Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And They Said Coke Was "The Real Thing" OR Momentum for My Omentum

Sometimes my job just requires me to wear a beard, that's all.

Because of yesterday's post, I know that you don't believe me, but I really don't wear lampshades on my head at parties, etc.

By the way, both of my daughters responded the same way to the Bearded Lady pics: "That's scary." To that I say, "You tell 'em what's what, Stephanie Tanner." Thanks, Steph.

Seriously, when my former boss hired me, he said, "You realize that in youth ministry, sometimes you're called on to do tasks and participate in things that normal people do not do." Ohhh, I thought I was just going to make copies and stuff envelopes.

I was wrong. But I am glad. I have a fun job, most of the time.

The larger group I work with, called The Design Team, has reps from each department, and we discuss programs, go out to lunch, have meetings, go out to lunch, take polls on who knows how to play Euchre, go out to lunch, and sometimes, we have a carry-in, which is a nice change of pace from loading up in vans and going out to lunch.

The place we go to lunch each Tuesday serves REAL Mexican food. You might question whether we Hoosiers can be sure that we're eating REAL Mexican food since we're not only a fur piece from Meh-hee-co but also because we lean a little toward the gullible side of thinking, like Woody Boyd, the bartender on Cheers from Hanover, IN. Well. Is that so. Then just what do you make of this actual advertisement for PV, our home away from home?

Please note that the REAL Mexican in the sombrero is telling the ... Pilgrim? to "try the best Margaritas in town" and to "ENJOY THE REAL THING" in big letters. So there. That's all the convincing I need, a badly-drawn stick figure encouraging me to believe.

My favorite PV order: Vegetable Nachos. Ah, they are like fertilizer for the omentum.

So do you have a favorite dive whose food you cannot do without? What's the uncontested unhealthiest food that you have regularly?


Dena said...

Well its not so much unhealthy food, as a atmosphere that gives me the willies....Texas Roadhouse. Granted great steaks, but the peanut shells all over the floor drives me insane. I swear I see the floor moving from all the mice my brain imagines are just loving living there. eeks!

skoots1mom said...

i just have to ask...
what is REALTH-ING? It sounds like pain after over stuffing one's self on peppers, onions, and overseasoned beef. I know they couldn't of used the COKE tagline ('cause I'm from Atlanta and that just sacriligious to use another product's idea, hhhhmmmmm)

I agree w/ you, she does look like a pilgrim and he looks like he's trying to get the HOT out of his mouth...the bowl of steaming black stuff looks yummy, doesn't it??

I have to save up points to eat at Ray's Wings with a side of fries, now mind you I do also get the celery, so there is some redeeming value (the chewing of the celery negates some of the caloric upheaval of the wings, dontcha know!) and of course I get that with a DIET COKE...THE REAL THING!
ha ha fun post...I love Stephanie...she tells it like it is!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Living in the land of Culinary Delights on every corner (Baton Rouge, LA), it's hard for me to pick any one food. But since it's crawfish season, fried crawfish tails really are yummo.

Kim said...

My "policeman of the abdomen" although larger than it should be, has gotten lazy and is not doing its job. So why can't I just fire its sorry fat and get me a new one? I could use a nice young one, eager and ready to take on the dirty jobs of policing my poor overworked, incapacitated intestines. I think a well-toned, in-perfect-working-order omentum is just what my digestive system needs to get back on track.

And could I have that with a side of vegetable nachos?

Tabi said...

Ahhh, thanks a I want mexican food which IS the food that we entirely way too much around here...hence the big booty that follows me around everywhere! (oh wait, that's my husband! Hehehe)

Mocha with Linda said...

Yeah, the Preacher's Wife claimed she has "real" Mexican food in her town when she came to Texas, but then she kept calling it cheese dip instead of queso.

Mexican food is a staple around here. And BBQ.

And my tradition is Sunday night popcorn. Popped in a pan on top of the stove - none of this microwave junk. And plenty of butter.

I know - you're amazed at how I live life on the edge!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

The Sombrero dude reminds me of that guy in Scream, with a new hat.

The best Mexican is a dive. That's an authentic seal for us. It has to be small with poor lighting and laminated menus, all numbered for convenience. YUM!

Susanne said...

Pizza is the thing that does my omentum in. (And yes, I actually clicked on it and read it. Aren't you proud?) I looooove pizza. I crave it all the time.

Can you believe we've only got one authentic Mexican restaurant in town? They don't seem to do so well around here.

Anonymous said...

I used to frequent a little hole in the wall called Joe's when I worked in the city eons ago. They made the BEST bacon and tomato sandwiches ever. It was run by a cute Chinese couple, and the wife made you write your order down on a piece of paper yourself. You served yourself your own pop, and "Joe" (totally not his real name!) smoked while cooking. It was awesome. And if I encountered some guy with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth as he prepared my food anywhere else, I would DIE! But they've since retired and Joe's is now a parking lot. I miss Joe's.

Chatty Kelly said...

With little kids, I tend to see more McDonald's than I like. I mean it is AUTHENTIC AMERICAN FOOD, right?

Ballerina Girl said...

ok...remember to not believe everything you read..but that said, if you like it, enjoy it!
I don't think this place is a dive, but I crave a sandwich from Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh (my hometown). They are THE BEST sandwich...EVER
Someday I'll write a post...maybe after summer when I go back for a visit and can take a picture!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Mine is definitely the technically correct "greater omentum"! Probably due to pizza & chocolate. Oh, and Mexican food too & chocolate....and breads & chocolate. Did I mention chocolate?

Happy Mama said...

Linda, I know that you are pretty popular already, but I have the Kreative Blogger Award for you on my site:

Anonymous said...

Ironically, my favorite place in the city-with-the-best-food-in-America-(except-for-Tex-Mex) is a hole in the wall sno-ball stand down the street that serves THE BEST soft serve chocolate ice cream I've. Ever. Had.

I had a large cup of it last night for dinner. Yep.

I justify it by pointing out that it only cost $1.75 for my entire dinner. That's good economics, in my book. :)

fransmomma said...

theres a place here in town that makes mexican white wings; a little strip of chicken wrapped around a jalepeno, deep fried then dipped in buffalo sauce. oh my goodness they're so good!!! but i regret it for about 3 days afterward. spicy foods and my stomach are not friends.
its been a long time since i sucked down a plate of those babies. maybe too long....

Tammy said...

We have a rib place here which is pretty famous called "Dreamland" and let me tell you the original place certainly is a dive! They now have chains, but there's no place like the original. Ribs, white bread and iced tea (or beer). Period.