2-Have had a pedicure because it was a gift. (Will have another pedicure one day as a gift to myself)
3-Have never met Clinton Kelly.
4-Have never had any offers to smooch my jacket.

Oh Yeah, You win!

Cyndy said...

FYI - I have not done a Beth Moore study either nor have I had a pedicure...You are not alone.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Re #6 - both of those need to end. Tonight. Life's too short to not do Beth Moore *and* get your toenails pretty every once in a while.

Grace said...

Hi Linda!
Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I plan on going to the beach for a walk this morning. Oh, that was just downright cruel, wasn't it!
I scanned your profile and we need our own day at the beach chatting....Rarely do I see a new friend with so many of the same eclectic, bizarre combination of interests as mine. Garrison K - total agreement! I got my first pedicure last year, have not had a manicure ever (I play violin so what's the point...) and have only experienced Beth Moore through listening to her worship cd collections! :) But I do think she's fabulous!
So consider our coffee shared and I hope to check in with you at least once a fort-night.

Erin said...

I remember seeing those Hip-Ts on whoever posted about them's original post (wow, how was that for grammar? I can't even figure out how to re-word it...I'll leave it, I'm real like that) and I've already ordered two of them! I'm 100 months pregnant right now, but as soon as I can squeze myself into normal clothes I'm just SURE I'm going to love them. I'm 5'9" and there are no shirts long enough, EVER...I think finding them was the highlight of the fiesta for me!

Muddy said...

While I have done a Beth Moore study, I have not had a pedicure. (though in full disclosure, the Beth Moore study was years ago)

I too felt old as well.

I have one pair of flip flops and they dont really compare to what others out there have. Mine look more like something that would fit well in Bible times LOL

kittyhox said...

I don't actually own a pair of flip flops! The only time I'm sorry is when I get a pedicure and try to put my loafers back on. So about twice a year. ;)