Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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First things first: Happy Birthday, Jorge!
Heart You!


U R Funny

Sometimes you put a lot of effort into a post, and it doesn’t generate much response. And then sometimes you throw out a simple question, and comments start dropping on you like walnuts off the demented tree in my back yard, which is the last to get its green on in the spring and the first to divest itself of foliage in late summer/early Fall. No kidding--it starts shedding leaves in August. This tree would fit right in with the “staff” at a local str*ip bar called, “The Joker’s Wild” because it keeps shedding its "clothing." Someday I know I’m going to find a $5.00 bill tucked into one of the branches, the hussy.

Anyway, I threw out these questions, “Have you ever been on TV?” and “What’s the most ill-suited job you’ve ever held?” I hope you enjoy these funny responses as much as I did.

Oh, wait a minute. Back it up, Betty. First, we must clear up who Mike Rowe is-the guy in that QVC video I posted:

This is how people usually see Mike Rowe, the host of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" series. (I cannot believe I'm having to explain who he is to you. If you do not have cable, find out when "Dirty Jobs" is on in your area, then go hang out in the TV section of HH Gregg or Walmart or wherever and catch this show.)

The premise is that he takes on America's most unsanitary, dirtiest professions and reports the nitty-gritty-dirt-band details to us. And he is extremely funny while doing so. And yes, he is nice looking. I can say that because I'm pretty sure my husband has a crush on a famous person whose initials are "Parah Salin." In fact, I'm pretty sure he'd like to go parasailin' with Parah Salin, but it ain't gonna happen, so boo-hoo. Did I mention "Happy birthday, Jorge?"

Anyway, to see the guy who regularly gets fish guts accidentally in his mouth trying to sell a Christmas doll on QVC was painfully hilarious. And Mike, if you'd like to email me to say hello like Clinton Kelly did, I'm fine with that. I'll keep an eye on my junk mail folder just in case it goes there. Winky-wink.

OK, back to the "Have you been on TV question: Apparently, I’m hanging with celebs because out of 30 responses, 14 of your have been on TV. Here are some of the interesting replies to that question:

Yes, to promote my shop - A friend said I should consider a shot of whisky before doing it again. (Imerie, The Green Grass Grows All Around ) [Edit: Gee whiz, Imerie. I guess it’s good to have an honest friend?]

I used to be dress up like Wendy (for Wendy's) and I did a local commercial for them when I was 17. [(Cathy Davis, Voice of Truth) [Edit: I would pay good money to see that picture, Cathy.]

• Many times. (I used to be on a local TV show as a child.) (Tonggu Momma) [Edit: Tonggu Momma, please tell us that you survived the trauma of childhood stardom and have not shaved your head or worked at The Joker’s Wild.]

Handled some ground stuff on a false alarm hijacking in the early 90's and was on the news for that. (Pam from Alert and Oriented [x 4]) [Edit: Big exciting deal, Pam. I once single-handedly unjammed 60 copier jams in one day at work. Now that’s exciting AND dangerous--a person could get her hand stuck or a nasty paper cut.]

I once did a "Bud Lite" commercial from my favorite happy hour spot in 1992, and my teenage boys saw it and they were devastated. (Jeanette, Discover, Create, Dream) [Edit: Jeanette, I’d love to know exactly why they were devastated. Spill it.]

When I was about 14, my dad was on Bowling for Dollars and they introduced the family, which was me and my 3 year old cousin. (Edie, Rich Gifts) [Edit: And the picture can be found … where?]

I was the junior rodeo princess (Little Miss Topps 1980) and I got to throw my arm up toward the sign and say with my best cuteness, “Come see us!” Geez. (Leebird, Prayer Gifts) [Edit: Lee, in 1980 I was a junior in high school. One could say I was “Little Miss Topps,” too, for my shape.]

Yes, I was on Oprah once. (Merci, Spit Out the Cat) [Edit: Merci, that is a great blog title. But please tell us you did not write a memoir that landed you on Oprah because that is never good.]

2nd Question: Any ill-suited jobs?

*Ho*oters. (Anonymous) [Edit: OK, she wasn’t anonymous, but I’m not going to tag her here just because she was honest enough to say she worked there and then have people clicking over there just to gawk at the former H*ooters Girl-turned-blogger. Side note: Somehow I’m connecting “Little Miss Topps” with Ho*oters, and that is sad.]

For 120 days I worked for a dumpster-diving psycho who had goats that lived in her home -- and I did not work for a vet or farm. (Imerie, The Green Grass Grows All Around) [Edit: Imerie, I distinctly remember asking you not to disclose the unique details of your work environment when you left our "family" compound.]

I once worked at a Waffle House and the experience was so traumatic that to this day I will not eat there. (Robin Lambright, Be Still and Know) [Edit: Robin, is there something concerning spittle in waffle batter that we should know about?]

Singing telegrams. (Pam from Alert and Oriented [x 4]) [Edit: I think it’s totally plausible and sane that people break out into song in whatever activity they’re engaged in. It’s called “musicals.” I’d be perfect for this job.]

Waitress at Pizza Hut.....In my short time working there, I dropped a pitcher of Coke in a customer's lap, slid a hot pizza into a customer's lap, forgot to place a customer's order in the kitchen...ya, I was BAD!!! (Sara, Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord) [Edit: And to think that now you’re a neurosurgeon with such steady precision! Go figure!]

I applied with a temp agency once and they sent me to for an accounts receivable position at a book store (they told me). It turned out to be a g*ay porn*o book store but (embarrassingly) I didn't realize it until after they started training me. All of the employees were ga*y and one "guy" was a trans*vestite. They all came in later than I did. I did not stay. (Edie, Rich Gifts) [Edit: I think I speak for all of us when I say that there are times when it’s good to be a misfit.]

As I have said many times, I get the best comments in the world!

And now I’m challenging all of the people I quoted here to write a complete post about the experience you talked about here. It will be great.

And even if I didn’t quote you here, this should get your creative juices flowing for a great post about you or a friend or family member who had a weird job or a moment on TV, etc.

Have fun and let us know if you took up the "Dirty Jobs" uh, "odd/disgusting/ embarrassing Jobs" challenge!

One more thing, please come on over to the Cafe today and join me for a third cup! I think it will make you smile.


Becky said...

Oh, I totally didn't remember that I was in a local Mcdonalds commercial when I was around 20-ish. Must have blocked it out.

We must live in a parallel universe... my Love has a parsailing crush too. LOL!

Your walnut tree bit had me rollin'...the hussy! LOL

Greg C said...

I worked as a grease mechanic at a gas station one year. I hate getting dirty so I hated that job. I have never been on TV but my son has. He was on one of those kid shows and was the home contestant. He won. Yea. Now about Mr Dirty Mike. I hate to burst your bubble but he doesn't get dirty all the time. When they did the show on oyster planting here in Charleston, he sat in his air conditioned office while the high school kids did all the work. Then when it was done, he came out and posed for a few dirty shots. He's a fake. Now Sarah is real and yes I have a crush on her too.

DidiLyn said...

Tell Jorge "Happy Birthday" for us. No...SING "Happy Birthday" for us. That'll be good.
And the family compound remark? That was hysterical. Wish I'd thought of it myself. :-)

The Patterson 5 said...

Some people live the most wild lives! I think they ought to blog about each of these experiences they are blowing my little small town mind!

Chatty Kelly said...

You are so right about comment numbers being random. Seems the lightest fare gets the highest comments.

I was an extra in a Charlie Sheen movie (The Shadow Conspiracy) - but it was so bad it went right to DVD and skipped the movie theater all together. but it was fun. I had lost the pictures from that day 14 yrs ago, but found the negative yesterday, so I plan to get them printed, scan them and blog about it soon.

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was just reading through yours and loving it.

The worst job story I can come up with was when I was in college and got hired to work in the deli at a grocery store. My first night I was left alone and cut my finger on the meat slicer right in front of a customer. I was bleeding everywhere, couldn't find paper towels or anything, the customers were standing and watching me, and there was no one around to help me. I was mortified.

Have a great day!

sara said...

ok, do I really have to relive that time in a blog?!!! I will have to seriously think about that! :)

annie's eyes said...

I love these "odd" jobs and your commentary. I want to know how I missed out on so much fun! Mike Rowe is hysterical in that clip. Yours is one of the blogs that I do read all the comments for their "pithiness" as O'Reilly asks for. Sorry this one isn't. At least you have other creative friends! Love ya, A

Edie said...

Ha! Oh my goodness, I had no idea these things would put my name in lights! LOL. I'll risk my reputation and take your challange so the whole blogosphere will know what a *misfit* I truely am.

Oh, we had a walnut tree in the backyard when I was growing up too. I don't remember it producing GOOD walnuts though. One time I decided it would be *fun* to drop a bunch of them down the bathroom sink drain. I must have been bored that day. Who knew plumbers could tell WHY a drain was clogged!

lmerie said...

LOL . . . maybe I should do a blog on those 120 days! ACK!!!

Jodi said...


My favorite line of your post.

"Someday I know I’m going to find a $5.00 bill tucked into one of the branches, the hussy."


Susanne said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

How did I totally miss the Mike Rowe post? Wait, oh you posted it on Saturday. It might have had to do with something about Thanksgiving and a certain girl here! :v)

It was hilarious. That video cracked me right up. Been on tv? Yeah I was once on a program called "Say what you think" talking about cartoons and kids and they dropped a cartoon on me that I had never seen before and I was about as painful to watch as that QVC clip.

Laurie Ann said...

Happy birthday to Jorge! What a hoot your post was. Ooh, the dog is barking. Maybe the FedEx man is here with Steve's new telescope. Dashing off....WOO-WHOO! Steve's rocking new telescope just came in. The Fed Ex guy was nice and let me get pics of him unloading it and bringing it in. Anticipation for Steve! Lots of barky moments while I put the baby gate up in the foyer so Wilson couldn't mark his boxes up with glee.

My ADHD Me said...

Ok, this is just something gross I accidentally did when I was waitressing at a local restaurant. I cut my finger in the back, not bad, so I put a band aid on it and continued working. I took a customer's entree out to him and the bloody band-aid fell off of my finger right in the middle of his plate. It was gross. The funny thing is, he said don't worry about it and was going to eat his food anyway. I insisted on taking it back. The big question is, did I get him a new plate of food or did I just remove the band-aid in the back and bring out the same dish? The chefs are very strict about re-making orders.

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you may never want to eat out again. It's amazing what goes on behind closed doors.

There's the 3 second rule for one...if it falls on the floor and you are able to retrieve it within 3 seconds or less, then it's considered ok.

And there's more...

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

gosh there is so much one could talk about with "first" or "odd" jobs. Chel at Leaving a Legacy and I worked together at a clothing store called the The Go Round. Well now let's just say we would NOT wear THOSE clothes to speak at a conference! HELLO!!!
Lid, I tagged you cuz of sumptin you said....now which post was that? Oh yes Branded! lol

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've never been on t.v. but when I was a kid growing up in Santa Monica I gave autographs as Jodie Foster all the time. Hey, they assumed!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Love your sense of humor!

SimplyEverything said...

About the most TV action I have ever gotten was being on the news on Thanksgiving, since we went out to eat, because Mom didn't feel like cooking that year. lol. Thanks for posting on my blog, I feel your pain about the vegetarian thing. It's be about 2 years for me, and finally people are starting to back off about it. The best thing to do is have a sense of humor about it, laugh it off. Tell them, "I don't criticize you for eating meat, why do you criticize me for not eating it?" That should shut them up. It might be tough, but by watching Oprah today, it might help push you over the edge. Keep me posted. =)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You mean not everyone knows Mike Rowe? I'm not a regular watcher of the show but he is a HOOT. I mean H-O-O-T!

I'll have to try to remember to watch your video clip of QVC and Mike Rowe. That's new to me.

Darlene R. said...

Happy Birthday to Jorge! I think Jorge should tell us about his nastiest job!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Did you write words with this post? All I saw was Mike McHottyRowe!

I've NEVER been on TV. WAH!

Edie said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORGE! (How RUDE!)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

These are so funny & gross!:)

Tamara said...

So funny...and disturbing! My husband found the QVC video "difficult to watch"!

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your prayers. I've added you to my feeds...will look forward to reading more on your blog.

Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes cereal addicts unite.

I enjoyed your blog, I've been reading it. I'll be back to visit some more.

And how could anyone not know Mike Rowe, that's one of my favorite shows.


Kellan said...

That's was a lot of fun - that is a lot of people that were on TV! I loved the "dumpster diving phycho who had goats that lived in her home" - HA! This was funny - thanks for the laughs!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Happy Birthday to Jorge..October RAWKS...you, him, my MIL, her twin (imagine that!), me--THURSDAY! Anyway, never one to back down from a challenge, I took you up on it.....and referenced you, too.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Oh! I forgot! If I still delivered singing telegrams I could've done that for Jorge. Aren't you glad I'm done with THAT?!? It's one of those things I'd rather forget, Ithink...

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

We love Dirty Jobs. I can't believe you are having to explain it? Doesn't everyone watch that show??

I was in a Woolworth's commercial as a little girl. Definitely D-List.

Worst job? I worked in a Mexican restaurant as a 15 year old. Had to wear a sombrero to sing Happy Birthday. Spilled an entire tray of drinks on the top of a woman's head...Good times..

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today and your kind comments.

Yea, stillness...well I went kicking and screaming... after all stillness wasn't really in my vocabulary. But as He has pulled me in and shut the door...it's been breathtaking. I never knew His embrace could be so sweet.

Your post at the Cafe was a beautiful picture. I loved it.

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy visits.

Connie said...

I missed the Mike Rowe blog too...but I was on the game show "Supermarket Sweep" in the mid 80's and was on the Wallace and Ladmo show which was a popular kids show in Arizona for a long time. No crazy jobs unless you count the Elks Lodge and the super short shorts and nylons I had to wear for all the old guys!


Marina said...

Happy Birthday Jorge anad many more !!

ok, I am going back to read your blog "), marina

Leebird said...

Happy Birthday Jorge....if he could hear me say it, he'd probably laugh...I have a student named Jorge and my southern accent makes it sounds very heavy on the "HAY"....

I will seriously ponder your challenge to write a whole blog post about being little miss topps....just don't know bout that!! ;)

Miss Sandy said...

Great post. Does being on the Bozo show count? I was there and have the picture to prove it.