Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Plans Include:

Recovering from last night's 50s Volunteer Event at church. Prepare to gasp and swoon at my "Hand Jive" talents soon.

Sleeping until 10:30 am today, a rarity. Well, that wasn't in the plans, but that's what happened.

Realizing, by myself (moment of pride), the significance of Flight 316 (John Locke 3:16) as I watched the Tivo'd episode of LOST.

Taking Kristin shopping for one last dress feature, taking her to lunch and chatting about first dates.

Preparing all of my mobile telescopic equipment to spy on them at restaurant and dance.

Mounting sensor spotlights on east and west ends of house and temporarily on neighbor's roof across the street.

Helping Kristin get ready for date tonight. Meeting date/friend.

10:00 pm: Pulling rocking chair to front window in order to trip motion sensor spotlights upon their return.

Catching you later. (But you can't catch me because I'm a spy. My name is, "Mom. 007 Mom Spy Mom."


Mocha with Linda said...

LOL - I'm surprised you aren't chaperoning at the dance!

I'm glad you survived last night. I was beginning to worry about you!

Susanne said...

Are you gonna have a shotgun sitting across your lap as you're rocking in that chair waiting? LOL. You are too funny.

Heather of the EO said...

If you're REALLY a good spy, you just KNOW what they're doing. Like Monk. He just KNOWS.

10:30???? holy cows am I jealous!

Chatty Kelly said...

Remember, as a parent it is your right & privelege to embarrass her in front of her date/friend. ;-)

Have Jorge there cleaning his shot gun.

LuAnn said...

I love spying as a mom. It is our duty know what is going on.
Take a picture of her in the new outfit.

Nel said...

Be careful...she will be giving you that evil eye Gosh I remember my daughter's first date, but I think her dad was on watch more than I was. Which I knew the boy she was dating and he was scared to death of was not a problem.lolol Memories...hehehe

Leslie said...

LOL... Good luck tonight! Get out the polish! :)

Beverlydru said...

Oh the wonders of technology. Our children can love them and hate them but they sure do give a parent peace of mind. I don't know how we survivied our teen years without a cell phone. ; )

Jenny said...

How exciting for her a 1st date and how nerve racking for you though:}

Thanks for the lost reference, I did not even make that connection.

Good luck spying:)

skoots1mom said...

so where did you end up putting the chip under K's skin after you snuck in on her while sleeping last night?...i need to know so i can do the same to my dd b4 her prom night ;0

Esthermay said...

"Do not exasperate your children. . . . That they may not lose heart."
~Colossians 3:21
OH HECK. . . Exasperate away!
I think the original KingJames says "FATHERS, do not exasp . . . . "
Moms have every right!
However, Chatty Kelly does have good suggestion.

Mel said...

I can see hairs visabily turning gray as you embark on this new adventure!!

Dena said...

We never went through that with our girls. One never dated all through high school and the other did get one boyfriend, but we've known him and his family since childhood. :)

Having 2 older sisters seems to have ruined my son on wanting to spend time with girls. So far he still has the attitude that unless they are good at sports, what's the point. LOL

Anonymous said...

Did you put a purse-cam in her bag when she wasn't looking? Anxious to see if the boyfriend lived to tell the story. ; )

Tammy said... You actually had to remind me that this is in my future, didn't you. Well...maybe not "near future" oldest is nine.
But nevertheless, it's out there....looming...