Monday, July 07, 2008


Recently, I received an email asking me to review a site called "Capessa," a social networking site for women bloggers, as honestly as I can.

I'm sort of new to social networking, but if that term makes you think Facebook, that's not what Capessa is. Capessa is unique in that there is the opportunity for real-time reader conversation (Chatterbox) on subjects such as pregnancy, dating, work, fitness, beauty and gardening, etc. And from their own FAQ section: what really sets us apart is that we rely on peer-to-peer conversation. Most women's media brings in experts for everything from eye shadow to breast cancer, and since experts are supposed to be experts they have to have an answer for everything. Capessa goes on to say that conventional wisdom sometimes trumps expert opinion, but where can busy women meet to discuss these issuess? The answer is "Capessa."

Capessa will be easy for bloggers of all levels to navigate through. I just started clicking away and soon found I was interested in quite a few topics.

Something fairly unique about this network is the inclusion of videos which enhance learning about the topic of your interest.

And those topics run from skin deep to soul deep.

For instance, one that drew my attention was by Kristen who quit a successful Hollywood career to help dig wells in Kenya.

While the topics are broad and range in levels of significance from makeup tips to digging wells, I'm not sure about the cultural climate in this network. If you are open-minded and enjoy reading differing opinions, you might like this site. If you are wary of participating in venues where morals and values may not reflect your own, I cannot promise you'll feel at home here.

I'm not suggesting you censor your reading, per se. I'm not saying I came across anything personally objectionable. I just know that most of my blog readers have specific life values based on scripture, so for instance, if you do not believe in premarital sex, you may not enjoy reading blogs of people who do. It's just a thought to consider.

With that, I'd like to refer you to Capessa, so that you can see for yourself if this network appeals to you.

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Kitty said...

Thanks for that review - I'm going to go over there and have a look now. Take care :-) x