Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend News That You Should Know About

This just in: The American Idol crew was on Larry King Live tonight, and at the end of the show, King announced a unique contest: If you can list every song that David Cook sang solo in the competition, you are eligible to win a pair of Larry King's suspenders autographed by all of the contestants.

In the words of Britney Spears,"Huh?"

I had to give that a minute to sink it because I was confused: "Suspenders? I can win suspenders? Oh, with autographs. But would I want their autographs on suspenders? You can't frame suspenders. You can't wear suspenders unless you're Steve Urkel or you're going to Sadie Hawkins."

Nevertheless, at least I let you Cookies know about the contest. And that is why you should always check this blog on the weekends. Invariably, I have news-breaking, heavy stuff going on here.

On Monday night, AI contestants will be back on Larry King Live again, so don't miss it. Perhaps they have recorded a song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber with Larry King singing lead that you can win if you can recall the number of times David Archuleta licked his lips while singing.


The Preacher's Wife said...

That is one creepy picture of LK

Linda said...

There was one that was worse that I almost used, but I thought it was just too cruel. He looked just like ET.

annie's eyes said...

I can always count on you for earth-shattering news on a Saturday. I'm even thinking cute little David's best pose is not with the tongue either. Poor little guy with the most potential. I was thinking, "I'll stop by and check out 2nd Cup because Saturdays are actually my favorite. Keep writing. Keep strong. Love, Annette

Jen said...

Ok, so I need autographed suspenders exactly why again?

Jeesh. Talk about a useless contest.

Most of the time I love Larry King. But his suspenders I do not now or hopefully ever need.

Perhaps I should go take one of my happy pills now . . .

heh heh heh!

Linda Vujnov said...

You forgot closing his eyes. How many times did he lick his lips and close his eyes? Was Andrew Lloyd Webber counting that?

Marina said...

suspenders you have to be kidding??
and steve urkel I have not thought of in years maybe he would what them.LOL!!
I am sure David A.will get pick up by someone he is good,and Linda I always know you will have something on saterday and I love it most people stop posting but, I know Linda will have something to say! thats why I keep coming by don't stop.
(are you getting ready for she speakes?) hugs,marina

MoodyBlue said...

I could name the songs backwards and forward and alphabetical order...LOL! But suspenders??? I'd be happy with just DC's autograph.

That was SO funny about DA's lip annoyed me so much this year. Also when he closed his eyes. You could see how he had to fight each time to open the. LOL