Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dew the 'Do

Any time a woman gets a haircut and does not hate it or cry over it should be considered a successful haircut. Therefore, I am happy, even thought it doesn't look exactly like the pic. It has now been more than 36 hours, and I'm still happy. So here is the new 'do. I have officially waxed both my car and my hair now. I still haven't gotten quite the hang of it, though.

The girl who styled me put some wax in her palms, rubbed them together and then started clapping loudly and vigorously over the top of my head in a circular motion. For a second, I thought she was just really happy that the style had turned out nicely or that she was casting a spell on me.

I jumped to one side of the seat and looked up at her. She laughed and said, "See how it's falling off my hands and onto your hair? That's what you want it to do." It fell like cobwebs. Weird. Then she also began working it into the ends of my hair.

So I left and bought some Paul Mitchell stuff for the first time (Coconut! Why didn't someone tell me Paul Mitchell smells like coconut?!) and waxed my hair this morning before work. I tried to do that clapping thing over myself, but I looked like either a very awkward I Dream of Jeannie with my elbows all out to the sides or a flying squirrel with flaps, so I gave that up.

Even more surreal than the Voodoo Clap was a conversation I had with my stylist when I first came in the salon. Remember I told you that it had been three years since I had had anything more than a small trim? Well, I was expecting, when I went yesterday, to see the girl who last cut my hair. In my memory, she was tall, thin, and dark brunette. My mental image was nowhere near similar to this girl, so we were both trying to figure out who it was I thought I remembered. The weird conversation went like this:

Stylist: "Was she tall?"
Me: "Yes, pretty tall."
Her: "Hmmm. Was her name Julie?"
Me: "No, I thought her name was Dana."
Her: "Nope, that's me."
Me: "I know. I don't know how I got confused, but it's no big deal."
Her: "Wait a minute--did she have some pink in her hair?"
Me: "I don't know. Maybe."
Her: "Did she have teeth?"
Me: "Excuse me?"
Her: "Teeth. Did she have teeth?"
Me: "You mean, in her mouth?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Yes, I'm sure my stylist had teeth. I would notice if she didn't."
Her: "Well, Julie had dentures, but she just never wore them."
Me: "That's kind of odd, to be in the image business and not have teeth. That's kind of basic."
Her: "Yeah. I think it's good to have teeth."
Me: "Definitely. It's definitely good to keep your teeth in your mouth in when you work with the public."

Let John Edwards get his $200 haircuts. I bet he never had as good a conversation with his stylist as the one I had with mine. Priceless.


Carol said...

Thank you so much for the laugh! The "teeth" conversation was too funny! Your hair looks great, btw. I was laughing so much that my daughter asked me what was up, so I read your post out loud to her and then showed her the pic of your hair. She then informed me that is what my hair looks like from behind. I had no idea since I don't look at the back of my hair that often. I'll have to try the clapping wax method of styling it sometime! ~Carol

Brenda said...

Your hair looks really cute! I love it! "Did she have teeth?" That's awesome. I'm totally going to use that in conversation sometime.

Big Mama said...

I've always preferred my stylists to have teeth. It's just a personal thing.

R. Kristina said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Trying to get the hang of it (new blogger). Your dog kuddos made me feel good.


R. Kristina said...

Thanks again for the comments... letting you know I just made a post including you:


Michelle said...


I wax my eyebrows, and occasionally my legs.

Allen waxes the cars.

Wax? On my Hair????????????

Ummmmmmm no.

I'll stick to a little mousse, a very large round brush and a blow dryer, thank you very much, but....


Even from the back, it looks gorgeous. The highlights are great.



Susan said...

I love it! I've never heard about the clapping above your hair trick. I might have to try that. I simply put mine between my fingers and start pinching it into my hair.

Have fun! And remember, "Wax on...Wax off..."

:-) Susan

Darlene R. said...

I love your hair! The waxing thing is cracking me up!
And the teeth? I can't seem to wrap my mind around that this morning, it's too early! :)

Have a great day!

Susanne said...

I love it. Very flirty and fun! And your hilights are wonderful too. Now where's the front view?

Now that would be interesting having a stylist with no teeth.

R.L.Scovens said...

I love the cut! Really pretty!

annie's eyes said...

Waaay cute, Linda! I need to know though--is your hair straight or have some curl because I think I might just do the same thing. That wax thing would take some work for me. Love you, Annette

annie's eyes said...

Waaay cute, Linda! I need to know though--is your hair straight or have some curl because I think I might just do the same thing. That wax thing would take some work for me. Love you, Annette

SJ said...

The cut looks great! And I can honestly say I've never had quite a conversation like that one. "Did she have teeth?" I can just imagine the look on your face when she asked that!

Teri said...

Lidna...great haircut!

The wax can also rub it into the palms of your hands and sort of go for chunks of hair from the top to the middle...then dab at the ends with the remainder of the stuff. A little goes a LONG way!

And Paul Mitchell? Honestly, you have never smelled Paul Mitchell before???

"Does she have teeth?" Niiiiiccceee!

Cyndy said...

No teeth in your hairdresser and wax in your hair...I'm thinking about this...

Love your hair BTW!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sounds like a redneck joke. "If your hair stylist didn't wear her teeth that day, you might be a redneck."

And are you seriously not going to show us the view from the front?!? It's adorable, but I need 360 to make a final determination.

Ann said...

Looks great, Linda! I love the highlights too. Just remember with that wax, less is more. And I'll just put a plugin for Pureology products. They are horribly expensive but seriously awesome for keeping your color looking new much much longer. You can find them at Target. I love their dryshine. it's not a wax, more of a pomade. Good stuff and only takes a little bit. Anyway, I'm rambling now.

I love your hair!

Marina said...

love,love ,your hair !! good job!!
and I love cocnut!!
Ok the teeth thing? was she an old lady?? I can't belive a young lady with out teeth must be pretty bad.
but that was a good one had me laughing the whole time.
you look very pretty!!!love it!!

Grace said...

Love the hair!
You have a gift on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Cute hair and happy waxing!!!

I once had a lady dye my hair who was balding badly - I almost wanted to ask for a new stylist thinking my hair was in for the same fate, but thankfully my hair stayed on my scalp. But I too would prefer my stylist to have teeth. And not be balding. Though that just makes me sound like I'm prejudice against old people which I'm not. (o:

It's been an entertaining week for you - hair wax, teethless stylists and a casket in the garage! Haha!

sara said...

great new doos!! I do have to admit that I need my stylist to have teeth....that would be a bit distracting!!! BTW, things are going better with the daughter, but that first week I was ready to send her back to college!!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love it...your hair that is. I like the "darker" color with highlights. The back looks really good. Do we get a front view? Or have you gone undercover? I noticed you removed your photo from your top left image.

Your story absolutely cracks me up! I had to literally hold my mouth shut to not laugh in front of my bosses. (Their offices next to mine.)
I love the conversation you had with you hairdresser.

Though I don't know you, I could just imagine you swinging around in the chair when she was clapping. I could also envision your elbows flying as you tried to make the cobwebs yourself.

Hey, you've waxed your car and hair, are ya gonna wax your legs?
Smiles to you,

Kimberly said...

Maybe the toothless stylist was saving her dentures for special occasions? I once knew someone who only put her dentures in when she was getting her picture taken.

There's something about having a stylist who looks fabulous -- like we WANT to look -- as if the gorgeousness will rub off on us by just being around them.

Mocha with Linda said...

What kind of a place do you live in with caskets in the neighbor's garage and stylists with no teeth?! My son asked me what I was laughing so hard about and I told him it was too much to explain.

Down here we call folks like that Bubba.

You waxed the car and the hair and didn't even mention the legs. But I guess up there it's probably not a priority. . . . .

I KID!!!!

LOVE the back! And I assume that is your face on the other side. I'm with Love Well Kelly - turn, baby, turn!

Melanie said...

Maybe she moonlighted at Waffle House.


I have to say this- Wax On. Wax Off.

Love the new do.

Lynn said...

Hi Linda,

You are too cute. Guess what I just popped in here from Lysa's blog where I spotted your name. Girl, I am pshyched. I am attending as well and want to at least see you for one minute to give you a hug. What track are you in??? Can't wait!!

DidiLyn said...

I have no words for the teeth conversation.
Love the successful hair cut. I use Redken Rewind wax. It can be
marvelous stuff. Or it can be the devil.
But that is probably because I am not gifted in making my hair look wind-blown, piecey and devil-may-care.
Mine always looks like I'm trying too hard.
That is really bad. And kinda ironic, don't ya think?

Technonana said...

I don't know where you go to get your hair done, but Sweet Girl THIS IS PRICELESS!!! Glad I have never been there!!!

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

"Did she have teeth?" Ha! I cracked up!

My name is Phyllis said...

I laughed so hard I cried. No teeth...that is just priceless. Are you somewhere in the south? GA TN,AL?

Your hair looks great. I love Paul Mitchell's spray wax. Easy to use and no cobwebs.