Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365, Week 3, January 11-17, 2009

Week 3! I'm not sure why it happens, but sometimes photos from these slide shows disappear, and that is frustrating. A couple of people last week said, "What happened to the picture of 'X'?" Which does not mean that I included a picture of my "Ex," as in boyfriend, but that random photos disappeared. Sorry. No idea.

Photos 1, 2, 3: All January 11, just before my son Jordan returned to college, where he is a sophomore majoring in Ultimate Frisbee. Kidding. I think it's Exercise Science. He's keeping the idea of physical therapy on the back burner. I keep moving it to the front burner, but he keeps moving it to the back burner. He is goofing around with his dad in the last picture. They do not normally act like that. Yes they do.

Photo 4: Zoe on the day after Jordan left. Scenario: Zoe has had at least one person home with her all day since December 18. This week she flew solo and nearly died of heartbreak or anger, I cannot tell which. I only know when I came home from work that first day, she had pooped in the kitchen in the center of the floor, which I'm pretty sure is a statement, like "Poop on all of you for leaving me." I did not take a picture of this. You're welcome.

Photo 5: Pot Roast with Chipotle-Fruit Sauce. I bought a crock pot cook book for $5 at Books-A-Million after Christmas, from which this recipe comes. It sounded simple:

1 3-lb roast
2 t. garlic-pepper seasoning
1 7-oz package of mixed dried fruit
1/2 c. water
1 T. finely chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
1 T. cold water and 2 t. cornstarch


1. Sprinkle meat with garlic seasoning. Place in cooker, add fruit, water and peppers.
2. Cover and cook on low 10-12 hours. Transfer meat to serving platter. Keep warm.
3. Transfer cooking liquid to a bowl. In a saucepan, add the cornstarch and water mixture. Add cooking liquid. Cook and stir until thick and bubbly. Spoon over meat.

Simple enough, right? I didn't know that "adobo sauce" is Mexican for "tonsil cauterizing heat paste." OH.MY.GOSH. We could hardly eat the roast. I considered pouring water all over it before I took the 3rd bite. Anyway, next time, I'd probably use milder peppers, or coat my throat with asbestos before eating.

Photo 6: This is my answer to the inspiring post I found at Chel's Leaving a Legacy. She's probably scratching her head trying to figure out what a "Paris" case has to do with keeping treasures, but I could not decide on a chest. I fell in love with this case and plan to use it in the same way; it's just not as appropriately poetic. Forgive me, Chel, but thanks for the wonderful idea!

Photo 7: Artist Dean K. Allison created a bronze sculpture called, "Born Again," which I have a photographic representation of in a poster. I have had some readers ask what is on my wall, and this is the poster. I first saw it in my former boss's office, and was very distracted by it because it looked at first glance like a ballerina shedding her tutu or something. (What youth minister doesn't have a photo of THAT on his wall?) Anyway, upon further study, I realized that this represents the shedding of the old man and creation of the new. I absolutely love this, and whenever I stop to really look at it again, I appreciate it anew.

Photo 8: Jorge is fascinated by the dexterity of the squirrels in our backyard, especially as they run around on icy fence tops. We have more pictures of squirrels than we do Zoe, and that is a lot. When Jorge grabs the camera and heads to the window, one of the kids always says, "Uh oh. The squirrels have mesmerized Dad again."

Photo 9: Still messing with the short, short hair. Remember in the 90s when people wore little clippy barrettes in their hair? I always liked that but didn't feel I could get away with it because it works on "cute" people, and I'm not the "cute" type. But now I have this "cutesy" hair bob, so I thought I'd try it. I still like these things, but I'm afraid it looks silly. Like a big giant claw clip bow from the 90s.

So that's week 3. Hey. Wake up!


sara said...

Great pics!

Love chipotle peppers in adobo sauce!! I am trying that recipe!!

I also was inspired by Chel's post. We are doing that study currently and I am going to make one of those for each of the ladies!

Head on over and link up or comment (mr. linky is giving me fits!) We missed you in the link up last week!

Kim said...

I enjoy your descriptions of the photos as much as the photos themselves! And I particularly like the Paris case. Is it going in your French country bedroom?

Dena said...

Great pictures. I love that poster, it's awesome.

My dogs went through the withdrawls when my girls went back to school too. Especially one, who would sleep with me, but when I'd get up at 6am, she go in and sleep till noon with one the girls. She's not a happy doggie.

Mocha with Linda said...

Pics are great but your descriptions are even brtter!

Mel said...

Ok now each week i look forward to your brainy descriptions of the pictures you take!!! (no pressure to keep it up)

Susanne said...

Dried fruit in roast? I have to say I've never heard of that. And I totally love the paris case. Really cool.

It was hard to really see that Born Again picture as the slide show whips it by too fast. Maybe you can just post that pic sometime?

lmerie said...

Great third week! Ultimate frisbee degree - hahaha

Lisa said...

I think you should feel free to wear whatever you want in your hair!

Jodi said...

Great pics!!

Zoe is the cutest little Yorkie around! (Ok, besides my MIL's Yorkie Spanky)

I think your hair looks great!

Edie said...

Great pictures Linda.

Poor Zoe. I was wondering last night how my Tobi would handle it if I had to go back to working outside the home now that she's so used to me being here all the time.

The barrette looks cute! :)

RissaRoo said...

ROTFL about the Tonsil cauterizing sauce! My hubby would love that, his mouth is lined with asbestos. The roast looks so tasty, though...

Great pictures!

Nise' said...

Maybe Zoe needs a little friend to keep her company during the day! I have a bad kitty (see my picture) that will apply for the job! LOL

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

The first time I used Chipotle Peppers I thought I was going to die...and I even like really hot things. That recipe looks like it's right up my alley.

Your hair is fantastic. I am a big fan of the little clippy barrettes...I've got one in right now. I think you pull it off just fine!

beckyjomama said...

I say, if you have the hair for the clippies, go for it!!! I was soo excited when I cut mine to wear the cute little tiny ones in my uber short hair ... sadly, the look was sooooo not for me!

Tammy said...

Tonsil cauterizing paste! Bwaha ha ha ha. I do not like spicy food and more importantly, it does not like me. So I stay away.

Cute little doggie there. And too sweet to be mad at for too long.

Ballerina Girl said...

great presentation! hair looks good...whatcha doing to it?
Congrats on Baby Luke...he is precious! Tiem flies by so quickly!!
Have a good week!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Love the pics, I want the puppy and I need to try the roast like that...Yummmmm

Brenda Susan said...

I vote to keep using the "cute" clips in your hair, it works for you! Seriously.
Also, I DO thank you for not giving ua a pic of the "gift" from your little doggy in the middle of the kitchen floor....but then you followed that mention with a recipe for potroast!? Quick mind shit required there! Ha!

My ADHD Me said...

Aw. Cute barrette. I had one like that once. I put it in my hair and it was never found.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

oh, Brenda Susan, did you actually intend to say "sh**," or was that a very funny Freudian slip? Because I may have been known to have some quick mind "sh**s" on this blog.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH MY WORD I am ROLLING over Brenda Susan's "slip!" LOL I think it was unintentional myself; I'll bet she just didn't have the mind "shift" that was required!!! lol

Okay, ehem, pulling myself together.

Ultimate Frisbee and "tonsil cauterizing heat paste" cracked me up. Nice verbage. :-)

And I love the "born again" poster...but your ballerina shedding her tutu is totally justifiable. I would've thought the same thing.

Ha ha! I still can't stop laughing!

Ang baylis said...

I LOVE your pictures. Your pot roast looks amazing! I don't usually like it, but that looks WAY better than any I've had.

Sitesx6 said...

I'm so bad at blogging. I just now got your blog comment you left on my blog....I check in with your blog almost daily, but can't seem to get to my own to update., I'm not LDS...I just have never tried coffee..isn't that odd of me!?! I love the smell...I drink diet coke for my coffee instead. :)

Funny your daughter is dating a hunter...being such a big animal lover. I relate! I love your cute little doggie!

Don't give up on my blog...I'll update soon...:) (don't hold your breath) but keep up with me at !

Carol @SheLives said...

The roast looks and sounds great. You're having way too much fun with this 365 thing. (Love that squirrel)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great pics. You most definitely can do the clips. I like your profile pic. Thanks for sparing our eyes of poopie. Zoe is a cutie. I'm telling ya, if anyone can win me over as a dog lover and one day dog owner, it will be HER!!!!

Becky said...

I'm not seeing all the pics but your descriptions of them had me rollin'

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Love the pictures Linda & the way you showed them! Way beyond my ability!

Julie said...

Loved the pictures this week.

I know of the "born again" statue. Our pastor has it and uses it when we do one of the ministires we do at church (Christ Life Solutions). I love the illustration it gives of the old man being stripped away cause sometimes it feels like flesh being pulled off....

Oh, no I could not eat chipolte if it scorches your throat.... but it looks beautiful all the same.

It's fun seeing your pictures weekly! I started out doing the pictures but that lasted about 3 days as you can only take so many pictures of the same thing... I guess we lead a pretty "non exciting" life.

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Those are great!! I have to say thank you for the close up of that picture. I noticed it in another photo and tried to zoom in closer but it was background hazed. LOVE IT!
I like the Paris treasures. Nothing like a box to store it up in!! Should it ever turn into a fund-jar it is a much more wonderful thought than the (eh hem) jar my friend has for her potential double enhancements to come. YIKES. too much! (yes you read that right, lol)

Brenda Susan said...

Oh Linda!! Ha! I really am sitting here LOLing at my blunder up above!! Hilarious!! (And I had slowly trype "sitting" just now so I wouldn't do it again!!) Ha! :0 Love it!

Heather of the EO said...

I love your descriptions. You're such a delight, lady.